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Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud, Sing Proud

Автор: Rancid
Опубликовано: 19.11.2005 17:11

  1. For Boston
    For Boston for Boston, we sing our proud refrain
    For Boston for Boston ’tis wisdom’s earthly fame
    For here are all one and our hearts are true
    And the towers on the heights reach the heavens own blue.
    For Boston for Boston ’til the echoes ring again!

    For Boston for Boston thy glory is our own
    For Boston for Boston ’tis here that truth is known
    And ever with a right shall our heirs be found
    ’Til time shall be no more and thy work is crowned
    For Boston for Boston thy glory is our own!

  2. The Legend Of Finn MacCumhail
    This mighty soldier on the eve of the war he waged
    Told his troops of lessons learned from battles fought:
    «May your heart grow bolder like an iron-clad brigade»
    Said this leader to his outnumbered lot.

    Known as a hero to all that he knew,
    Long live the legend of Finn MacCool!
    The brave fearless leader of the chosen few,
    Long live the legend of Finn MacCool!

  3. Which Side Are You On?
    Our father was a union man some day I’ll be one too.
    The bosses fired daddy what’s our family gonna do?
    Come all you good workers good news to you
    I’ll tell of how the good old union has come in here to dewll.

    Which side are you on?
    Which side are you on?

    My daddy was miner and I’m a miner’s son
    And I’ll stick with the union ’til every battles done.

    They say in Marlan County there are no neutrals there
    You’ll either be a union man or a thug for J.H. Blair

    Oh workers can you stand it?
    Oh tell me how you can will you be a lousy scab or will you be a man?
    Don’t scab for the bosses don’t listen to their lies
    Us poor folks haven’t got a chance unless we organize.

  4. The Rocky Road To Dublin
    In the merry month of June from my home I started
    Left the girls of Taum nearly brokenhearted saluted me father dear,
    Kissed me darling mother drank a pint of beer,
    My grief and tears to smother then off to reap the corn,
    Leave where I was born
    Cut a stout blackthorn
    To banish ghosts and goblin,
    Brand-new pair of brogues,
    Rattling o’er the bogs
    Frightening all the dogs
    On the rocky road to Dublin.

    In Mullingar last night, I rested limbs so weary started by daylight next morning bright
    And early took a drop of the pure to keep me heart from sinking
    That’s the daddy’s cure when he’s on the drinking
    See the lassies smile,
    Laughing all the while
    At me darling style,
    Would set your heart a-bubblin’
    Asked me was I hired,
    Wages I required
    ’Til I was almost tired
    Of the rocky road to Dublin.

    Hunt the hare and turn her down
    The rocky road and all the way to Dublin, whack-fol-la-de-da!

    In Dublin next arrived, I thought it such a pity to be so soon deprived a view of that fine city
    Decided to take a stroll all among the quality bundle,
    It was stole in that neat locality
    Something crossed my mind
    When I looked behind
    No bundle could I find
    Upon me stick a-wobblin’
    Crying for a rogue
    Said me co naught brogue
    Wasn’t much in-vogue
    On the rocky road to Dublin.

    From there I got away, me spirits never failing landed on the quay just as the ship was sailing captain at me roared,
    Said that no room had he then I jumped aboard a cabin found for
    Daddy down among the pigs,
    Played some funny rigs,
    Danced some hearty jigs,
    The water ’round me bubblin’
    Off to holly head
    Wished myself was dead
    Or better far instead
    On the rocky road to Dublin

    The boys in Liverpool, when we safely landed called myself a fool,
    I could no longer stand it blood began to boil,
    Temper I was losing poor old Erin’s Isle they began abusing
    Hooray me soul, Says I,
    Let the shillelagh
    Fly some Galway boys were nigh,
    Saw I was a-hobblin’
    With a loud array,
    They joined me in the fray
    And soon we cleared the way
    On the rocky road to Dublin.

  5. Heroes From Our Past
    And so the story’s told of a hearty group of men
    It’s a tale of their triumphs and their woes
    Be it raids and melees ancient or the modern worker’s struggle
    That inspires men to stand up for their rights

    And should we fall down by the wayside in this ever-changing world
    We can look back to these heroes of our past.
    With their staunch determination and ferocious iron will,
    No tyranny would quell them in their task

    It’s an age-old situation with an ever-present message:
    That time and tide waiteth for no man
    So without fear of confrontation of the consequence of outcome,
    It’s for freedom and for happiness they toiled

    An in looking to the future, we can see a better place
    Where we can shake the yoke of tyranny for all
    It’s been paved by generations who have gone now to their rest
    It’s just remembrance of their dignity we ask

    So come on rally round this brave and valiant cause
    With tradition, pride, and honor at its core
    With swords drawn to defend stood stood these noble-hearted men
    Faugh-an-ballagh, clear the way, me boys!!

    Under perilous conditions with small hope of success
    They left behind the lives that they once led
    And by virtue of their fortitude and single-minded strength
    They cleared the way for the people of today

    So when we think back to our ancestors respectfully we hark
    And thank the men whose struggle broke the chain
    It’s a long road up ahead of us let’s forge on while we’re strong
    And leave our mark of honor once again

    So the story has been told and it comes now to an end.
    It’s setting any era, any land
    When abusive tyrants force the hands of matters great or small,
    It inspires men to stand up for their rights

  6. Forever
    All of my dreams seem to fall by the side
    Like a discarded thought or the day’s fading light
    But I know that if I could just see you tonight forever

    At times we may fall, like we all tend to do
    But I’ll reach out and find that I’ve run into you
    Your strength is the power that carried me through forever

    Your kindness for weakness I never mistook
    I worried you often, yet you understood
    That life is so fleeting, these troubles won’t last forever

    Inspired me truly you did from the start
    To not be afraid and to follow my heart
    There’s a piece of you with me they can’t tear apart forever

    Forever I’ll find you, forever we’ll be
    Forever your power and strength stays with me

  7. The Gauntlet
    Well I just got back from a break in the fight
    I was weighing in heavy but still feeling alright
    All I hear in the distance mines and shells
    Here come the sirens wailing another attack to be repelled

    Do you think we’re gonna make it?
    I don’t know unless we try
    You could sit here scared to move or we could take them by surprise
    It’s submission that they want
    It’s surrender that they need
    When we’re doing it their way their aims will be achieved

    They’re gonna come when you’re not ready
    When you’re not to well-prepared
    They’re gonna prey upon your weakness no man’s soul is ever spared
    You’ve got to stand up, yeah, and fight them
    Show them what it’s all about
    This man is not for sale there will be no backing down

    Stand up and fight and I’ll stand up with you!
    We shall succeed

    They won’t get me they won’t get me
    Thought they never cease to try
    They won’t get me they won’t get me
    I would rather fight and die
    They won’t get me they won’t get me
    Well my friend will they get you?
    When they get you when they get
    You tell me what are you gonna do?

  8. Good Rats
    Have you ever stopped to think about what rats do for run?
    Sure they crawl around and scurry,
    Yeah they’re always on the run but a rat sure likes a good time
    Just like you and me
    I’ll prove it with a tale about a rat-infested brewery

    It started with a little lad named vermin McCann
    Who fell upon a drink that made him feel like quite a man
    He rounded up his furry boys,
    Though some wore a frown
    They quickly changed their tune and they slammed a couple down.

    One, two, one-two-three-four!
    Come on all you good rats
    We’ll send you to heaven you’ll find the pearly gates in the froth and the foam
    ’cause in these vats you’ve made quite a creation
    A potion that turned the Guinness to gold!

    Like mice behind a piper,
    Rats from all around soon headed for this factory in old Dublin Town.
    They surely heard the news about this fancy new rat-brew they come,
    They saw, they had a taste and knocked back a few

    The rats were in a tizzy
    Addicted to the bone the hairy lugs were giddy
    They were never going home
    Like a bunch of drunken pirates prepared to walk the plank they drank,
    They sang, they took a plunge and in the beer they sank!

  9. The New American Way
    Each day when I wake up and I set my best foot forward
    I’ll make an effort to be all that I can be.
    I take a look around me and I wonder how things change so much in the few short years since I was a young boy.

    Do you know what we’re fighting for?
    I know in an instant I could lose everything I’m working toward.

    I know I’ll win my battles
    Though I fear we’ll lose the war to the new American way.

    The morals of this nation’s youth have long gone astray lead by tolerance, indifference,
    And this kinder gentler way that has corrupted and destroyed so many of our boys and girls
    Oh Lord I start to wonder will it ever come around?

  10. The Torch
    Wash away
    All the lines on your face that show how you’ve aged
    It’s a long way down
    Your back’s been broken you can’t make the rounds
    The tables are turned as the litany goes…
    You’re a rotten old man who’ll be covered in dirt
    On your knees
    And pray to the maker that caused you to bleed

    Turn back the hand on the clock
    You’re a bitter old man who’s done nothing
    But work your hands to the bone on the assembly lines
    You’ve grown cold to the touch of the ones that you love
    Ignorance is something you can’t over come but you’ve passed it on down
    And that’s something much worse for a bitter young man…
    Is now taking the torch

    Silent scorn
    You’ve taken it out on the ones you adore
    Inside rage
    They’ve left you before but they’ll come back again
    They’ll pray for you with all their love
    But this time your indifference just can’t be excused
    Forced amends
    Well it’s something you’ll die with but it goes on for them…

  11. Fortunes Of War
    Each town has its cliques those who don’t get along
    And then there’s towns I know where certain kids just don’t belong
    So know your rivals and watch your back
    ’cause no one’s gonna be there when the enemy attacks

    When the justice eludes you it’s the fortunes of war
    Wouldn’t things be different had the tables been turned?
    If the people won’t protect you you must fend for yourself
    When the justice eludes you it’s the fortunes of war

    You drove right over him and then you sped away
    How does it feel to kill and know you didn’t pay?
    So walk away even though a life is gone someday,
    You’ll know the price when god repays you for your wrongs.

  12. A Few Good Men
    It’s time we stood up for ourselves so get up off your knees.
    We’ll shake off our detractors and attain our hopes and dreams
    And if we fall prey to in-fighting, we’re never gonna win,
    So put aside your differences sing loud, sing proud

    We won’t listen to their stories or be waylaid by their lies
    It’s a dram that’s still attainable for kids like you and I
    So if we all stand together singing one defiant song
    Our voice will reach the heavens, so sing with all your heart

    Join us in a song
    We shall rise and sing stand up and be counted
    Sing a song for liberty join us in this song
    Together we shall sing rise up and be counted
    Sing it loud, sing it proud

    We’ve been brutalized and crucified, the brunt of their attacks,
    Is corruption not their trademark and compassion what they lack?
    If we can realize our common goals,
    The end of which is plain united and now stronger,
    Their loss is now our gain!

  13. Ramble And Roll
    Driving down the highway and I’ve
    Got no lights
    Dreaming about my future,
    But it’s fading away in the night
    What do you want out of life when you
    Don’t play by the rules
    I’ve got no expectations and I fully expect to lose

    ’Cause I was born to ramble
    I was made to roll
    Living my stickin’ life in yesterday’s rock and roll

    I drink in dirty bars ’cause they serve
    Bigger drinks
    And I don’t own fancy cards
    I take the train and man it stinks,
    Yeah, I play music, but I don’t
    Hang out with stars
    And if I need money I’ll just pawn a few guitars

    I may speak gibberish, but I don’t talk shit
    And I’m not one for book smarts but I’m known for my barroom wit!

  14. Caps And Bottles
    When I was thirteen, I bought a scally cap
    Looked up to the older guys who drank at the rat
    I couldn’t wait to grow up just to drink with the crew
    Put my name on the map and have a social few

    I recall when I was small I thought I’d be legend soon
    But that was then and this is now a harder road cannot be found
    Don’t get me wrong, good times were had sometimes the fun outweighed
    The bad but all in all, now said and done I can recall more bad than fun

    It’s killing me — the answer’s here, it’s plain to see it’s taken me
    I’m half the man I thought I’d be it’s killing me
    It’s taken years but now I see I’m not the man I thought I’d be

    I’d fight them all, big or small angel dust and Bud tall
    Collars up and fists the same protect your friends and family name
    Had my lumps, received a few but not near what I deserved
    Some say this life’s my punishment some say this life’s my just deserves

  15. The Wild Rover
    And it’s no, nay, never no, nay, never!
    No more will I play the wild rover no, never, no more

    I’ve been a wild rover for many’s the year
    And I’ve spent all me money on whiskey and beer
    And now I’m returning with gold in great store
    And I never will play the wild rover no more

    And it’s no, nay, never no, nay, never!
    No more will I play the wild rover no, never, no more

    I went into an alehouse I used to frequent
    And I told the landlady me money was spent
    I asked her for credit, she answered me nay
    Such a custom as yours I could have any day

    And it’s no, nay, never no, nay, never!
    No more will I play the wild rover no, never, no more

    I took from me pocket ten sovereigns bright
    And the landlady’s eyes opened up with delight
    She said she had whiskeys and wines of the best
    And the words that she told me were only in jest

    And it’s no, nay, never no, nay, never!
    No more will I play the wild rover no, never, no more

    I went home to my parents, confessed what I’d done
    And I asked them to pardon their prodigal son
    And when they’d caressed me as oft times before
    I never will play the wild rover no more

  16. The Spicy McHaggis Jig
    I’ll tell you a story — believe me it’s true
    A tale you’d best hope never happens to you
    Old spicy McHaggis, How he met his fate
    You I can save, but for him it’s too late

    Spicy was big, burly and strong
    His pipes were gigantic and so was his schlong
    From city to city running around
    Always looking for chicks over four hundred pounds

    One night at the pub a girl caught his eye
    Big as a house, just the right size
    The broad was enormous,
    Stacked to the hilt
    Spicy soon noticed a bulge in his kilt
    The piper delivered his best pick-up line
    Thought to himself: «This beast is all mine»
    The portly young lady could stand for no more
    Grabbed his cojones and went for the door

    They got to her house and dimmed all the lights
    Spicy was in for one hell of a night
    He said that he loved her, he’d always be true
    «But Mr. McHaggis, I’ve only just met you!!»

    By now he saw double through his drunken eyes
    Neither had looks or appropriate size
    He came to his sense, Thought to himself
    «At this time of night I won’t find nothing else»
    He took off his shirt, she lifted her skirt,
    They pulled out his unit and stared to play
    She asked for a glove, he gave her a shove,
    Had baby McHaggis nine months to-the-day.

    Three packs a day, he’ll smoke ’til he dies
    Spicy McHaggis, one hell of a guy!

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