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ANTIPUNK/COM - deads not punk
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English is non-profit russian language website. Our goals are:

  • Bring you latest news about punk-music;

  • Reviews on new and classic albums;

  • Interviews with russian and foreign bands;

  • And of course you can communicate with other guys (and girls ;) at english rubric of our forum.

If you’re participating in a punk-rock band and are interested in promotion of your band in Russia and other ex-USSR countries — contact us via e-mail antipunk[at] We can always take an interview with your band.

You may send us your CDs and we put a review of it in our reviews section.

If you have any thoughts how to improve our site or if you like punk-rock and are interested in punk-movement all around the world — write us antipunk[at]

Some words about our name. As Ian MacKaye said «Punk is a free space where anything can go — a series of actions and reactions, and people rebelling and then rebelling against rebelling.» We’re not rebelling against anything but close minded people, who just sit around and don’t note the real thing. But they call themselves punks. That’s what we’re against. That’s what prefix «anti» means.

The second part of our name is slogan «Deads not punk». As one can notice this slogan is just antonym of «Punks not dead» — the classic punk phrase of british band The Exploited. Over 20 years this slogan «Punks not dead» serves as the anthem, icon and idol for punkers all around the world. But in the new millenium we can say that this slogan became something like soldout brand replicated on countless t-shirts, stickers, buttons etc. Therefore phrase «Deads not punk» seems to be more actual and more adequate.

Deads not punk!

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