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"Punker Than Thou" by Ben Weasel


Dryundel, 22.04.2006 15:21

Крайне необходимо знание английского языка. Не только наша страна богата глупыми людьми. :)


Not Jesus, 22.04.2006 16:34

правильно написали «She's totally fucked»;)))


whm, 23.04.2006 13:37

гыгыгы, девачка — жгунья!) читал и плакал атсмеха)))


Sid Hoi Tid, 25.04.2006 10:34

«Such insanely warped people still exist in the punk scene.»
А у нас-то таких сколько… :eek:

« Instead of singing through a mike, I'd scream at the top of my lungs to sound more punk. :singer: … If anyone disagrees with us, we'll call them fascists and write another song about the bogosity of religion. Sounds like a riot. But what happens when our parents kick us out?»
ЖЖот нипадецки.

И такой итог весьма кстати:
«Need it spelled out for you? Of course you don't, but I'll blow off a little steam anyway and inform you that it's the straight edge craze all over again. The costumes are different, as are the causes, but the intolerance, thickheadedness and refusal to consider any possibilities but those preached by their Minneapolis brethren (with the straight edgers, home base was Conneticut) are all the same.»

Честно говоря, думал, что Америка в большинстве всем этим переболела, однако… здравствуйте)

Ben'у пяцьсплюсам. :D

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