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Релизы 2007

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Yo-Yo Ninja Boy, 13.10.2007 10:49

MxPx — Secret Weapon
Reel Big Fish — Monkeys For Nothing and The Chimps for Free
Melt Banana — Bambi's Dillema


xBIVx, 13.10.2007 17:43

Год на панк/хк-релизы мертвый какой-то. ИМХО.


malabar, 13.10.2007 17:59

а мне кажется нормальный.
Dropkick Murphys — The Meanest Of Times наверное лучший альбом за весь год.
также хочу отметить последние альбомы MxPx, сольник Michale Graves'а, Vodoo Glow Skulls, Tiger Army, The Unseen, The Rebel Spell, Stage Bottles, Madball, Montreal, Bad Manners

также провал настоящий Sum 41. плюс немного разочаровался в сольнике Тима Армстронга, Comeback Kid и Balzac, альбомы бесспорно хороши, но ожидал явно большего.

это вроде чё смог вспомнить. да и к тому же еще 2 с половиной месяца есть — рано подводить итоги. все еще впереди. но 2006 год был однозначно лучше, в том числе и в плане наших групп.


malabar, 13.10.2007 18:00

а Бальзак не понравилося обилием электроники.


Kypu_CBOU, 13.10.2007 18:10

Да уж с 2006 не сравнить.Ну Dropkick Murphys ну Unseen и все. Да и у них не то чтобы очень — преведущие получше.


malabar, 13.10.2007 18:11

у Ансин предыдущие лучше, не спорю, но у DKM с первого прослушивания запомнился альбом, для меня он наравне с Warrior's Code, как я уже писал.


stacy gang gribo, 13.10.2007 18:17

Пока лучшие для меня: Strung Out, The Unseen, Tiger Army, Against Me!
Интересно, кто оденет жёлтую майку лидера к концу года. (:


malabar, 13.10.2007 18:25

Strung Out не слышал, а Against Me! ни один альбом не нравится)) сразу не взлюбились они мне.


batiskaff, 13.10.2007 19:31

Пока лучшие The Negatives!


batiskaff, 13.10.2007 19:35

А Эгэйнст Ми говнище то еще…


malabar, 13.10.2007 20:01

забыл, The Negatives — 2007 — At The End Of The Rope тоже хорош :))


Big Jeff, 13.10.2007 20:04

SCRAPY лучшие


batiskaff, 13.10.2007 20:08

Да нет уж)


Naivety, 13.10.2007 22:15

Для меня лучшие:

1) The Spook — 2007 — Let There Be Dark
2) The Bones — 2007- Burnout Boulevard
3) MxPx-2007-Secret Weapon
4) The Ataris — 2007-Welcome The Night

Разочаровали Balzac и Sum41…
…но до конца года далеко, список может измениццо)


Человек-асфальт, 13.10.2007 23:37

Ambitions — Stranger
American Dairy — The Brightest Colors [EP]
Anchors For Arms — Listen.React
Bankrupt — Shorter Than Danny Devito
Box Social, the — Get Going
Cartel — Cartel
Dashboard Confessional — The Shade Of Poison Trees
Dawn Of The Dude — International Time Travel With Magical Babes
Death Is Not Glamorous — Wide Eyes
Donnas, the — Bitchin'
Farewell — Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun?!
Goot — Asleep At The Wheel
Jimmy Eat World — Chase The Light
Kid Down — And The Noble Art Of Irony
Kid Finish — This Is How She Held Me
Late Night Drive — Late Night Drive
Leftovers, the — On The Move
Melody Fall — Consider Us Gone
Metro Station — Metro Station
Motion City Soundtrack — Even If It Kills Me
New Found Glory — From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II
Parking Out — 93
Rex Banner — The Good Times Are Killing Me [EP]
Spare Lead — Let's Run Faster When We Have Lost Our Way
Sydney — When We Were Safe
Tank, the — Remodel
This Is A Standoff — Be Excited
Unlovables, the — Heartsickle
Veara — The Walls Have Ears
Velvet Chord, the — Might As Well Drop Dead [EP]
Verona Grove — The Story Thought Over
Washington Lane — So Hot [EP]
We The Kings — We The Kings
Wilhelm Scream, a — Career Suicide
Wonder Years, the — Get Stoked On It


NuFan Fan, 14.10.2007 00:47

бляя скоко же я пропустил….надо что-нить из этого послушать будет


kostiks, 14.10.2007 08:21

ты мой герой!!!


Roka, 14.10.2007 09:21

The Gaslight Anthem — Sink Or Swim


SpUnK, 14.10.2007 13:09

и себе что-ли похвастаться :)

20 Belows, The — Headaches and Moodswings
32fps — Self Titled
5050 — when the shit hits the van
A Farewell Rescue — Never Meet Your Heroes
A Moment's Worth — A Moment's Worth
A Wilhelm Scream — Career Suicide
Actionmen — The Game!
Actual, The — In Stitches
Adorkables — In The After Hours
Alien's Cab — Coming Soon… (Reissue)
Alien's Cab — We Are Not Alone
Alkaline Trio — Remains
Alkaline Trio — Scraps
Amber Pacific — Truth in Sincerity
Anchors For Arms — Listen.React
Animo — One Hope, One Mind
Apers, The - Reanimate My Heart
Apples In Stereo, The — New Magnetic Wonder
Arrivals, The — Marvels Of Industry
Asking Abby — Silence The Voices
Asteria — Slip Into Something More Comfortable
Austin Lucas-Chuck Ragan Split
Authority Zero — 1234
Backseat Goodbye — Good Morning, Sunshine
Backseat Virgins — Born Again
Bad Day Dawn — If This Is How It Has To Be
Bad Religion — New Maps Of Hell
Bankrupt — Shorter Than Danny Devito
Barely Blind — The Way We Operate [EP]
Bayonets, The — Our Fight
Ben Weasel And His Iron String Quartet — These Ones Are Bitter
Beyond A Grey Skye — Another Night, Another Headache
Big D and the Kids Table — Strictly Rude
Big Naturals, The — Finders Keepers [EP]
Black Tie Bombers — Enternal Happiness And Good Health
Blacktop Mourning — No Regret
Blinded Black — Under The Sunrise
Bomb The Music Industry! — Get Warmer
Born To Lose — Old Scars [Advance]
Box Social, The — Get Going
Boys After, The — You'll Be Missing Home [EP]
Broadway Calls - Broadway Calls
Brokedowns, The — New Brains For Everyone
Buck Brothers — Me
Burnthe8track — Fear Of Falling Skies
Cauterize — Disguises
Chasing Mercury — Midnight At The Ball
Chuck Ragan — Los Feliz
coconut records -Nighttiming
Cold Hot Crash — Cold Hot Crash
Comeback Kid — Broadcasting…
Corps, The — Nail It Shut
Cry Havoc — Six Song E.P
Daggermouth — Turf Wars
Damned, The — Damned, Damned, Damned (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Dance Gavin Dance — Downtown Battle Mountain
Dawn Of The Dude — International Time Travel With Magical Babes
Dead Mechanical — Medium Noise
Death Is Not Glamorous — Wide Eyes
Delay — Don't Laugh
Die Out! — Until We…
Dimwits, The — Hey Man Good Set
Distemper - Мир создан для тебя
Dollyrots, The — Because I'm Awesome
Dollyrots, The — love and revolt (ep)
Down For The Count - Broken Record Tactics
Down In The Dumps- Dumps Luck
Draft,The — Self titled [EP]
Dreamfast The — No Coast [EP]
Dropout Year — Best Friends For Never
Dumprilonger — Judgement Day-S As Long As There Is A Lifetime…
Early Next Year — Catch These Words
Energy — Punch The Clock
enemy alliance vs. the indecision alarm — the new wind and the second wave
Ergs!, The - Upstairs/Downstairs
Everyday Sunday — Wake Up! Wake Up!
Faber Drive — Seven Second Surgery
Fabulous Disaster — Love At First Fight
Farewell — Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun!?
Fastlane — Overdrive
Fear Of Lipstick — Can't Get Along
Firescape - Dancehall Apocalypse
First To Leave — Forging A Future
Flash Grenade — We've Had Enough
Flippin' Beans — Everything's Fine …Act Brave And Die
Fonzie — Shout it Out
For Science — Way Out Of Control
Four Year Strong — Rise Or Die Trying
Franky Lee — Cutting Edge
Frigits — S/t (Hay 002) [EP]
Freygolo — Stereo Fighters
Fumble — Rise
Gaslight Anthem, The — Sink Or Swim
Get Go, The — demo
Girl In A Coma — Both Before I'm Gone
Goldenboy — Healing Is A Team Effort
Good Fortune — The Nightlife [EP]
Gordon Gano's Army! — Fry Your Brains [EP]
Got No Shame — Hurry Up! I'm Losing Wood
Greater Than B - Songs For Therapy
Greyskull - Pretty In Ink [EP]
Griswalds — Fall In Line
Groovie Ghoulies — 99 Lives
Guff - Symphony Of Voices
Hangin Out — In Common Solitudes
Hatepinks, The — Tete malade/Sick in the head
Hawaiian6 — Days [EP]
Hearts Under Fire — Hearts Under Fire [EP]
Heartstop — Short Of A Miracle [EP]
Hero Of Our Time — Civilian [EP]
High Court, The -Puppet Strings
Higher, The — On Fire
Highway Magic — From Naptown To Neptune Digipak
Hot Rod Circuit — The Underground Is A Dying Breed
I Hate Kate — Embrace The Curse
Itchy Poopzkid — Time To Ignite
J Church — The Horror Of Life
Jamie's Elsewhere — GoodBye RocketMan, St. George Is Under Fire-(EP)
Japanther — Skuffed Up My Huffy
Johnie 3 — Hang The DJ
Junior — Are We Famous Yet
Kid Down — And The Noble Art Of Irony
Kid Finish — This Is How She Held Me
Killdaddies — Sulla Stessa Barca & Killdaddies — Split [EP]
Knugen Faller — Lugna Favoriter
Kruw - I Love Punky Night… Lp
Last Days Of April — Might As Well Live
Last Of The Believers - Paper Ships Under A Burning Bridge
Late Night Avenue — Late Night Avenue
Lawrence Letterday — Until This Girl Goes Home
Leftovers, The — On The Move
Legacy, The — Solitude [EP]
Legitimate Business — If You Can't Take The Heat
Leiana — No Going Back
Leif Ericsson, The — The Leif Ericsson
Lemuria — The First Collection
Letters From The Front — War Torn Lullabies This Side Of The Grave
Lidia Stone — Civil War (Ep)
Lifetime — Lifetime
Lights Out Dancing — Oh The Places You'll Go (Ep)
Loser Life — I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts
Maaster Gaiden — Like It Never Happened
Mad Caddies — Keep It Going OUT [Pre Release]
Me Getaway — Everybody's Got Their Problems
Measure (Sa), The — Historical Fiction
Melody Fall — Consider Us Gone
Methadones, The — This Won't Hurt…
Michaelane — Straight From The Ghetto
Motion City Soundtrack — Even If It Kills Me
Move Ahead — Glory Days
M-Sixteen — M-Sixteen
Mudlarks, The — The Mudlarks
Muff — Horn Attack
Mute The Silence — Cursed With Ambition
Mxpx — Secret Weapon
Need For Treatment — Brighter Future
Neverstore — Sevenhundred Sundays
New Rivals, The — The New Rivals
Newbridge Downfall — Things You Shouldn't Say [ep]
Nicotine — Probably The Best
No One Goes Home — The New Era
No Risk — The Great Demise
Nojons, The The Nojons [EP]
Not Here Not Now Not Ever — Born Ready Demo
Nothington — All In
Nothington — One For The Road [7'']
One Big Lie — Blinded
Only Crime — Virulence
Orange — Escape From L.A.
Pale Moon Gang — Pale Moon Gang
Parkers — Parkers EP
Parking Out — 93
Passenger Action — Acoustic Blueprints
Peawees, The — Walking The Walk
Permanent Me — After The Room Clears
Phinius Gage — Seek Out Your Foes And Make Them Sorry
Pipsqueak — Babydoll
Play Attenchon — La Ilusion Que Llevas
Popsters, The — Two Minutes [7'']
Pour Habit - Suiticide
Powerspace — The Kicks Of Passion
Prozacs, The — Questions, Answers And Things
Queers, The — Munki Brain
Question Marks - Late Night Response
Reel Big Fish and Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer — Duet All Night Long [EP]
Relient K - Five Score And Seven Years Ago
Rentokill — Antichorus
Revisions, The — Self Titled
Rex Banner — The Good Times Are Killing Me
Safejacket - Safejacket [EP]
Short Attention — Clever, Maddening, Annoying
Shortsleeve — Have You Ever Been Here (Retail)
Six To Sundown - Riot Versailles
Skimmer — I'll Tell You What
Sledgeback — Perception Becomes Reality
Slide Show Baby — Slide Show Baby
Slime Ball — The Point In Time
Small Arms Dealer — Patron Saint Of Disappointment
Smears, The — Asthenic Process
Smoke Or Fire — This Sinking Ship
Some Like It Hot — The Talk Of The Town [EP]
Spare Lead — Let's Run Faster When We Have Lost Our Way
Split Alkaline Trio-Smoking Popes — Split [7'']
Split Banner Pilot & Monikers — Split
Split Leftover Crack & Citizen Fish — Deadline (Split)
Static Thought — In the Trenches
Steinways, The — Rocket Surgery [7'']
Stilettos — Stimulusblackboxresponse
Stole Your Woman — The Scene
Stop Talking — Stop Talking [EP]
Straightaway — Democracy Of Spreading Poverty
Strung Out - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
Sum 41 — Underclass Hero
Sundowner — Four One Five Two
Sunset West — The Promise Land [EP]
Super Geek League — Peppermint Rainbows
Swellers, The — My Everest
Tank, The - Remodel
Team Stray — Tatter Nations! Demo CD 2007
teenage gluesniffers — thank you losers (demo)
This Is A Standoff — Sampler [CR-R]
This Is A Standoff — Be Excited
Tied for Last — Kickass Yes-Man Corporate Hacks Digipak
Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond
Tough — Fast Faster
Treaty Of Paris — Sweet Dreams, Sucker
Unlovables, The — Anywhere 7"
Unlovables, The — Heartsickle
Until June - Until June
Unwritten Law — The Hit List
Used, The -Lies For The Liars
Valentines, The — Hot Numbers
Various Artists — Birth Of A New Generation
Various Artists — Bubblegum Attack… Off The Diapers
Various Artists — Crafty Records: Ny Vs Nj Punk Rock Battle Royale
Various Artists — Deep Elm Records Presents — Cover Your Tracks
Various Artists — Hawaiian Punk Volume 2
Various Artists — Let's Do It For Lance! J-Church Tribute
Various Artists — Pop Punk Loves You Volume 3
Various Artists — Pop Punk's Not Dead
Various Artists — Punk Goes Acoustic 2
Various Artists — Punk Remake Volume 1
Various Artists — PUNK ROCK SEASON :: SPRING 2007
Various Artists — Saturday Night Loud Vol 3
Various Artists — Summer Sounds Four Reasons For The Season Vol.2
Verona Grove — The Story Thought Over
Waterweed — Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide
Wish You Weres, The — Left For Dead
Witches With Dicks — Manual
Yellowcard — Paper Walls
ZSK - Wenn So Viele Schweigen Mussen Wir Noch Lauter Schreien


Roka, 14.10.2007 14:01

SpUnK, отморозок. :crazy:


zerro23, 14.10.2007 14:03

Помойму SpUnK продал душу дьяволу ))


Сруль, 14.10.2007 15:47

Ну вы конечно вежливы…… Он не отморозок, и не продовал душу дьяволу (он вообще хороший парень,т ак только алхимией балуется). Просто он решил покорить нас огромным количеством релизов, которые ему нравятся, только КИШ забыл….


stacy gang gribo, 14.10.2007 16:24

Морэ & Рэльсы — The Great Adventure Without Me
Плед — Потерянный альбом
Киоск — Не без чудес
Panda — Не умею плавать
Ricochet — Ricochet
Последние Танки в Париже — Свобода слова
Radio Cambodia — Сквозь дни
.crrust — Pain Is A Mere Sensation
Засрали Солнце — Закон вне закона
Save Remains — Live Demo //



Митяй, 14.10.2007 17:02

SpUnK, маньяк :teeth:


fdv, 14.10.2007 17:02

Сруль Гиршевич
Киш в 2006 году был :teeth:


Сруль, 14.10.2007 18:41

2 fdv :weep: а мне ведь! Клялись-Божились что выпустим мы тебе в 2007 супер альбом «Говно-скоморох соржал сухой горох, надел чешки мёртвой бабушки и насрал в шапку невидимку», вот и верь им теперь на слово ………


Ignition, 14.10.2007 19:57

Сруль Гиршевич,
Они думали что текста песен ты им пришлешь, и сами не на шутку обиделись за игнор


Сруль, 14.10.2007 20:23

2Ignition, я не могу всем текста писать ,щас вот готовлю новую програму к реюниону Блинков , зацени может понравится, я для них новый хит написал!
я поймал, на жопе вшу
заебу, замучаю
суку злоебучую!»

ну как?Скажи по-моему гениально, Блинк из-за этой вещи обещали воссоединится!


iRus, 14.10.2007 21:28

«Говно-скоморох соржал сухой горох, надел чешки мёртвой бабушки и насрал в шапку невидимку»
:haha: :lol:


V8 Powered, 15.10.2007 08:47

в 2007 больше всего понравились релизы Mad Marge и Bones.

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