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Non-russian people welcome

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aZ, 21.06.2004 22:50

Say or ask something about punk-rock here.

tim (гость)

tim (гость), 22.06.2004 01:20

Does anyone like the band Alkaline Trio, because i just heard a really good song from them off the Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 album
PS: America rules! and english kicks russain's ass.


aZ, 22.06.2004 01:26

I like Alkaline Trio too.

America rules! and english kicks russain's ass.

jon (гость)

jon (гость), 22.06.2004 02:29

alkaline trio r cool but england kicks america too!!!!

Jasvir (гость)

Jasvir (гость), 22.06.2004 02:39

I disagree with Tim, America suxs soooooooooo much ass.

Jasvir (гость)

Jasvir (гость), 24.06.2004 19:02

How the hell does he have a thing for me?!?! Also I agree with the dude with weird name. Has anyone listened to the 2004 Wraped Tour cd. It is sooooooo sweeet :) !


Joshua, 24.06.2004 19:47

2 Jasvir
Has anyone listened to the 2004 Wraped Tour cd
Are there live tracks? or just compilation?

Tim (гость)

Tim (гость), 26.06.2004 01:37

i don't know if the warped comp '04 is studio and live but it could be. Maybe that commie jasvir would know. England also rules because of those rad accents. although i guess american imperialism and greed really suck ass, you gotta love the home of punk rock.

Jasvir (гость)

Jasvir (гость), 26.06.2004 03:36

Sadly it just has compilation only


Joshua, 26.06.2004 11:16

Hey foreigners!!!
Have you been on concerts of any well-known punk rock bands?

jon (гость)

jon (гость), 27.06.2004 03:30

yeh engelbert humperdink he rocks YEH!!!!

Dee (гость)

Dee (гость), 28.06.2004 04:44

hey americans are ok….it's just their president's dumb ass foreign policy making that needs to be sent to the shredder. While at the shredder, might as well shred the prez, his congress and oh shoot there is a huge list A HUGE LIST!!!..darn…not enough space to write this list…

and yes, engelbert humperdink is to music what the pope is to catholics… ;)

Lodzio (гость)

Lodzio (гость), 05.07.2004 14:06

Whats are you talking??
Everybody nows: Poland Rules


draksan, 11.07.2004 02:47

AHTUNG VASHER MATER! If i say US sux it's sux when, i say bush suck deick he will, when i say russia is a fAkin grAir cAntry das is naturlcich. got it lolish ppl?

btw: rule? drivers ;) (ti's a russian joke)

Loser Kid (гость)

Loser Kid (гость), 13.07.2004 16:38

2 draksan:
HEY, GUYS! LET`S NUKE GERMANY?! (and this is russian joke too).

dont know what this means (гость)

dont know what this means (гость), 15.07.2004 06:15

fuck russians there characters in their language look gay as fuck :mad:

Патриотка (гость)

Патриотка (гость), 20.07.2004 14:36

I Hate America!!! I have know many reasons not to respect it! Tim, why do you think, that punk was born in America?????You are stupid pig :lol:

ego_realis (гость)

ego_realis (гость), 24.07.2004 06:24

send me skarface's songs/albums url, thanks

Tim (гость)

Tim (гость), 28.07.2004 04:25

Fuck you you stupid ignorant fool. Califorinia is the mecca of punk. where else could it have come from, russia? Fuck everybody who disagrees, because i know where you live. Ps — learn english grammer because you are A stupid pig, fuckwad, shithead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monsta, 28.07.2004 12:42

Hey, slow down, man. California is the mecca of californian punk rock only — Social D, BR and others. But Ramones surely aren't from California :)

Tim (гость)

Tim (гость), 28.07.2004 16:28

true, but you hhave to agree that over 70% of famous punk bands are from the us.


Turbo X Monster, 28.07.2004 22:38

2 Патриотка:
You're stupid & stinking cunt, girl!!!!!!!! Hey, do you guess that home of punk-rock is siberia??? You're fool!
The first punk-band is Ramones and it's not from siberia or England or …. they're from America. Girl, you're nazi-cunt, your hate is your enemy/

Tim's right! Respect!


Monsta, 29.07.2004 16:08

Yeah, but I didn't say anything against that. I only said Ramones aren't from California, which you seem to praise like it's some kind of punkish paradise.

wtf is this?!? tiff** (гость)

wtf is this?!? tiff** (гость), 03.08.2004 17:20

our country (america) is gay because of our fucking dick sucking rooster president, anarchy would be sooo much better…. new york, is a good place for punk shit, but a lot of other places are cool too, and im not saying new york is the best, im just saying its a good place… personally i'd rather be in england, then my band would fucking kick fucking ass! until i get out of this goat fucking country, i will try to make the best of it… and remember new york is cool :D :lol:

raoul (гость)

raoul (гость), 08.08.2004 21:36

the whole punk thing just started with the sex pistols and the ramones, and believe me: they are definetly not from california!

Does anybody of you know any german punk bands like «die ärzte» or «terrorgruppe»


Joshua, 09.08.2004 00:08

I know,
but so what?

geeker (гость)

geeker (гость), 12.08.2004 01:06

hi there!
i'd like to know if someone of u know any site in which i could download more punk music, specially «the distillers», a band that i recomend to everyone to hear…

geeker (гость)

geeker (гость), 12.08.2004 01:19

tim, the really punk music started neither in russia nor in the states!!!
the really punk started with the sex pistols in Britain, 1960's.
it started when johnny rotten and sid vicious decided to do something liked with the rolling stones but then they figured out that none in the band knew how to play blues, thus the punk was born…
the ignorant is u…try learn something before u start to type!!!! :mad:

Lord Of Cunt (гость)

Lord Of Cunt (гость), 12.08.2004 08:54

2 punkfromcunt
Don't you think that only words americans use about russians are «Fuck», «Fool» and «stupid»

2 Tim
I know Патриотка personally and i can't say that she hates America, i don't know why she said it.


Turbo X Monster, 12.08.2004 11:04

2 Lord Of Cunt:
Don't you think that only words americans use about russians are «Fuck», «Fool» and «stupid»
I don't understand. I don't think it's true.

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