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Static Thought


Randy, 29.08.2008 13:50

Static Thought is a punk rock band, formed in 2000 in Richmond, California, by Travis Davant, Eric Urbach, and Charlie Vincent.

Static Thought includes Urbach on guitar and vocals, Davant on Drums, Johaan Hill on bass and vocals, and Daniel Garcia on guitar and vocals.

The band was formed by Davant, Urbach, and former bassist Charlie Vincent, who left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Mike Leon. Vincent came back on rhythm guitar in 2005 only to be replaced by Garcia later that year. In 2007 Leon left Static Thought and was replaced by Johaan Hill.

Static Thought is a fast, edgy, politically and emotionally charged punk band that has no boundaries. With the first release, „In the Trenches“ on Hellcat Records, Static Thought blazes through twelve traditional punk rock songs all to top it off with a brutally raw cover of the Police’s, „Next to You.“

Static Thought has toured throughout the United States with label mates Nekromantix, the Heart Attacks and Left Alone. Two independent tours were done as well, one in 2005 and one in 2007. A full Canadian tour was done in the summer of 2007 with Canada’s finest punk outfit, Action (Punkcore).

In and out of the studio the band continues to make the music that suits them and hopefully drives others to be more passionate about punk rock. „- Get up, stand up, say something, and make it yours,“ says frontman Eric Urbach. Static Thought’s message is to speak your mind and do what you do for yourself.

Only good things to come as they make plans for tours and releases ahead. Keep your eyes open and you will for sure see what these guys have planned for the future.

Eric Urbach — Guitar, Vocals
Travis Davant — Drums
Daniel Garcia — Guitar, Vocals
Johaan Hill — Bass, Vocals

2007 — In The Trenches
2008 — split w/Societys Parasites
2008 — The Motive For Movement


Suicide, 29.08.2008 19:16

заебцовая команда,на данный момент вместе с Pinhead Gunpowder самая слушабельная)


Тима, 29.08.2008 21:54

а сплит с Societys Parasites уже вышел? где можно качать?


filterscum, 30.08.2008 13:39

отличный коллектив


Randy, 30.08.2008 13:48

а сплит с Societys Parasites уже вышел?
уже давно

где можно качать?
скоро думаю здесь будут ссылки ;)


Тима, 30.08.2008 19:03

бляяяя!!! дайте сслыку! Societys Parasites это мои любимцы!!!


Randy, 05.09.2008 20:54

Static Thought & Societys Parasites — From the Bay To LA Split (2008)

1. Bastartd
2. The Reason I Breathe
3. Anymore
4. Set Me Free
5. Give Me Some More
6. Fuck The World
7. Crimanal
8. Never Alone
9. Money

также спасибо пользователю Suicide


Suicide, 05.09.2008 21:25

пиздатый сплит,давно я уже такой долбёшки не слыхал))


Randy, 06.09.2008 14:27

да сплит пиздатый, только короткий.

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