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Пользователь: rumon

rumon Имя: rumdmc
Почетное звание: Автор

ICQ: 317210646
E-mail: vyshka[собака]

О себе:
Abduktio, Alkaline trio, AfterLife, Agent Orange, Avail, Apers, American Nightmare(Give Up The Ghost), Against Me!, Against All Authority, Anti-Flag, Ataris, All, Agnostic Front, Bad Chopper, Bad Religion, Bad Brains, Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, Better Than A Thousand, Bingo,BloodPact,BORA,Breathe In, Black Flag, Boy sets Fire, Bane, Buzzcocks, Champion, Changes, Cita Attieksme, Clash, CarryOn, Circle Jerks, Control, Converge, Death Threat, Darlington, DeeDeeRamone, Descendents, Distillers, Dag Nasty, Dead Kennedys, Die toten Hosen, DS-13, Die Arzte, Dropkick Murphys, Down by Law, XembraceXtodayX, Enstand, Ensign, Fugazi, Frustrators, Face to Face, Force of Change, Game Over, Germs, Good Riddance, Good Clean Fun, Groovie Ghoulies, Green Day, Godless Wicked Creeps, Guttermouth, Gorilla Biscuits, H20, Hi-Standard, Hot Water Music, Hanson Brothers,holdXtrue, Hellocopters, Hope dies last, Hero Dishonest, In my eyes, Ignite, IN.STORA, Joey Ramone, Kids Like Us, Kill Your Idols, Knives out, LaFraction, Living End, Lard, Los Gusanos, Lagwagon, L7, Mad Caddies, Me First And the Gimme Gimmes, Mercury Rev., Misfits, Mr. T Experience, Marky Ramone & The
Intruders/Speedkings, Millencollin, Minor Threat, Meteors,Misconduct, Muffs, MxPx, No fun at all, No means no, No use for a name, NOFX, Non-Skid, None More Black, No Rest, Nerve Agents, Operation IVY, OnlyCrime, OutCold, Odyssey, Pilot To Gunner, Pinhead Gunpowder, Peawees, Pennywise, Propagandhi, Peacocks, Queers, RAMONES, Rancid, Randy, Rise Against, Riching Forward, Satanic Surfers, Small Brown Bike, Silent Drive, Slick Shoes, Swingin' Utters, Stretch Arm Strong, Schloastic Deth, Screeching Weasel, Suicide Machines, Sportswear, Soapbox Revolt, Save the day, Social D, Stiff little fingers,Snotty Cheekbones, Schwimmbad, Sick of it all, Subject to change, SNFU, Snapcase, Shark Attack, Shelter, Sobut, Sonic Youth, Stand And Fight, Strung Out, Ten Yard Fight, Terror, Thrice, Thug Murder, Token Entry, Toy Dolls, Teen Idols, Tilt, 'TIL I DIE, Vandals, Vindictives, Vitamin X, Voodo Glow skulls, Wasted, Weezer, Wage of sin, WHEN MY AUTHORITIES FALL, Undecided, Unwritten Law, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Youth Brigade, Youth of Today, 59 times the pain, 7 seconds,88fingers louie, 98 mute....'TIL I DIE круче всех!

Интересы: никаких.
Любимая музыка: панк-рок, олд-скул-хард-кор.
Страна: Рашэн
Город: СПБ

Сообщений на форуме: 1048
Сообщений в комментариях: 288
Оценок: 8
Средняя оценка: 7,5

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