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Non-russian people welcome

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Monsta, 13.08.2004 17:53

Are you sure Sex Pistols started in 60's? :)
Besides, you seem to completely ignore Ramones.

cam (гость)

cam (гость), 16.08.2004 04:04

hey whats up? i really like some of these russian bands, however i like american bands more. and i think that brand new is a way cool band. but i still think that coheed and cambria is so freaking cool. :lol:

davide from italy (гость)

davide from italy (гость), 24.08.2004 11:47

hey guys, really great site this one!!!!!
did you know some other site where we can download albums like

if you like melodic punk hc check

bye bye. davide

Cottty59 (гость)

Cottty59 (гость), 24.08.2004 12:43

Lets get things right MotherF..ckers,in which Country was the Punk movement started??????…..think SEX PISTOLS,THE CLASH,THE DAMNED,UK SUBS,THE JAM (early days),THE BUZZCOCKS,STIFF LITTLE FINGERS etc, and who can tell me which English Punk band invented the Punk term = «oi».The only Bands that come anywhere close to the above mentioned bands from todays offerings are the brilliant Rancid (Lars Fredrikkson a Legend from the very start of the real Punk era),Bad Religion,Green Day,DKMs & Pennywise,all the rest are just a bad imitation of the real thing.
Britain rules the waves & The USA waves the rules
and together as one,we Rock!!. ;) ;) ;)


Monsta, 25.08.2004 15:25

2 Cottty59:
Britain rules the waves & The USA waves the rules
and together as one,we Rock!!

That was an in-fucking-credibly intellectual message. Especially the part quoted above. I'm impressed.


emosadomaza, 30.08.2004 22:17

hi ti aal WHO love BLINK 182 ??? they are cool kids


Splinter, 31.08.2004 10:16

Kids? 28-29 years old man with wife and his own kid is still kid? Just look at this kids in miss you video…
maybe they just crazy dudes?


Joshua, 31.08.2004 14:00

kidz becomes dudes, and then dudes becomes old farters
he he he


Splinter, 31.08.2004 16:35

So life is shit, isnt it?


Monsta, 01.09.2004 14:10

Oh yeah, like they say: life's a bitch and then you die.


Aztech, 01.09.2004 15:25

life's a bitch and then you die.
No! Please,don't say that! I don't wanna die!!! Mommy,I wanna go home!!!!AAA!!!

Surfer,life is a good & interesting thing.


Turbo X Monster, 01.09.2004 20:06

But sometimes it looks like shit ;)


Splinter, 02.09.2004 00:43

I like lifestyle that promote one band called 'everclear' in their song 'santa-monica'. Read horus:

we can live beside the ocean
leave the fire behind
swim out past the breakers
watch the world die, yeah watch the world die(3)

Yeah.... (гость)

Yeah.... (гость), 11.09.2004 08:45

I have to agree a lot with the russians here, (although I am an american) I mean do you even see us in their forums and shit, I don't think so…. at least unless your using a translator thing. I happened to hear in class about how a girl from Denmark came to my school, the teacher asked her if she knew 10 cities in America, easy. Then he asked the rest of the class if they could name 2 cities in Denmark, not one person could name any. So anyway, stop giving the russian people here crap…… Yeah….


EvlLb0y, 11.09.2004 11:31

Yeah — respect.

roy (гость)

roy (гость), 11.09.2004 14:18

hi guys, my name is roy. i come from indonesia
nice site for free.
can u give me free stuff like t-shirts or cd :)
thanx guys
support ur lokal scene
c u all


Joshua, 11.09.2004 21:00

2 Roy
unfortunately we don't send free stuff like t-shirts or cd.
But insted of it we can send you free a money .
How much do you want at the first time?

Francies Farmaer (гость)

Francies Farmaer (гость), 12.09.2004 00:51

Okay, I agree with YEAH… because when I moved to Canada from Russia, no one, I repeat NO ONE knew where Russia is located. And they had this stereotype about us (russians) that all of us drink vodka all the time, we have winter ALL the time and we are all communists. What a piece of shit. But sometimes they are pretty smart :lol: .


Splinter, 13.09.2004 01:13

that all of us drink vodka all the time, we have winter ALL the time and we are all communists — Isnt right?


Hlf, 13.09.2004 02:09

Maybe it will be usefull for foreign visitors who cant read russian — here u can find a russian-english translator . i think it can translate just one word at a time.. but its better than nothing.

Francies Farmaer (гость)

Francies Farmaer (гость), 13.09.2004 02:24

2 splinter: well… about vodka maybe, but I don't usually drink… About communism — no, I am not a communist, and I know a lot of people that are not. See they don't even know you yet but they are so stereotypical that they think things about you that do not apply to you at all. For example, once a guy from grade 12 came over to me and he was like «I would like to drink with you some time. I wanna see how much RUSSIANS can drink». WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:


Splinter, 13.09.2004 02:28

yeah/! he's a real bastard!

Francies Farmaer (гость)

Francies Farmaer (гость), 13.09.2004 03:32

2 splinter: Are you being sarcastic??????????? :eek:


Splinter, 13.09.2004 03:35

bout what?

Francies Farmaer (гость)

Francies Farmaer (гость), 13.09.2004 05:14

2 splinter: about the bastard thing.


Joshua, 13.09.2004 09:52

I think that will be more usefull for english vistors then


Splinter, 13.09.2004 12:57

oh yeah! I was just joking bout russian people couze I think its not right think that we R all stupid drunkards. But sometimes I come to conclusion that such the myth is truth!


Jenn, 15.09.2004 21:06

fuck russians there characters in their language look gay as fuck
U moron! pliz die! worry bout ur own country and language. we're here to discuss music.

is this my name (гость)

is this my name (гость), 19.09.2004 18:09

Id like to say no matter wat country w come from we are all united against bush rite. and i dont think that green day r that good. and where is the picture of fat mike and erin on here thats how i found it. imk not making sense

keep rocking against bush punks :mad:

Frailty (гость)

Frailty (гость), 21.09.2004 19:15

Sweden kick ass. we don't have any real punx.. :|

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