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Релизы 2008

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Randy, 28.10.2008 16:33

пойду по примеру Тимы, теперь рядом с альбомом буду давать его краткое описание или хотя бы стиль указывать :)


Randy, 28.10.2008 21:35

The Artist Life — Let's Start A Riot

The Artist Life is a new band featuring ex-members of Jersey, and this EP is
the follow=up to their self released debut they put out in the summer. If you
haven't heard them yet, they sound like a cross between Hot Water Music and
The Loved Ones. Best Underground Operations signing since Hostage Life. This
record is fuckin awesome, but let's hope they don't sell out as bad as Jerseydid…
remember that last album with them posing on the purple cover haha.


Randy, 28.10.2008 23:32

This Is Hell / Nightmare of You — Split
сплит 2 хардкор групп

Let Me Run — Untitled EP


Randy, 29.10.2008 12:40

The Chase — Paranoia
Hardcore / Punk

The Tossers — One fine spring evening
This 2008 collection of anthems and stories may very well be the
Tosser's greatest accomplishment. On A Fine Spring Evening is sure
to get crowds everywhere riled up for another good old time on the
town. The record tells the story of the band from day one up to the
present day, making this a career-defining record and the perfect
cocktail for the mainstream to take notice. With songs like
'Whiskey Makes Me Crazy' and 'Katie At The Races,' you can be sure
that they are keeping up with their tradition of classic Celtic
inspired Punk anthems. For the last 10 plus years, this Chicago
Celtic rock band has done it all.


Randy, 29.10.2008 13:08

Better Luck Next Time / Melody Fall — Hybrid
сплит двух поп-панк групп

The Carrier — No Love Can Save Me 7"
The Carrier are one of Boston's newest and most interesting
hardcore bands. Their brand of powerful melodic hardcore is the
next chapter of evolution in their genre. Emoting with a
goose-bump inducing fervor unlike any other band out there

«No Love Can Save Me» is the newest 7"EP release from The
Carrier. Recorded by Jay Maas @ The Getaway Group (Meltdown
Shipwreck a.d.), «No Love Can Save Me» cries out with
impassioned vocals and towering guitar melodies that sway and
swell before crashing forth with explosive energy. Showing The
Carrier at their most emotionally charged, while also hinting
at the creative greatness looming close on their horizon.

Empty Vision — Empty Vision (EP)
Melodic Hardcore


Randy, 29.10.2008 18:53

Extreme Noise Terror — Back To The Roots


Randy, 29.10.2008 21:02

5th full length album by Yum!Yum!ORANGE. At first glance it looks like a live album but it contains all new songs recorded in a studio. Between each song there is a short jiggle / sound.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy — The Cross of My Calling
Spearheaded by Rick Rubin and created in the same Sunset Sound studio where The
Doors recorded most of their acclaimed catalog, The (International) Noise
Conspiracy's fourth full-length is a bunker-buster of compassion and activism
aimed straight for your heart and brain.

Set to explode during one of the most critical political periods in postmodern
history, The Cross of My Calling is the sound of a global society steps away
from apocalypse. Whether it's the epic title track, the anti-moralism of «Child
of God,» the neocon smackdown of «Black September», the compromised ideals of
«Dustbins of History» or the call-to-arms against overconsumption found in
«Washington Bullets» and «Storm the Gates of Beverly Hills,» the band's latest
effort is packed with warning, and amplified by passion.

«Rick likes the fact that we are very political,» explains vocalist Dennis
Lyxzйn, «especially in times like these. Labels want you to tone down the
politics, but Rick recognizes that it's what makes us stand out. But we also
recognize the industry is on shaky ground because of that, which is why it's so
cool to have someone like Rick believe in you.» After his former band — the
seminal hardcore act Refused — broke up, Lyxzйn founded The (International)
Noise Conspiracy and the group has delivered unrestrained critiques of
capitalism, soundtracking our slide into terror, hyperreality and narcotized
apathy since 1998. Featuring ferocious songs sequenced from the genes of rock,
jazz, art, punk and protest, Survival Sickness, A New Morning, Changing Weather
and the Rubin-helmed Armed Love have mashed revolutionary theory and kinetic
sonics into a hybrid solution as intelligent as it is danceable. «We've worked
hard for a long time, but its a tough world to get by in. Anything that doesn't
fit the mold scares the music industry,» elaborates Lyxzйn. «We know how this
world works; that's just the way it is.»

Rubin's ear managed to bring out the best in The (I)NC's latest batch of songs,
which broadly cover challenging territory. The urgent noise of opener
«Assassination of Myself» is «ultimately about the deconstruction of the male
identity, about being told what it is to be a man,» Lyxzйn says. That
self-actuation forms a thematic center for The Cross of My Calling.

Lyxzйn, guitarist Lars Strцmberg, bassist Inge Johansson and drummer Ludwig
Dahlberg ignite on the breakneck "Arm Yourself.“ «We all sit here and talk about
revolution,» Lyxzйn says, «but how far are we ready to go, to transform it into
something real?»

Meanwhile, the soulful stomp of «Boredom of Safety» takes the convenience and
comfort of success apart, with the help of backing vocals from The BellRays'
powerhouse Lisa Kekaula, who also shows up on the hard-charging atheist anthem
«I Am the Dynamite.» «She's pretty amazing,» Lyxzйn says of Kekaula. «I've been
a singer for awhile, but once she came in, I was like, 'I suck.'» Of course,
given the setting, it makes sense that the ghost of The Doors also makes an
appearance. The brooding, cathartic organ solo on «Child of God» is a faithful
iteration of the same organ solo found on The Doors' chilled epic «Riders on the
Storm.» Lyxzйn's poignant chorus «When the music stops» on the multi-hued
movements of the title track tips its hat to Jim Morrison's apocalyptic «When
the Music's Over.» «We're not going to lie,» admits Lyxzйn. «It was total

The allusions deepen the farther you go. The jagged funk of «Hiroshima Mon
Amour» conjures Alain Resnais' French New Wave classic, in much louder fashion.
The scorching blues riff of «I Am the Dynamite» capably channels the racist
dystopia of Alan Parker's film Mississippi Burning.


Randy, 29.10.2008 22:15

Whatever — No Improvement
Pretty enjoyable melodic type stuff out of Germany. There is kind of a mid 90's Epitaph vibe to it as well.


Randy, 29.10.2008 23:28

Various Artists — Balzac x Raiya (split single)
The Order Of The Fly — Lambs of the Abattoir EP
Various Artists — Bloodlines Flow Eternal (balzac & raiya) split album


Randy, 30.10.2008 11:23

Brain Dead / Rot In Hell — Millenial Psychosis Split
Vegas — Never
Pulling Teeth — Witches Sabbath II EP


Randy, 30.10.2008 20:05

Blitzkid — Anatomy of Reanimation
Re-Recordings of the best Blitzkid classics, from the never available in Europe early works, to the highlights of «Trace Of A Stranger.» Just in time for the big Hell Nights Tour and after a successful summer festival vote Blitzkid countless followers on a Halloween!


Randy, 30.10.2008 21:16

The Gaslight Anthem — Señor and the Queen EP


F1ip, 31.10.2008 09:28

Asado — Asado

отличный fast melodic punkrock, любителям Belvedere понравится


Randy, 31.10.2008 12:58

Hammer Bros. — The Kids Are Dead
Skin Like Iron — S/T


Randy, 01.11.2008 11:25

Die Young (TX) — Loss
Hyperjax — The Wildest Card
The Impulse International — The Real Kid EP
Various Artists — Blotto / Ringers Split EP


Randy, 01.11.2008 16:45

The Definitive Measure — The End Of The Beginning


whm, 02.11.2008 06:50

The Infested — Myths, Lies And Hypocrites
крэк рок стэди из UK, наканецта дебютный LP :)


Randy, 02.11.2008 20:07

Vitamin X — Full Scale Assault
Lungs — An Anatomical Guide
Church for Sinners — Making Monsters


Randy, 03.11.2008 13:26

The Spectremen — Dark Holiday
Kill Whitey — Ain't We All Evil
How Dare You — Comfort Road


Randy, 03.11.2008 18:22

Fermín Muguruza — Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema


Randy, 03.11.2008 19:56

TAT — Soho Lights


Randy, 04.11.2008 21:11

No Fun At All — Reckless (I Don't Wanna) — Cd Single


Randy, 05.11.2008 22:22

Starliters — Stop Kiddin'


Yo-Yo Ninja Boy, 06.11.2008 14:36

Farin Urlaub Racing Team — Die Wahrheit Uebers Luegen
Третий студийны альбом участника Die Aerzte.


Randy, 06.11.2008 21:33

Good 4 Nothing — Swallowing Aliens


Randy, 07.11.2008 09:32

A Day To Remember — Old Record
One Night Band — Hit & Run


Randy, 07.11.2008 11:29

Badlands — When Angels Are Crucified


Randy, 07.11.2008 18:19

Razor Bois — 2008 — Boycott The Fencewalkers


Randy, 08.11.2008 08:08

The Plight — Black Summer EP
Rolo Tomassi — Hysterics
The Hard-Ons — Pay Attention Collector Scum
Cumshot — Want more?!


Randy, 08.11.2008 13:04

The Pist — Input Equals Output
Various Artists — Everyone Living Under A Gun
Various Artists — The Political Party Presents: Party At Ground Zero
No Choice — Anaesthetize This!… Annihilate That!
Dustbox — Blooming Harvest

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