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zerro23, 21.01.2008 21:16

GarikEmko, он наверно о «Ничего Хорошего» :whistle: я прав?


Bozonga, 22.01.2008 13:11

Злой Ой — вот образец русской ой-музыки :teeth:


Bozonga, 22.01.2008 13:12

К посту №22. Ага, я люблю насилие, насилие, ну и это..насилие.

Я вообще не понимаю, какая связь между ойстерами и русским быдлом. Что, теперь девушки с челси и в тягах у нас потсанские тетки?


Zhenya, 13.01.2009 12:13

Вот случайно наткнулся на такую вот «новость» (альбом то вышел в прошлом году)..

Discipline , the undefeated kings of European Street Rock, best known for being one of the most energetic European live acts, are at the absolute top of the European Street Rock ’n’ Roll scene, even outselling some of their own musical heroes.

After 15 releases and tons of live shows during a successful course of 18 years, Discipline is back with a new studio album on which the band pays tribute to a lot of their musical heroes like Agnostic Front, Slade, Golden Earring, Twisted Sister and many more.

With 12 brand new cover songs, plus 18 covers Discipline recorded over the past years, you get a total of 30 tracks (over 80 minutes!!) of music, all for the price of 1 CD! A double CD, classy packaging with a metallic finish and the band’s liner notes about each song make this release a must have for every rock ‘n’ roll addict!

Disc: 1
1. Stand — Motörhead
2. Power — Agnostic Front
3. We're Not Gonna Take It — Twisted Sister
4. Don't Forget The Struggle — Warzone
5. I Wanna Live — Ramones
6. Rebel Yell — Billy Idol
7. Show You No Mercy — Cro Mags
8. My World — The Crack
9. Cum On Feel The Noizz — Slade
10. One Law For Them — 4 Skins
11. Delirious — Heavy Metal Kids
12. Going To The Run — Golden Earring

Disc: 2
1. War On The Terraces — Cockney Rejects
2. Astro Zombies — The Misfits
3. One Of The Boys — Rose Tattoo
4. When I'm Dancing… — Slade
5. Runnin' Riot — Cock Sparrer
6. Hang Up Y'r Boots — Slapshot
7. No More Heroes — Stranglers
8. Generation Of Scars — Terrible Twins
9. Nice Boys Don't Play R 'N R — Rose Tattoo
10. Saturdays Heroes — The Business
11. Tale Of Moran — Sheer Terror
12. Chaos — 4 Skins
13. Prison Bound — Social Distortion
14. Saturdays Glory — Argy Bargy
15. Fight To Live — Blitz
16. Violence In Our Minds — Last Resort
17 Crucified — Iron Cross
18. Frontline Skins — The Bruisers

Сам ещё не слушал, только скачал.

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