ANTIPUNK/COM - deads not punk
ANTIPUNK/COM - deads not punk


999Found Out Too Late [7'']1979CBR 1928.961
999Punk Singles 1977-19801980CBR 19282.22
999The Biggest Prize In Sport1980CBR 16050.94
999Lust, Power & Money1987CBR 12846.42
999You, Us, It1993CBR 12836.44
999Emergency1997CBR 16091.38
999English Wipeout (live)2001CBR 19297
1208Feedback Is Payback2002CBR 12836.21
1208Turn Of The Screw2004CBR 19254.12
(+44)Lycanthrope (CDS)200619210.2
175RStand By You (with Shaka Labbits)200212813.4
175RHappy Life (CDM)200312813.7
175RSora Ni Utaeba (CDS)200312810.3
175RTegami (CDS)200319218.5
175RGlory Days (CDS)200419217.2
175ROrange (CDS)200419213.1
175RYuuyake Falsetto (CDM)200419221.4
175RGurafitei (Kit Kat Edition) (CDS)20051926.8
175RMelody (CDM)200532022.5
22 JacksUncle Bob1996CBR 19250.58
22 JacksGoing North1999VBR 20053.6
25 Ta LifeNYHC199319214.6
25 Ta LifeKeepin It Real199619225.8
25 Ta LifeStrength Through Unity199712811.5
25 Ta LifeThe Sprit Remains199712811.1
25 Ta LifeFrienship Loyalty Commitment199912834.7
25 Ta LifeHellbound Misery Torment200519258.6
25 Ta LifeBest Of Friends And Enemies-19234.2
25 Ta LifeStriving For Togetherness-12810.6
28 DaysUpstyledown2000CBR 19257.43
28 Days28 Days200119236.7
28 DaysStealing Chairs200319251.9
28 DaysExtremist Makeover2004CBR 32081.25
4 PromilleWo Sind Denn All Die Leute?1993VBR12833
4 PromilleWar das sein bester Freund199512834.9
4 PromilleDie Jungs Von Nebenan199815017.9
4 PromilleAlte Schule200632065.7
4 Promille Im Nachsten Leben199919261.1
4 Promille Und Ab200119258
4 SkinsThe Good The Bad And The 4 Skins199319279.5
4 SkinsWonderful World Of The 4 Skins199312840.7
4 SkinsClockwork Skinhead199916052.4
4-Skins, TheA Few 4-Skins More Volume 21994CBR 16078.93
4-Skins, TheSingles And Rarities1999CBR 19281.78
4th FingersZero To Hero200219262.5
59 Times The PainMore Out Of Today199512832.7
59 Times The PainTwenty Percent Of My Hand199712824.9
59 Times The PainMusic For Hardcore Punx (EP)199812810.7
59 Times The PainOut Of Today199812832.7
59 Times The PainEnd Of The Millenium199915730.6
59 Times The PainCalling The Public200119247.4
59 Times The PainBlind Anger & Hate-12817.6
7 SecondsCommited For Life [EP]1983CBR 1287.811
7 SecondsOld School (1983)1991CBR 16023.41
7SecondsDrastic Measures Demo19801609.8
7SecondsSocially Fucked Up (Demo)198116015.5
7Seconds3 Chord Politics Demo19821289.4
7SecondsThe Crew198412827.5
7SecondsGuilty Of A Crime Of Thinking198619248.9
7SecondsNew Winds198619241.9
7SecondsWalk Together, Rock Together198619239.5
7SecondsOne Plus One198719250
7SecondsSkins, Brains, & Guts EP198919214.8
7SecondsSoulforce Revolution198919245.6
7SecondsOut The Shizzy199312836.1
7SecondsThe Music The Message199516043.8
7SecondsGood To Go199919237
7SecondsLive At Fireside Bowl200019264.2
7SecondsScream Real Loud200019266.7
7SecondsThe Better Youth Years200119255.8
7SecondsLive @ Resistance Tour '04 Wien 2004-11-17200432089.9
7SecondsTake It Back, Take It On, Take It Over200524347.4
88 Fingers LouieWanted 7''199419213
88 Fingers LouieBehind Bars199512829
88 Fingers LouieTotin' 40s, Fuckin' Up199519226.9
88 Fingers LouieGo Away 7''199719212.6
88 Fingers LouieThe Dom Years199719230.1
88 Fingers LouieUp Your Ass199719279.5
88 Fingers LouieBack On The Streets199812834
9 Shocks TerrorHippiegrinder200019231.9
9 Shocks TerrorPaying Ohmage200119236.7
9 Shocks TerrorZen and the Art of Kicking Your Ass200219294.5
9 Shocks TerrorMobil Terror Unit199X19210.2
98 Mute98 Mute199619237.7
98 MuteClass Of 98199819248
98 MuteClass Of 981998CBR 19248.08
98 MuteSlow Motion Riot200019265.3
98 MuteAfter The Fall200219249.6
98 MuteAfter The Fall2002CBR 19249.64
AMonkey Kong2000CBR 19282.91
AHi-Fi Serious2002CBR 16052.21
A Global ThreatThe Kids Will Revolt EP199816013.1
A Global ThreatThe Power Ep19992245.89
A Global ThreatWho's to Blame 7''19992248.14
A Global ThreatWhat The Fuck Will Change199916019.1
A Global ThreatIn The Red20001929.41
A Global ThreatUntill We Die200025650.4
A Global ThreatHere We Are200219236.3
A Global ThreatEarache Pass The Time EP200319213.1
A Global ThreatWhere The Sun Never Sets200646.4
A Radio With GutsAcoustic Series200219247.8
A Radio With GutsBeat Heart Sweet Stereo200219260.3
A.C.A.B.Eastern Oi19247
A.C.A.B.Skinhead For Life12843.6
A.F.I.Dork 7 Inch19911924.75
A.F.I.Behind The Times (7 Inch)199316012.4
A.F.I.Eddie Picnics All Went Ep19941609.32
A.F.I.Fly In The Ointment 7 Inch19951927.71
A.F.I.Answer That & Stay Fashionable199519245.6
A.F.I.Very Proud Of Ya199612834.5
A.F.I.Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes199712826.1
A.F.I.A Fire Inside EP199819213.43
A.F.I.Black Sals (EP)1999160 / 19214.1
A.F.I.All Hollows (EP)1999128 / 19214.8
A.F.I.Black Sails In The Sunset199919263.5
A.F.I.Hot Topic Store Sampler199919214.98
A.F.I.The Art Of Drowning200019253.7
A.F.I.The Days Of The Phoenix EP200119213.51
A.F.I.BBC Maida Vale Studios200219227.08
A.F.I.Sing The Sorrow2003320128.2
A.F.I.Girls Not Grey (UK CDS)200319214.62
A.F.I.The Leaving Song Pt II CDS200319217.09
A.F.I.A Fire Inside2004VBR 23664.8
A.F.I.336 EP (vinyl)  High VBR10.41
A.F.I.Ex Noctem Nacimur 19242
A.F.I.Live At The Astoria 19273.8
Ace TroubleshooterThe Madness Of The Crowds2002CBR 19256.51
Across The BorderCrusty Folk Music For Smelly People199719280.6
Across The Border... But Life Is Boring, Sir, Without Commiting A Crime!1997CBR 25654.7
Across The BorderIf I Can`t Dance, It`s Not My Revolution1999CBR 19259.22
Across The BorderShort Songs, Long Faces [EP]2001CBR 16021.17
Adam's not FunnyMilked?1999CBR 12828.5
AdhesiveYoghurt [EP]1995CBR 19219.61
AdhesiveFrom Left To Right1997CBR 19235.1
AdhesiveSideburner1998CBR 19241.06
AdhesivePrefab Life [EP]1998CBR 1609
AdhesiveWe Got The Beat2000CBR 19254.15
Adicts, The Songs of Praise1981CBR 12840.2
Adicts, The Sound of Music1982CBR 19258.3
Adicts, The The Complete Adicts Singles Collection1984CBR 19298.4
Adicts, The Smart Alex1985CBR 12832.25
Adicts, The This is Your Life1985VBR 23978
Adicts, The 271992CBR 19259.2
AdolescentsBalboa Fun Zone198812844.6
AdolescentsAdolescents - Welcome To Reality - All By M199012869.1
AdolescentsReturn To The Black Hole - Live199712842.1
Adolescents, TheAdolescents198112835.2
Adolescents, TheWelcome To Reality Ep19811286.31
Adolescents, TheThe Starwood Los Angeles CA, March 1981198116039.2
Adolescents, TheBrats In Battalions198712832.6
Adolescents, TheUnwrap and Blow Me Ep200312815.6
Adolescents, TheLive At The House Of Blues2004High VBR90.3
Adolescents, TheThe Complete Demos 1980-19862005High VBR42.3
Adolescents, TheO.C. Confidential2005High VBR77
AFIDemos & Rarities2005CBR 12848.5
Afraid of That DayIncomer200319233.2
AgainstLeft for Dead200632041.7
Against All AuthorityV.M.Live 7-16-1995 7''EP199516012.2
Against All AuthorityDestroy What Destroys You199619261.3
Against All AuthorityAll Fall Down199819239.9
Against All AuthorityExchange [Single]199912812.8
Against All Authority24 Hour Roadside Resistance200019246.8
Against All AuthorityNothing New For Trash Like You200112832.2
Against All AuthorityThe Restoration of Chaos and Order2006vbr24066.4
Against Me!Acoustic [EP]200119223.3
Against Me!As The Eternal Cowboy200319234.5
Against Me!Cavalier Eternal [EP]2004VBR1928.3
Against Me!Searching For A Former Clarity200522473.6
Against Me!Don't Lose Touch 12''2005VBR 23212.45
Against Me! Crime As Forgiven By Against Me! 200019218.1
Against Me! Against Me! 7''200119213.6
Against Me! Reinventing Axl Rose200219242.6
Against Me! The Disco Before the Breakdown EP20041288.4
Against Me! We're Never Going Home DVDA200412851
Against Me! Sink, Florida, Sink & Unsubstantiated Rumors 7''20051925.3
Agent 51The Red & The Black2003CBR 19254.7
Agent OrangeLiving In Darkness198112832.6
Agent OrangeParadiso, Amsterdam 24.05.83198319247.9
Agent OrangeWhen You Least Expect It Ep198419221.7
Agent OrangeThis Is Voice198612832.7
Agent OrangeVirtually Indestructible199616058.4
Agent OrangeGreatest And Latest200012830.431089401245
Agnostic FrontUnited Blood19831285.8
Agnostic FrontVictim In Pain198412814
Agnostic FrontLive At C.B.G.B's198516029.5
Agnostic FrontCause For Alarm198612824.2
Agnostic FrontLiberty, And Justice For198719235.5
Agnostic FrontLive At CBGB's198912831.1
Agnostic FrontOne Voice199212832.6
Agnostic FrontTo Be Continued199225672.4
Agnostic FrontLast Warning199316053.2
Agnostic FrontRaw Unleashed199518179.2
Agnostic FrontPor Vida [EP]199819210
Agnostic FrontSomething's Gotta Give199812824.2
Agnostic FrontRiot Riot Upstart199919239.8
Agnostic FrontDead Yuppies200119240
Agnostic FrontBelieve 10 Inch200219217.6
Agnostic FrontAnother voice200419238.1
AirbagMondo Cretino2001CBR 12840.71
AirbagEnsamble Cohetes2003CBR 16039.02
AirbagQuien Mato A Airbag2005CBR 19240.01
AliansW Samo Poudnie200225638.1
AliansCala anarchia miesci sie w uliczniku 12833.6
AliansRowne Prawa 256103.1
Alkaline TrioFor Your Lungs Only [EP]1998CBR 1288.4
Alkaline TrioGoddamnit1998CBR 12832.02
Alkaline TrioI Liead My Face Off [EP]1999CBR 16017.9
Alkaline TrioMaybe I'll Cath Fire200032080.7
Alkaline TrioAlkaline Trio2000CBR 19257
Alkaline TrioFrom Here To Infirmary2001CBR 19252.38
Alkaline TrioHell Yes [EP]2001CBR 1928.539
Alkaline TrioLive Acoustic in Detroit 04-042001CBR 19229.66
Alkaline TrioStupid Kid [UK CDS]2001CBR 19210.89
Alkaline TrioHalloween [7'']2002CBR 1927.958
Alkaline TrioGood Mourning2003CBR 19248.58
Alkaline TrioHelloween At The Metro (live)2003CBR 19286.6
Alkaline TrioRare B-Sides2004CBR 19224.24
Alkaline TrioCrimson200559.4
Alkaline TrioCrimson (Bonus CD)2005VBR 17851.87
Alkaline TrioLive At KROQ Weenie Roast2005VBR 14131.51
AllAllroy For Prez1988CBR 19228.54
AllDot (EP)19921285.8
AllProblematic 200019247.6
All American RejectsSame Girl, New Songs2001CBR 19225.01
All American RejectsSwing Swing (UK CDS)2003CBR 19215.88
All American RejectsThe Last Song [EP]2003CBR 19217.9
All American RejectsMove Along2005VBR 22774.08
All American Rejects, theThe All American Rejects200319260.2
AllegianceHere Today200219230.6
AllisterDead Ends & Girlfriends1999CBR 12842
AllisterLast Stop Suburbia2002CBR 12836
AllisterBefore the Blackout2005VBR 24174.54
AllstoniansFirst Six Years 12835.8
Almighty Bomb JackSing And Run200116038
Almighty Trigger Happy, The I'll Shut Up When You Fuck Off2001CBR 12821.93
Alton EllisCry Tough (1993) 19282.2
Amanita MuscariaAmanita Muscaria 12829.9
Amazing DeviceThe Quiet Room2003CBR 19240.02
Amber PacificThe Possibility And The Promise200565
American Hi-FiAmerican Hi-Fi200119270.3
American Hi-FiThe Art Of Losing200319250.2
American Hi-FiHearts on Parade2004VBR 23765.5
American MadeAgainst the flow1999CBR 19253.52
Anal ThunderWill Fuck For Crack2000CBR 19235.37
AnalogsStreet Punk Rulez1998130-150 VBR57.5
AnalogsKroniki Policyjne200419255.3
AnalogsHlascover Rock12851
Analogs, TheOi! Mlodziez199619250
Analogs, TheTalent Zero200519256.6
Analogs,TheBlask szminki2001 75.4
Angelic UpstartsTeenage Warning197919244.5
Angelic UpstartsPower Of The Press198619255.5
Angelic UpstartsStill From The Heart1993CBR 19261.99
Angelic UpstartsBombed Out1995CBR 19245.04
Angelic UpstartsSons Of Spartacus200219273.4
Angelic UpstartsKids On The Street (Best Of Angelic Upstarts) 12837.5
Angelic UpstartsBlood On The Terraces 12830.2
Angels & AirwavesWe Don't Need to Whisper200616059
Angels & AirwavesLive From Camden Electric Ballroom (London, England, 04.27.2006)200619258.6
Angels & AirwavesThe Adventure (German CDS 2006)2006vbr17.9
Anti CimexRaped Ass EP19821287.7
Anti CimexRaped Ass EP198312813.9
Anti CimexVictims Of A Bombraid EP19841286.3
Anti CimexAbsolute Country Of Sweden1990VBR71.9
Anti CimexScandinavian Jawbreaker199312839.2
Anti CimexMade in Sweden 12833.7
Anti SmartSecond hand2000CBR 12839.53
AntidoteDM - Hobbscore demotape199416014.5
AntidoteGame Over demotape199516019.2
AntidoteSlapstick - never released demotape199616020
AntidoteBounce The Bouncer 7''199712813.5
Antidotest demotape199716027.2
AntidoteSplit 7'' with Worhats19991281.49
AntidoteMy Life199919258.7
AntidoteKeine Arbeit split 7'' with Das Shocks and Die Strohsacke20001281.29
AntidoteGo Pogo!200019227.4
AntidoteAlt. versions split 7'' with the NY-Relx20011927.43
AntidoteBack To The Year Zero200332067.1
AntidoteAnother Dose200612822.1
Antidote (USA NYHC Legend)Thou Shalt Not Kill198319214.1
Antidote (USA NYHC Legend)Live At CBGB 7/24/83198319228.5
Anti-FlagKill Kill Kill EP199512813
Anti-FlagDie For The Government199612840.9
Anti-FlagTheir System Doesn't Work For You199812851.7
Anti-FlagA New Kind Of Army199912860.5
Anti-FlagUnderground Network200112852.4
Anti-FlagMobilize Bonus CD200212876.4
Anti-FlagTerror State200312884.4
Anti-FlagDemo Tape200412845.9
Anti-FlagLive @ Furia Sound Festival 25-06-2005200519256.3
Anti-FlagFor Blood and Empire200632069
Anti-FlagLive Warped Tour Washington2006vbr36.1
Anti-Flag Emigre [7'']2006VBR 20712.46
Anti-HeroesAmerican Pie199612828.5
Anti-HeroesUnderneath The Underground199916033.4
Anti-HerosThat's Right1987CBR 19250.15
Anti-HerosElection Day [EP]1992CBR 16012.77
Anti-Heros1000 Nights Of Chaos [Live]2000CBR 12844.22
AntikorperGelee Royal200319255
AntimaniaxAs Long As People Think2002CBR 25645.06
Anti-Nowhere LeagueWe Are... The League198112834.3
Anti-Nowhere LeagueLive In Yugoslavia198325685.6
Anti-Nowhere LeagueThe Horse Is Dead1996CBR 19263.27
Anti-SocialBattle Scarred Skinheads198412836.5
Anti-SystemDefence Of The Realm EP198316013.6
Antix, The Battery1998CBR 32037.31
Apers, TheTeenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand200016123.3
Apers, TheThe Apers200120453.4
Apers, TheThe Buzz Electric200319243.3
Apers, TheThe Wild & Savage200419294.4
Apers, TheSkies Are Turning Blue200525574.4
Apers, TheLive At Club Lek 22445.6
AquabatsThe Return of the Aquabats199519247.3
AquabatsThe Fury Of The Aquabats199716055.5
AquabatsVs. The Floating Eye Of Death1999320106.2
ArchitaTNT 12825.7
Area 7No Logic 199812819.9
Area 7Bitter Words1999CBR 16016.88
Area 7 Road Rage199712817.4
Area 7 Second Class Citizen (CDS)199922420.7
Area 7 Bitter and Twisted200012837.5
Area 7 Leave Me Alone (EP200119221.6
Area 7 Say It To My Face200116043.7
Army Of JuanArmy Of Juan 12821.2
ArpioniPapalagi 19257.1
Arthur Kay And The OriginalsSka Wars 1999320158
ArticlesArticles 12879.1
As I Lay DyingBeneath The Encasing Of Ashes200119240.2
As I Lay DyingFrail Words Collapse200319252.3
As I Lay DyingShadows Are Security200525679.1
Assorted Jelly BeansAssorted Jelly Beans199616036
Assorted Jelly Beans Parents Go Down (Under) single199819216
Assorted Jelly Beansy2ktheory.ep199916017.1
Assorted Jelly BeansWhats Really Going On 12832.1
Assorted JellybeansPic N Save (Promo)2001CBR 2564.848
AtariSkate Stuff 12814.3
Ataris, TheAnywhere But Here1997 29.5
Ataris, TheLook Forward To Failure EP199819217.7
Ataris, TheBlue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits199916041
Ataris, TheJungle Fish [EP]19991926.7
Ataris, TheEnd Is Forever200112856.9
Ataris, TheAll You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know [EP]200319230.2
Ataris, TheSo Long, Astoria200319262.7
Ataris, TheRare Track's200419238.8
Ataris, The Let It Burn2000CBR 12810.15
Ataris, The Down On Haley (Acoustic Show)2001CBR 19225.52
Ataris, The Live at The 930 Club2002CBR 19279
Ataris, The KROQ Weenie Roast 6.14.032003CBR 12829.06
Ataris, The Live In Toronto (November 19, 2003)2003CBR 19270.36
Ataris, The Live Music Choice January 17 20032003CBR 19253.68
Ataris, The Live At The Metro RETAIL2004VBR 213101.7
Ataris, The Welcome the Night (Unmastered Advance)2006CBR 19273.94
AvailOver The James1998CBR 12830.21
AvailOne Wrench2000CBR 12830.62
AvailFront Porch Stories2002CBR 19244.09
AvengersWe Are The One 7"1977CBR 16011.45
AvengersSummer Of Hate Bootleg 7"1978CBR 16012.09
Babylon CircusMusica1998256112.8
Babylon CircusTout Va Bien200019226.1
Babylon CircusDances of Resistance200419282.5
Backfire!Still Dedicated200019240.7
BacksideDisconnected Misdirected199719235.7
BacksideTen Million Strong And Growing200019258.4
BacksideBackslide 19278.8
BackstageTrends are Changing200632057.7
Backyard BabiesTotal 13199832091
Backyard BabiesIndependent Days (CD1)2001CBR 16060.38
Backyard BabiesStockholm Syndrome200325668.9
Backyard BabiesPeople Like People Like People Like Us2006256/32065.5
Bad BrainsBad Brains198219249.8
Bad BrainsI Against I198612828.6
Bad BrainsQuickness198915431.3
Bad BrainsRise199319257.3
Bad BrainsBlack Dots199612832
Bad ChopperReal Bad Time200312710.9
Bad MannersForging Ahead198212838.7
Bad MannersSkinhead199219253.1
Bad MannersFat Sound199219279.3
Bad ReligionHow Could Hell Be Any Worse198219241.9
Bad ReligionInto The Unknown198319244.8
Bad ReligionAll Our Yesterdays [Bootleg]198319246.3
Bad ReligionBack To The Known EP198419214.7
Bad ReligionSuffer198819236.1
Bad ReligionNo Control198919236.3
Bad ReligionAgainst the Grain199019248
Bad Religion80-85199119277.9
Bad ReligionGenerator199219241.4
Bad ReligionRecipe For Hate199319251.8
Bad ReligionChristmas Show [Bootleg]199419296.2
Bad Religion21st Century [Digital Boy]199419215.8
Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction [Limited European Edition]199419258.1
Bad ReligionAll Ages199519269.1
Bad ReligionInfected Live EP [Japan]199519226.5
Bad ReligionTested [Live]199619290.5
Bad ReligionPunk Rock Song199619212.9
Bad ReligionThe Gray Race199619256.4
Bad ReligionDream Of Unity199719211.8
Bad ReligionNo Substance [Japan]199819261.7
Bad ReligionA Tribute To Bad Religion Volume 2199812835.6
Bad ReligionLimited Edition CD [Promo]199825645.2
Bad ReligionNew America200019217.7
Bad ReligionThe New America200019255.4
Bad ReligionAlong the Way A Tribute to Bad Religion20019634.9
Bad ReligionTribute Tape #320015622.8
Bad ReligionThe Process Of Belief [Japan]200219255.7
Bad ReligionLos Angeles Is Burning (Single)200422915.4
Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes First200432091
BalzacDescent Of The Diabolos (2nd demo)199312816.4
BalzacThe Last Men On Earth199519258.4
BalzacIsolation From No. 13 (12 inch)199612819.8
BalzacIsolation From No.13 T.W.I.M. Mix Version19961289.4
BalzacDeep - Teenagers From Outer Space199712831.5
Balzac13 Starway - Children Of The Night199812824.2
BalzacInto The Light Of The 13 Dark Night (Maxi Single)199932032.1
BalzacNeat Neat Neat - The End of Century (Flexi single)19991284.9
BalzacZennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu200025669
Balzac2001.01.12 Live - On Air East Tokyo200112848.5
BalzacTerrifying - Art Of Dying - The Last Man On Earth II200212857.9
BalzacBeware Of Darkness (Maxi Single)200232084.8
BalzacOut Of The Blue (cd single)200232022.8
BalzacBeyond The Darkness200312848.3
BalzacCame Out Of The Grave (Advance)200418597.5
BalzacGimme Some Truth Vol. 1 (CD Single)200419214.5
BalzacGimme Some Truth Vol. 2 (CD Single)200419213.6
BalzacD.A.R.K. (CD Single)200532051.5
BalzacOut Of The Grave And Into The Dark2005188126.1
BalzacAbstruct Madness Compilation 1929.5
BalzacAnother Tracks From No Death Before The Human Race With Mental Faculties 1288.2
BalzacAtom Age Vampire In 308 (7 inch Ep) 12815.6
BalzacHands Of 9 Evils (7 Inch Single) 1285.2
BalzacLord Of The Light And The Darkness (7 inch ep) 1289.6
BalzacNowhere #13 - Tomorrow (cd single) 1285.8
BalzacOne Night In Hell (demo) 12814.7
BambixWhat's In a Name200412837.4
Banda Bassotti Un Altro Giorno D'Amore [CD1]200219263.4
Banda BassottiUn Altro Giorno D'Amore [CD2]200219266.5
Banda Bassotti Avanzo De Cantiere199419269.5
Banda Bassotti L'altra Faccia Dell Imperio200312837.6
Banda Bassotti Asi Es Mi Vida200319277.9
Banda Bassotti Amore E Odio200419268.6
Bandits Of The Acoustic RevolutionA Call To Arms 200119225.2
BBQ ChickensIndie Rock Strikes Back200112826.7
BBQ ChickensGood Bye To Your Punk Rock200212825.2
BBQ ChickensFine Songs Playing Sucks200319217.8
BeansWeapons Of The Weak199919242.8
BeansC'mon Get It On200019244.9
BeansSo It Goes200219247.5
Bear VS SharkTerrorhawk200571.9
Beatiful Mistake, theLight A Match, For I Deserve To Burn200219258.1
Ben WeaselFidatevi200219251.1
BeNuts3 Tone SKaa199612859.2
BeNutsCaptain rude 199822499.2
BeNutsNutty By Nature 200212848.9
BeNutsSex Sells200412881.8
Better Than A ThousandSelf Worth [EP]1999CBR 19210.33
Better Than A ThousandValue Driven1999CBR 12821.09
Bif NakedBif Naked199519257.6
Big D And The Kids TableShot By Lammi1998CBR 19245.86
Big D And The Kids TableGood L uck1999CBR 19258.03
Big D And The Kids TableFireside Bowl Chicago2000CBR 19251.74
Big D And The Kids TableHow It Goes2004CBR 256139.9
Big RigExpansive Heart Ep199419211.6
BigwigSelf Titled 7 Inch19961929.7
BigwigUnmerry Melodies199719229.3
BigwigStay Asleep199912840
BigwigAn Invitation To Tragedy200112827
Billy TalentTry Honesty EP200219222.3
Billy TalentBilly Talent200319256.5
Billy TalentPromo200319259.8
BiohazardUrban Discipline199219291.2
BiohazardState Of The World Address199419279.2
BiohazardMata Leao199619252.7
BiohazardNo Holds Barred (Live In Europe)199719287.2
BiohazardNew World Disorder199919273.8
BiohazardTales From The B-Side200125657.4
Black FlagNervous Breakdown19781284.98
Black FlagJealous Again19801286.04
Black FlagDamaged198112832
Black FlagLive North Park Lions Club 1981198116034.1
Black FlagLive Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA 07.04.81198112854.7
Black FlagEverything Went Black198316071.8
Black FlagMy War198312837
Black FlagThe First Four Years198319233.7
Black FlagFamily Man198425662.2
Black FlagLive1984192104
Black FlagSlip It In198412836.2
Black FlagIn My Head198512843.5
Black FlagLive Los Angeles CA, 31.08.851985192101
Black FlagLoose Nut198525663.8
Black FlagThe Process Of Weeding Out198525649.5
Black FlagLast Show June 28, 1986 Detroit, MI1986190 VBR94.9
Black FlagWho's Got The 10$ (Live In Portland 23.08.1985)1986256119
Black FlagWasted... Again198712830.5
Black FlagI Can See You EP19891289.79
Black FlagTV Party1286.2
Black My HeartBefore The Devil2005vbr51.2
Blanks 77Destroy Your Generation EP199219212.8
Blanks 77Unite And Pogo! EP199219212.5
Blanks 77Up The System199216016.4
Blanks 77Speed (7 inch)1995 2.4
Blanks 77Killer Blanks199619247.5
Blanks 77Tanked & Pogoed1997 41.7
Blanks 77CBH199916044.7
Blink 182Flyswatter199212818.6
Blink 182Cheshire Cat1994128123.3
Blink 182Dude Ranch199712882.4
Blink 182Buddha199812858.6
Blink 182Enema Of The State199912864.7
Blink 182Live Famous Stars And Straps Opening199919243.2
Blink 182Live in London199916054.4
Blink 182The Mark Tom And Travis Show200012899.2
Blink 182First Date [EP]20003208.56
Blink 182Take off you Pants&Jacket200112877
Blink 182I won't be home for christmas (Single)200119217.3
Blink 182Live in Chicago (Bootleg)200112814.7
Blink 182The Best - Peggy Sue2002192107.6
Blink 182Live in Bakersfield (Bootleg)200219290.7
Blink 182Blink-182200312888.6
Blink 182Kroq acoustic christmas (Bootleg)200319254.6
Blink 182Live in Toronto (Bootleg)200319262.9
Blink 182Down (Single)2003 10.5
Blink 182I Miss You (Single)2003 13.4
Blink 182Always (Single)200422617.8
Blink 182Live at Bercy2004192115.8
Blink 182Some Other 12838.4
Blink 182Live & Rare 12877.4
Blink 182 Live In Paris200019249.2
BlondieEat To The Beat197919257.7
Blood Brothers, The Rumors Laid Waste2001CBR 19221.59
Blood Brothers, The March On Electric Chidren2002CBR 19233.91
Blood Brothers, The Burn, Piano Island, Burn2003VBR 20871.27
Blood Brothers, The Crimes2004CBR 19253.7
Blood for BloodSpit My Last Breath199712848.1
Blood for BloodOutlaw Anthems200225662.3
Blood for BloodSerenity2004 28
Blood for BloodLivin' In Exile 12837.92
Blood for BloodRevenge On Society 16020.39
Blood for BloodWasted Youth Brew 12867
BloodlineCan't Rest On The Times199212830
BloodstainSelf Titled Demo2003CBR 19238.74
BodyjarTake A Look Inside1994CBR 12830.34
BodyjarTime To Grow Up1995CBR 19228.48
BodyjarRimshot1996CBR 12834.13
BodyjarDont Tell Me (CDS)1996CBR 19214.96
BodyjarGlossy Books (CDS)1996CBR 19218.34
BodyjarStrange Harvest [EP]1997CBR 16022.4
BodyjarNo Touch Red1998CBR 12830.38
BodyjarB-Sides1998CBR 16028.5
BodyjarHazy Shade of Winter [EP]1999CBR 19212.29
BodyjarHow It Works200019251.4
BodyjarFive Minutes Away [EP]2001CBR 19218.91
BodyjarYou Got Me A Girls Bike You Idiot2001CBR 19236.13
BodyjarPlastic Skies200219237.6
BodyjarJarchives : 10 Years Of Bodyjar2004CBR 19257.82
Bombshell RocksStreet Art Gallery199819245.1
Bombshell RocksUnderground Radio1998CBR 19221.26
Bombshell RocksMadhouse1999CBR 19210.18
Bombshell RocksCityrats and alleycats200019252.2
Bombshell RocksFrom Here And On200219359
Bombshell RocksThe Conclusion200621961.2
BonecrusherNo Escape (EP) 1287.9
Bonecrusher Working For Nothing199819239.1
Bonecrusher Singles Collection199919258
Bonecrusher World Of Pain199919258.4
Bonecrusher Followers Of A Brutal Calling200019253.1
Bones, theBigger than jesus200219251.6
Bones, theStraight Flush Ghetto200423368.8
Boom Boom KidOkey Dokey2001CBR 12843
BoraBattery Cage200122425.6
BoraSplit w.Coalition CD2002489.4
BoraSpit Into Kismet's Face200432069.2
Bora Live @ Tabuuns '03200312822
Boris the SprinklerEnd of the Century1980CBR 25652.51
Born To LoseSweet Misery2006vbr49
Bouncing Souls, theThe Good, The Bad And The Argyle199419245.8
Bouncing Souls, theManiacal Laughter199519232.6
Bouncing Souls, theBouncing Souls199719235.8
Bouncing Souls, theTie One On [Live]199819232
Bouncing Souls, theFight To Live [EP]199916010.8
Bouncing Souls, theHopeless Romantic199912530.3
Bouncing Souls, theThe Bad, The Worst & The Out Of Print200019273.8
Bouncing Souls, theHow I Spent My Summer Vacation200119241.4
Bouncing Souls, theAnchors Aweigh200319265.2
Bouncing Souls, theThe Gold Record200632075.3
Bouncing Souls, theBlender Acoustic Session20062567.4
Bowling for SoupRock On, Honorable Ones!!1997 83.8
Bowling for SoupTell Me When to Whoa1998 35.6
Bowling for SoupLet's Do It For Johnny!!200012841.7
Bowling for SoupDrunk Enough To Dance200212875.3
Bowling for SoupA Hangover You Don`t Deserve200412897.2
Bowling for SoupGoes To The Movies200523867.5
BoxCar RacerBox Car Racer200212838.2
BoxCar RacerLive in Gainesville200219264.3
Boxcar RacerLive In Florida (Unofficial Bootleg)200219227.3
Boy Sets FireThe Misery Index Notes From The Plague Years2006vbr87.4
Bronx, TheThe Bronx2006vbr54.5
Buck-O-NineLibido 12836.9
Buck-O-NinePass The Dutchie19226.1
Buck-O-NineTwenty-Eight Teeth19258.6
Buck-O-NineLive and Unreleased 16067.7
Buck-O-Nine Songs In The Key Of Bree199412851.5
Buck-O-Nine Water In My Head (EP)199525625.7
Buck-O-Nine Hellos And Goodbyes200019280.3
Buck-O-Nine On A Mission200123872.9
Bullet for My ValentineFour Words (To Choke Upon)200532015.4
Bullet for My ValentineSuffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do)200532018.1
Bullet for My ValentineThe Poison200532099.9
Bullet for My ValentineTears Don't Fall EP200632039.7
Business, TheSuburban Rebels198319258.8
Business, TheSmash The Discos198825658.3
Business, TheKeep The Faith199419250.3
Business, TheDeath To Dance199612814.7
Business, TheThe Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth199712826.5
Business, TheNo Mercy For You200119251.8
Business, TheHardcore Hooligan200319240.5
BustersCouch potatoes 198925696.7
BustersDead Or Alive 199312852.7
BustersSexy money 1993224104.7
BustersMake a move 199819297.6
BustersRuder Than Rude 12851.5
ButlersTime tunnel 199622484.4
ButlersWanja's choice 199922497.5
BuZzcocksOrgasm Addict197719212
BuZzcocksTimes Up197719233
BuZzcocksAnother Music In A Different Kitchen197819237.6
BuZzcocksLove Bites197819253.8
BuZzcocksSingles Going Steady197925687.6
BuZzcocksThe Peel Sessions198812839.7
BuZzcocksLive At The Roxy Club (April '77)198919244.1
BuZzcocksOperations Manual1991wma 19292.2
BuZzcocksAll Set199619255.9
BuZzcocksBBC Sessions199816081.5
BuZzcocksBeating Hearts Manchester '78 [Live]200116082.4
BuZzcocksEver Fallen In Love200212857.2
BuZzcocksFlat-Pack Philosophy200621862.1
BuzzcocksSell You Everything (CDS)2006vbr15
CapdownTime For Change 199919214.9
CapdownCivil Disobedients200025684.1
CapdownPound For The Sound200119254.3
CapdownNew Revolutionaries EP 1289.9
Capdown Act Your Rage (EP)200319217.4
Capitalist CasualtiesComplete Discography  67
Captain EverythingMusic by Idiot200212848.3
Captain EverythingIt's Not Rocket Science2003vbr47.3
Captain EverythingBuena Vista Bingo Club2006vbr45.1
Captain Everything!Learning To Play With200119256.1
Captain Everything!You're My Bird, Shag Me [EP]2002CBR 12821.5
Captain Everything!It's Not Rocket Science200319240.5
Career SoldiersFinding Freedom in Hopelessness200419241.7
Casualties, theA Fucking Way Of Life Ep19941609.8
Casualties, theFor The Punx199512821.1
Casualties, theLive Fireside Bowl Chicago199716033.8
Casualties, theThe Early Years 1990-1995199916059.4
Casualties, theUnderground Army199916029.9
Casualties, theWho's In Control 7 Inch200016019.7
Casualties, theDie Hards200119242.9
Casualties, theStay Of The Order200119243.6
Casualties, theOn The Front Line200419247.9
Casualties, theEn La Linea del frente200532058.4
Casualties, theCan't Stop Us2006vbr92.7
Casualties, TheUnder Attack200632051.4
Catch 22Rules of the Game (Demo)199712817.8
Catch 22Keasbey nights199825684.6
Catch 22Alone In A Crowd200012829.6
Catch 22Bonus CD 200019215.8
Catch 22Washed Up And Through The Ringer200119266.4
Catch 22Dinosaur Sounds200312845.6
Catch 22Live in New Jersey2004-43.8
Catch 22Live200425697.6
Catch 22Various 12810.4
ChampionCount Our Numbers Ep200212811.5
ChampionCome Out Swinging200319225.2
ChampionThe Truth (B9 Bonus 7' inch)2004193 VBR6.03
ChampionPromises Kept2004High VBR40.2
ChampionTime Slips Away200419242.5
ChampionDemo 1286.68
Cheap SexLaunch Off the War200319234.3
Cheap SexHeaded for a Breakdown200432049.9
Cheap SexWritten in Blood200632060.6
ChickenpoxDinnerdance And Latenightmusic 199519217.3
ChickenpoxAnything you say 199622410.9
ChickenpoxAt Mickey Cohen's Thursday Nig 199616035.2
ChickenpoxStay away from the windows 199719254.4
ChickenpoxTruth of our time 199722419.3
ChickenpoxApproved By 200119253.1
Children Of FallRiding A Broken Vehicle200019241.3
Chixdiggit!Humped (Demo)199319212.7
Chixdiggit!Chupacabras (7'' Vinyl)19971926.65
Chixdiggit!Born On The First Of July199819232.7
Chixdiggit!From Scene To Shining Scene200019236.7
Chixdiggit!Pink Razors2005High VBR71.2
Chocking VictimCrack Rock Steady199519229.4
Chocking VictimNo Gods, No Managers199919256
Chocking VictimSquatta's Paradise Ep200019210.9
Chocking VictimSquatta's Paradise 19229.3
Choco BoyInner Strength200419227.1
Choking VictimCrack Rock Steady EP and Squatta's Paradise EP  12819.55096912384
Circle JerksGroup Sex198112814.4
Circle JerksWild In The Streets198219235.5
Circle JerksWonderful1985CBR 12830.71
Circle JerksVI198719240.5
Circle JerksGig (Live)199212839.2
Circle JerksGolden Shower Of Hits1992CBR 12818.39
Circle JerksUnfortunate Son1992CBR 1289.148
Circle JerksOddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities199519247.3
Circle JerksTeenage Electric1995CBR 1285.633
Circle JerksBest Of Flipside DVD Live200232053.8
Clash, TheThe Clash197719259.8
Clash, TheGive'em Enough Rope197825667.9
Clash, TheLondon Calling197919290.6
Clash, TheBlack Market Clash198019247.5
Clash, TheSandinista!1980192198.8
Clash, TheCombat Rock198219262.8
Clash, TheChaos In New York1984192135.8
Clash, TheCut The Crap198519253
Clash, TheClash on Broadway1991192296.7
Clash, TheSingles199119288.9
Clash, TheSuper Black Market Clash199319246.2
Clash, TheFrom Here To Eternity II - An Outtake Compilation199919263.9
Clash, TheThe Essential Clash (CD 1)200319262.6
Clash, TheThe Essential Clash (CD 2)2003192104.5
Clash, TheLondon Calling 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition2004192183.4
Clit 45Broken Glass EP19981929.9
Clit 45Straight Outta Long Beach199916016
Clit 45Tales From The Clit200019247
Clit 45Tales from the Clit200032062.1
Clit 45Self Hate Crimes200512827.2
Clit 45Self-Hate Crimes200532048.9
Clit 452 4 6 8...Were the Kids You Love to Hate200625646.8
Clit 45Your Life To Choose EP1285.81
Cock SparrerShock Troops1982CBR 19273.44
Cock SparrerRunnin' Riot in '841984CBR 19243.22
Cock SparrerRumours Carry More Weight Than1994CBR 16077.72
Cock SparrerGuilty As Charged1994CBR 19259.27
Cock SparrerRun Away1995CBR 25639.37
Cock SparrerEngland Belongs to Me1997VBR 15969.65
Cock SparrerTwo Monkeys1997CBR 25678.34
Cock SparrerThe Decca Years200632073.2
Cock SparrerStill a teenager at heart CBR 12817.01
Cock SparrerTrue Grit CBR 12827.9
Cockney RejectsGreatest Hits vol. 1198019253.2
Cockney RejectsGreatest Hits vol. 2198019262.4
Cockney RejectsFlares 'n' Slippers [EP]1981256100.3
Cockney RejectsThe Power And Glory198112826.4
Cockney RejectsOi! Oi! Oi!2000180 VBR65.9
Cockney RejectsBack On The Street200019256.7
Cockney RejectsOut Of The Gutter200222461
Cockney RejectsGreatests Hits Vol.3 (Live And Loud) 19264.9
Comeback KidWake The Dead2005vbr44.5
Common RiderLast Wave Rockers199925664.3
Common RiderThis Is Unity Music200232075.1
Common RiderThis Is Unity Music2002CBR 19244.18
CrucifucksOur Will Be Done198419296.4
D.O.A.Triumph Of The Ignoroids Ep19791289.71
D.O.A.Something Better Change198012836.6
D.O.A.War On 45198212819
D.O.A.Greatest Shits1992CBR 256103.4
D.O.A.Loggerheads1993CBR 25693.4
D.O.A.The Black Spot1995CBR 19251.35
D.O.A.The Lost Tapes2000CBR 16045.8
D.R.I.Dealing With It198516039.4
D.R.I.Dealing With It199119286.9
D.R.I.Full Speed Ahead199519277
D.R.I.The Dirty Rotten CD200219277.6
Dag NastyField Day1988CBR 12832.96
Dag NastyFour On The Floor1992CBR 12826.17
Dag NastyMinority Of One2002CBR 19248.47
Dag NastyWig Out At Denkos (Remastered)2002CBR 12825.49
DamnedDamned Damned Damned197716035.8
DamnedMusic For Pleasure197712836
DamnedMachine Gun Etiquette197912847.7
DamnedThe Black Album198012853.6
DamnedFiendish Shadows [Live]1996256110.5
DamnedNot Of This Earth199612840.2
Dance Hall CrashersBlue Plate Special 199819227.06
Dance Hall CrashersThe Live Record200019296.1
Dance Hall Crashers Lockjaw199519256.9
Dance Hall Crashers The Old Record199625691.1
Dance Hall Crashers Honey, I'm Homely199716050.4
Dance Hall Crashers Purr199919246.1
DarlingtonGirltroversy1998CBR 19240.4
DarlingtonLouder Than Morrissey2001CBR 19239.65
DarlingtonMoron-A-Thon2003CBR 19230.85
DarlingtonAll The Wrong Moves [EP]2003CBR 19226.97
DarlingtonEuthanize Me2004CBR 19241.2
DarlingtonSex2006VBR 23657.58
Dead BoysWe Have Come for your Children1978CBR 32069.61
Dead BoysAll This And More [2CD]199812892.9
Dead BoysYoung Loud And Snotty  32.9
Dead KennedysDemos197812823.4
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables198019244.4
Dead KennedysPlastic Surgery Disaster198126280.3
Dead KennedysPlasic Surgery Disasters - In God We Trust198212850.7
Dead KennedysIn God We Trust, Inc198226325.8
Dead KennedysFrankenchrist19859637.1
Dead KennedysBedtime For Democracy198619266.7
Dead KennedysGive Me Convenience Or Give Me Death198725892.5
Dead KennedysMutiny On The Bay (Live)200112844.3
Dead KennedysLive At The Deaf Club 1979200419254.3
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (remastered)2005vbr20046.2
Dead LineBack For More200319254.2
Dead LineMore To It Than Meets The Eye200312829.4
Dead LineGetting Serious200512836.5
DeadlineTake a Good Look2006vbr56.4
Death By StereoIf Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die1999 25.8
Death By StereoIf Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die1999128/16030.2
Death By StereoDay OF The Dead2001 30.5
Death By StereoDeath By Stereo 7''20011927.31
Death By StereoDay Of The Death2001128/19251.6
Death By StereoInto The Valley Of Death200319251
Death By StereoDeath for Life200522061.6
Dee Dee KingStanding In The Spotlight (Demo Session)198819246.1
Dee Dee KingStanding In The Spotligh198919245.5
Dee Dee RamoneStanding in the Spotlight1989 31.5
Dee Dee RamoneI Hate Freaks Like You1994 35.7
Dee Dee RamoneAin't It Fun199716042.1
Dee Dee RamoneZonked1997 71.4
Dee Dee RamoneHop Around200019245.5
Dee Dee Ramone01-22-2000 Seattle - Fenix Underground200019281.9
Dee Dee RamoneNYC - Spa Club 06-13-2001200112832.7
Dee Dee RamoneVara, Sweden 31-03-2001200119280.9
Dee Dee RamoneLive In Normay200216072.4
Dee Dee RamoneICLC [Ep]2004CBR 1608.097
Dee Dee RamoneECLC Ep 1608.1
Dee Dee RamoneGreatest & Latest  37.3
Dee Dee Ramone & The Chinese DragonsWhat About Me19931927.3
Dee Dee Ramone & Youth Gone MadYouth Gone Mad2002 63.7
Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.Chinese Bitch [CDM]19941608.1
Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C.I Hate Freaks Like You199419262.1
DefianceOut Of The Ashes200219247.9
DefianceRise or Fall200412833.7
Derozer 14432038.9
Derozer Alla nostra eta19238
Derozer Chiusi Dentro12829.7
Derozer Di Nuovo In Marcia12828.1
Derozer Mondo Perfetto12827.5
DescendentsMilo Goes To College198212820.6
DescendentsEverythings Enjoyable (The Enjoy Demos)198519214.6
DescendentsI Don't Want To Grow Up198519240.5
DescendentsHallraker Live!198919244.9
DescendentsEverything Sucks199616037.6
DescendentsLive Plus One [2 CD Split] Disc 2200119256.7
DescendentsCool To Be You200422758.3
Devil Shoots Devildemo200532043.2
DeVotchka SuperMelodrama20021927.1
DevotchkasOi Toy19981606.1
DevotchkasAnnihiliation E.P200012815.3
DevotchkasLive Fast Die Young 12825.9
DFAIet's Get Retarded (Demo)199919235.6
DFADestined For Assimilation200112817.7
DFADefy False Authority200332037.1
DickiesThe Incredible Shrinking Dickies197912825.1
DickiesGreat Dictations (The Definitive Dickies Collection)198916045.7
Dickies, TheAll This And Puppet Stew200119244.7
Die ArzteDebil198419252
Die ArzteIm Schatten Der Arzte198519257
Die ArzteDie Arzte198619257
Die ArzteAb 18198719229.2
Die ArzteIst Das Alles198719265.2
Die ArzteDas Ist Nicht Die Ganze Wahrheit198819259.5
Die ArzteDie Arzte Live Nach Uns Die Sinflut CD1198916068.6
Die ArzteDie Arzte Live Nach Uns Die Sinflut CD2198916078.8
Die ArzteDer Ausverkauf Geht Weiter198919257.1
Die ArzteDie Bestie in Menschengestalt199319286.4
Die ArzteLe Frisur199619262.3
Die Toten HosenOpel-Gang1983vbr25064.4
Die Toten HosenUnter Falscher Flagge1984vbr25071.3
Die Toten HosenThe Battle Of The Bands CDEP1985vbr25027.5
Die Toten HosenDamenwahl1986vbr25074.2
Die Toten HosenBis Zum Bitteren Ende [Live!]1987vbr25086.8
Die Toten HosenNever Mind The Hosen Here's Die Roten Rosen1987vbr25065.7
Die Toten HosenEin Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau1988vbr25073.7
Die Toten HosenAuf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Gluck CD11990vbr25082.4
Die Toten HosenAuf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Gluck CD21990vbr25081.7
Die Toten HosenLearning English, Lesson 11991vbr25084.7
Die Toten HosenKauf MICH!1993vbr25096.4
Die Toten HosenReich & Sexy1993vbr250120
Die Toten HosenLove, Peace & Money199416063.1
Die Toten HosenLove, Peace & Money [Japan]1994vbr25099.9
Die Toten HosenIm Auftrag Des Herrn [Live]1996vbr250134
Die Toten HosenOpium Furs Volk1996256121
Die Toten HosenIm Auftrag des Herrn LIVE199616086.2
Die Toten HosenWaiting For Santa Claus ...199816055.8
Die Toten HosenCrash Landing199916060
Die Toten HosenUnsterblich199916065.6
Die Toten HosenBayern [Single] 200016013.7
Die Toten HosenUnsterblich [Single]200016010.1
Die Toten HosenWarum Werde Ich Nicht Satt [Single]200016012.1
Die Toten HosenEn Mision Del Senor - Live in Buenos Aires [Bonus CD]200116017.1
Die Toten HosenTomb Raider [OST] [Single]20011603.69
Die Toten HosenWas Zahlt [Single]200116014.9
Die Toten HosenFrauen Dieser Welt [Single]200216011.3
Die Toten HosenKein Alkohol [Single]200216012.6
Die Toten HosenNur Zu Besuch [Single]200216016.4
Die Toten HosenSteh Auf, Wenn Du Am Boden Bist [Single]20021604.2
Die Toten HosenThe Official Album Of The 2002 Fifa World Cup [Single]200216014.7
Die Toten HosenFriss Order Strib [EP]200419213.6
Die Toten HosenZuruck zum Gluck2004 64.1
Dillinger Escape PlanDillinger Escape Plan1997 49.7
Dillinger Escape PlanUnder the Running Board (EP)1998 10.4
Dillinger Escape PlanCalculating Infinity 199912833.8
Dillinger Escape PlanLive In New York1999 63.8
Dillinger Escape PlanIrony Is a Dead Scene (EP)2002 24.7
Dillinger Escape PlanThe Peel Sessions 09172002 30.7
Dillinger Escape PlanCursed, Unshaven And Misbehaved 200319212.7
Dillinger Escape PlanMiss Machine 200412865.1
DischargeMassacre Divine 199119256.9
DischargeHear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing199819277.8
DischargeWhy (1981) - Remastered1998170-220 VBR45.7
DischargeWar Is Hell - Tour CD200425647.9
DischargeBeginning Of The End EP200632019.9
DisciplineStompin' Crew [EP]199512820.6
DisciplineGuilty As Charge [EP]199612821.3
DisciplineBulldog Style199812835.9
DisciplineNice Boys Finish Last199917960.4
DisciplineSkinhead And Proud199912839.5
DisciplineHooligans Heaven EP20001609
DisciplineLove Thy Neighbor200019248.7
DisciplineEverywhere We Go [Single]200219215.1
DisciplineHardcore To The Bone200219248.7
DisciplineSaints & Sinners200232077.2
DisciplineDownfall Of The Working Man200519256.2
DistillersCity Of Angels (Single)2003CBR 1928.768
Distillers, TheThe Distillers200016046.2
Distillers, TheSing Sing Death House200212838
Distillers, TheCoral Fang200319261.5
Distillers, TheLive Hultsfred Festival (FM)2004vbr59.9
Divisive, theThe Divisive & Mise En Scene (Split)20021609.8
Divisive, theWhere Have All the Flowers Gun20021287.8
Divisive, theDo We Only Dream200412812.9
Divisive, theThe Divisive & Out of tune (Split)200412815.6
Domino 88 Live Crazy 16080.9
Domino88Pleasure! 200325659
Domino88Soul House200425658
Domino88Cartoon Cafe 9620
Domino88Friends Of Longstanding 12830
Donnas, TheHighshool Yum Yum19961283.73
Donnas, TheAmerican Teenage Rock'N'Roll Machine199812822.5
Donnas, TheThe Donnas199812838.2
Donnas, TheSpeeding Back To My Baby (7'' Vinyl)19981285.79
Donnas, TheGet Skintight199912835.3
Donnas, TheThe Donnas Turn 21200112837.9
Donnas, TheSpend The Night200212836.6
Donnas, TheGold Medal200419247
DonotsPedigree Punk1996CBR 12828.31
DonotsBetter Days Not Included1999VBR 17797.47
DonotsAmplify The Good Times Digipak2002CBR 19235.94
Donots, theWe Got The Noise (EP)200424.8
Donots, theGot the Noise200419257
Donots, thePocketrock????36
Dr. FrankEight Little Songs200319232.9
Dr. GreenSka-n-go199825677.1
Dr. GreenSound of black and white radio200012834.4
Dr. GreenThe Sounds Of Black And White Radio200019260
Dr. GreenLive at Green club2001320121
Dr. GreenPurvas200219252.1
Dr. GreenLive Orlandina200319266
Dr. GreenLive At Moloko 2003-04-16 VBR19868.6
Dr. GreenLive At Tabuuns 2003 8022.9
Dr. GreenThe Best Of 16050.1
Dr. Ring-DingPick Up The Pieces 200119271.9
Dr. Ring-Ding & H.P SetterBig T'ings 25689
Dr. Ring-Ding & Lord TanamoBest Place in The World 16041.8
Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior AllstarsDandimite 199612851
Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior AllstarsRam Di Dance 199716053.5
Dropkick MurphysBoys on the Docks199712812.4
Dropkick MurphysFire And Brimstone199716010.5
Dropkick MurphysTattoos And Scally Caps 7''19971609.57
Dropkick MurphysNo Time To Be Young Ep199712812.6
Dropkick MurphysDo Or Die199816046
Dropkick MurphysThe Early Years199816047
Dropkick MurphysCurse Of A Fallen Soul 7''199812811.5
Dropkick MurphysThe Gang's All Here199919259.2
Dropkick MurphysSing Loud, Sing Proud200019264.2
Dropkick MurphysThe Singles Collection200019279.5
Dropkick MurphysLive At The Phoenix, 6-28-00200019282.4
Dropkick MurphysFrom Boston To Hultsfred (Live)200119277.9
Dropkick MurphysLowlands (Live)200119276.6
Dropkick MurphysLive At The Avalon200119287.7
Dropkick MurphysLive On St. Patrick's Day2002High VBR135
Dropkick MurphysPink Pop 2002 Live200219219.6
Dropkick MurphysBlack Out200319262.2
Dropkick MurphysBack To The Hub 7inch 20031925.95
Dropkick MurphysWalk Away (CD Single)200319210.2
Dropkick MurphysBlackout 10 inch (including bonus)200319228.5
Dropkick MurphysWalk Away Ep & More200319227.4
Dropkick MurphysOn The Road DVDRip2003High VBR126
Dropkick MurphysTessie CDS200419223.4
Dropkick MurphysFields Of Athenry CDS2004High VBR16.4
Dropkick MurphysLive @ Werchter200419286
Dropkick MurphysSingles Collection Vol. 2 (1998-2004)200519277
Dropkick MurphysThe Warrior's Code2005High VBR68.6
Dropkick MurphysB-Sides 12848.2
Dropkick MurphysLive And Acoustic wma31.6
Dub TreesNature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her200019299.6
Dubcity fanatikz aerodynamics2002192107
Ducky Boys, TheDark Days199816046.3
Ducky Boys, TheThe War Back Home200619246.5
DwarvesBlood Guts And Pussy199012812.8
DwarvesCome Clean200019225.5
DwarvesThe Dwarves Must Die200424852.1
Dwarves, TheLick It CBR 12813.01
Electric FrankensteinBurn Bright Burn Fast2005vbr73.1
Element 101Future Plans Undecides200019242
EpoxiesStop The Future200555.9
Even In BlackoutsMyths & Imaginary Magicians200219249.5
Even In BlackoutsForeshadows On The Wall200319222.4
Even In BlackoutsZeitgeist's Echo200419254
Exploited, thePunk's Not Dead198112833.9
Exploited, theTroops Of Tomorrow198219271.6
Exploited, theBeat The Bastards199619261.6
Exploited, theFuck The System200319247
Explorers, theLike A Shot200332023.1
Explosion, TheFlash Flash Flash200219239.9
Face To FaceNo Authority19911286.7
Face To FaceDon't Turn Away199212833.6
Face To FaceDisconnected 7 inch199319213
Face To FaceOver It199419230
Face To FaceBig Choice199519255.3
Face To FaceEcono Live 10''199619229.2
Face To FaceFace To Face199619252.8
Face To FaceLive At Snocore199719250.5
Face To FaceLive In l.A (9-20-97)199719271.3
Face To FaceDon't Turn Away199916042.5
Face To FaceIgnorance Is Bliss199919974.7
Face To FaceReactionary200019251.1
Face To FaceSo Why Arent You Happy200016015.8
Face To FaceStandards And Practices (Covers)200116036
Face To FaceEverything Is Everything2002192103.9
Face To FaceHow To Ruin Everything200219264
Fall Out BoyTake This To Your Grave200319254.2
Fall Out BoyNodody Puts Baby In The Corner [EP]20041925
Fall Out BoyFrom Under The Cork Tree200524369.5
Fall Out Boy My Heart Will Always Be B-Side to My Tongue [EP]200417920
Fall Out Boy Take This To Your Grave - The Directors Cut (Reissue)200524378.1
Fenix TXFenix TX200012827.6
Fenix TXLechuza200119271.5
FightNothing New Since Rock`N`Roll200424273.2
Filaments, theSkulls and Trombones2002128/19222.5
Filaments, theWhat Next200419248.3
FinchFalling Into Place200119221.9
FinchBury me (demo)20021925.2
FinchWeezer (cover)20021927
FinchWhat It Is To Burn200219282.1
FinchDemo And Rare Songs2002CBR 19264.88
FinchLive in Albany2002CBR 19234.46
FinchLive At Oxford Zodiac In Londo2003CBR 19287.01
FinchRolling Stone Acoustic Session2003CBR 19214.89
FinchSay Hello to Sunshine2005VBR 13735.56
FinchOtras CBR 12814
Flogging MollyWithin a Mile of Home200432084.4
FM StaticWhat Are You Waiting For200312827.8
F-MinusFailed Society (7 inch)19981609.18
F-MinusFailed Society19981609.2
F-MinusSweating Blood (EP)200332014.5
F-MinusWake Up Screaming200319249
F-MinusWont Bleed Me. Failed Society2005vbr23525.1
F-MinusSuburban Blight????19231.8
ForgottenVeni Vidi Vici 199916032.000588417053
Forgotten, theControl Me200219250.6
Frenzal RhombDick Sandwich1993CBR 19222.07
Frenzal RhombSorry About the Ruse [EP]1994CBR 1929.363
Frenzal Rhomb4 Litres [EP]1995CBR 19213.47
Frenzal RhombCoughing Up A Storm1995CBR 19249.6
Frenzal RhombMeet the Family199712832.6
Frenzal RhombNot So Tough Now199712829
Frenzal RhombOnce A Jolly Swangman Always A Jolly Swangman1997CBR 12851.63
Frenzal RhombJJJ Live at the Wireless 5-6-1199816039
Frenzal RhombMongrel1998CBR 16029.25
Frenzal RhombA Man's Not A Camel199912839
Frenzal RhombWe're Going Out Tonight19991607.7
Frenzal RhombWar [EP]2000CBR 19213.35
Frenzal RhombSans Souci200319250.3
Frenzal RhombShut Your Mouth19255.9
FrontkickGuitars and Crime200216046.1
Fuck On The BeachFastcore on the beach1998CBR 1607.27
Fuck On The BeachEndless Summer2001CBR 19231.44
Fuck On The BeachFastcore And Loud CBR 1609
Fugazi13 Songs198919255.3
FugaziSteady Diet Of Nothing1991 41.6
FugaziIn On The Kill Taker1993 77.2
FugaziLive At Irving Plaza1995 79.3
FugaziRed Medicine1995 40.1
Fugazi1998 - End Hits199812842.8
FugaziBlueprint (Live 1990)1998 48.5
FugaziInstrument Soundtrack1999 52.3
FugaziThe Argument200112842
Funeral For A FriendCasually Dressed & Deep In Conversation2003320113.5
Fury 66For Lack Of A Better Word199719236.4
Fury 66Red Giant Evolution200119227.8
G.B.HLeather Bristles Studs and Acne198216033.8
G.B.HCelebrity Live Style198819268.6
G.B.HFrom Here To Reality199025671
G.B.HHa Ha2002 61
G.B.HGBH (Charged G.B.H.) - The Clay Recordings 81-84. Vol1 25664.2
G.B.HCity Baby Attacked By Rats 12831.3
G.B.HPunk Junkies 16056.1
G.B.H.Church Of The Truly Warped1993VBR19255.2
GeluguguSpirytus1999CBR 16021.13
GeluguguMasterpiece Cooking200012835
GeluguguNo Plan Your Style2002CBR 12833.61
GeluguguGolden Hit Parade More Ska Boom200212822
GeluguguNever Surrender2003CBR 12832.59
GeluguguSka Boom2004CBR 16020.06
Gelugugu Gigolo Ska (CDS)19991287.5
Gelugugu Success (CDS)19991286.1
Gelugugu Last Chance (CDS)20021286.9
Generators, TheBurning Ambition199919247.6
Generators, TheThe Winter of Discontent2005High VBR60.2
GermsGerms (GI) Vinyl197919251.8
GermsGermicide (live)198212829.1
Germs(MIA) The Complete Anthology199319298.6
GermsMedia Blitz (Demos, Outtakes, Live)199316050
GermsWe Must Bleed (Demos, Outtakes, Live)199319265.9
GG AllinBanned in Boston Part 1199812832.8
GobToo Late... No Friends199532084.4
GobHow Far Shallow Takes You1999VBR 17336.54
GobThe World According To Gob2000CBR 12843.12
GobF.U. (EP)200212822.8
GobFoot In Mouth Disease200319256
GobFinish CBR 12853.45
Gogol Bordello East Infection (EP)200516228.5
Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike2005256116.5
GoldfingerHangs Up199712848.2
GoldfingerDarrin`s Coconut Ass199912837.9
GoldfingerLive At Hob Chicago, Il 10-20-99199919255
GoldfingerLive in Phyli 08.10.1999199919250.7
GoldfingerTrocadero Theatre Pa 10-08-1999199916038.9
GoldfingerCounting The Days CDS200019216.6
GoldfingerTed Nugent [Promo]200025617
GoldfingerB-sides And Raritets200119291.6
GoldfingerFoot In Mouth200119259.6
GoldfingerStomping Ground200112858.3
GoldfingerOpen Your Eyes200212846.9
GoldfingerWorld Cafe Honolulu (03.23.2002)200219284.9
GoldfingerThe Show Must Go Off [DVDA]200416275.9
GoldfingerDisconnection Notice200512847.1
Goldfinger Richer (EP)199519218.1
Goldfinger Here In Your Bedroom (EP)199619211
Goldfinger Live In Philadehea (10.08.99)199919250.7
Goldfinger Spokerman Tell Me (EP)200219210.7
Goldfinger World Cafe (03.23.02)200219284.9
Goldfinger The Best Of Goldfinger200523283
Good CharlotteGood Charlotte200012855.3
Good CharlotteThe Young And The Hopeless200212891.3
Good CharlotteThe Chronicles of Life and Death200412882.7
Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live200512813.1
Good Clean FunShoping For A Crew199812821.1
Good Clean FunPositively Positive200212847
Good Clean FunStraight Outta Hardcore200319221.5
Good Clean FunBetween Christian Rock and a Hard Place200620440.3
Good Clean FunWho Shares Wins (7 Inch) 19213.7
Good Clean Fun Today The Scene Tomorrow The World 200415175.8
Good Clean Fun On The Streets 12816.2
Good RiddanceGidget EP199312810.1
Good RiddanceLoaded For Bear (Demo)199316038.9
Good RiddanceDecoy 7''19941607.8
Good RiddanceFor God And Country199512828.1
Good RiddanceA Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion199612835.1
Good RiddanceBallads From The Revolution199812830.8
Good RiddanceOperation Phoenix199912831.3
Good RiddanceThe Phenomenon Of Craving200012818.3
Good RiddanceSymptoms of a Leveling Spirit200119242.9
Good RiddanceCover Ups200219232.2
Good RiddanceBound By Ties Of Blood And Affection200319241.2
Good RiddanceMy Republic200632051
Gorilla BiscuitsGorilla Biscuits198832044.6
Gorilla BiscuitsHold Your Ground (EP)1988 10.3
Gorilla BiscuitsStart Today (Remastered)2006vbr35.4
Gorilla BiscuitsA New Direction- 14.7
Gorilla BiscultsStart Today198919233.3
Green Day1039-Smoothed Out Slappy Hours199012877.6
Green DayKerplunk!199212857.6
Green DayDookie199412854.6
Green DayInsomniac199512845.2
Green DayBowling Bowling Bowling Parkin199612823.5
Green DayFoot In Mouth199712842.4
Green DayHitchin' A Ride (Jpn Single)199719211.5
Green DayNimrod199712867.5
Green DayRedundant CDS199819214.7
Green DaySingles Box (Japan Import)199919274.3
Green DayPoint It Out2000192107.5
Green DayWarning200012856.6
Green DayWarning! (Japan Single)200019214.8
Green DayInternational Superhits200112883.4
Green DayShenanigans200212845.5
Green dayShenanigans 2 (Songs from Pop disaster tour)200219223.9
Green dayShenanigans 3 (Bonus tracks)200219239.7
Green DayAmerican Idiot2004128131.1
Green DayAmerican Idiot B-Sides200419214.2
Green DayI Fought The Law [Promo]20041923.8
Green DayToronto Live 24-09-20042004256113.1
Green DayAmerican Idiot (Single)200426810
Green DayBullet In A Bible200519289.3
Green DayHoliday200526716.2
Green DayLive In HMH 12-01-05 (Full Show)2005192135.2
Green DayLive In Milano 16.01.052005wma 8853.3
Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends200523922.2
Green Day Tune in Tokio (Japanese Import) 200119245.6
Green Day 1039-Smoothed Out Slappy Hour (Remastered) 2004242118
Green Day Launch Artist Of The Month September (live)200415213.1
Green Day Live At Leeds Festival 27-08-04200419048.9
Greg GraffinAmerican Lesson199712834.5
Greg GraffinCold as the Clay2006vbr43
Groovie GhouliesLost Generation 7''199019210.3
Groovie GhouliesChristmas On Mars19921926.34
Groovie GhouliesBorn In The Basement1996VBR 19265
Groovie GhouliesWorld Contact Day1996VBR 19240.2
Groovie GhouliesAppetite For Adrenochrome199619241
Groovie GhouliesIsland Of Pogo Pogo1996High VBR7.31
Groovie GhouliesProject Ghoolie Box Set199619260.5
Groovie GhouliesRe-Animation Festival199724047.8
Groovie GhouliesPlanet Brian Jones 7''vinyl199719211.8
Groovie GhouliesGraveyard Girlfriend1997128-1605.7
Groovie GhouliesRunning With Bigfoot1997High VBR16.3
Groovie GhouliesFun In The Dark1999High VBR43.2
Groovie GhouliesTravels With My Amp200016037.1
Groovie GhouliesSummer Fun [EP]200119216.3
Groovie GhouliesGo! Stories200224048.4
Groovie GhouliesFreaks On Parade200325627.1
Groovie GhouliesMonster Club200319235.9
Groovie GhouliesMagic 8-ball 19210.1
GuttermouthFriendly People199416024.3
GuttermouthTeri Yakimoto199616046
GuttermouthThe Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP199612840.1
GuttermouthMusical Monkey199719238.8
GuttermouthEat Your Face200419255.1
GuttermouthBeyond Warped200612818.6
GuttermouthShave the Planet2006vbr36.7
GuttermouthCovered with ants 19243.5
GuttermouthLive from pharmacy 19248.1
GuttersnipeUnited and Strong199419213.5
GuttersnipeWe are the Army199619215.2
GuttersnipeJoin The Strike200019241.3
H20It Was a Good Day [7 Inch]20011926.5
H2OCan't Get Off The Phone199619214.4
H2OThicker Than Water199712827.4
H2OOld School Recess 7 inch19991927.3
H2OFaster Than The World Tour (05-05-2000)200019277.6
H2OAll We Want Ep200219223.4
H2O Can't Get Off The Phone (7'')199619214.4
H2O All We Want (EP)200219217.7
Hanson BrothersGross Misconduct199219253.6
Hanson BrothersSudden Death199612836.4
Hanson BrothersMy Game200219261.4
Hanson BrothersBrad Ep200319217.3
Hanson BrothersLive In Sweden 12853.7
HatebreedUnder The Knife [EP]199619219.8
HatebreedSatisfaction Is The Death Of Desire199722441.2
HatebreedRise of Brutality200319244
He Is LegendI Am Hollywood200424767.9
HeideroosjesNoisy Farytales199319246.2
HeideroosjesChoice For A Lost Generation!?199419252.9
HeideroosjesBreak The Public Peace [Maxi Single]199619216.7
HeideroosjesKung Fu199716048.2
HeideroosjesSmile...You're Dying!199812838.5
HeideroosjesFast Forward200112836.3
Hell Is For HeroesThe Neon Handshake200322467.7
Hero dishonestPleasure disgust200119247.7
Hero DishonestJuggernaut200219232.6
Hero dishonestJuggernaut200212822.4
Hero dishonestClimbing up on the way down (7 inch)200319210.6
Hero dishonestLet your poison scream200425138.6
Hero DishonestVarious 19275.6
Hic SaltaHollyfood200316047.9
Hippos, theForget the World199719298.9
Hippos, theHeads Are Gonna Roll199912838.5
Hi-StandardGrowing Up199619245.2
Hi-StandardAngry Fist199712830.4
Hi-StandardMaking the Road199912834.6
Hi-StandardLove Is A Batterfield EP200019211.3
Hi-Standard Fighting Fits, Angry Soul199712830.3
Home GrownThat's Business1995CBR 16067.11
Home GrownWusappaning?!1996CBR 16016.04
Home GrownPhone Home [EP]2000CBR 16017.02
Home GrownKings Of Pop2002CBR 19245.84
Home GrownWhen It All Comes Down2004VBR 23534.36
HomegrownAct Your Age199812841.3
HorrorpopsHorrorpops (12'' EP)20031929
HorrorpopsHell Yeah200419255.1
Horrorpops Bring It On!200525671.5
Hot Water MusicMoonpies For Misfits [EP]199716016.1
Hot Water Music Forever And Counting199719252
Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game199719256.5
Hot Water Music Live At The Hardback199919262
Hot Water Music No Division1999 63.9
Hot Water Music Finding The Rhythms2000 47.6
Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash200119254
Hot Water Music Never Ender (Best Of)200119261.4
Hot Water Music Caution200219250.1
Hot Water Music The New What Next2004 71.1
Huntingtons, TheThe Only One (Single)199719214.9
Huntingtons, TheRocket To Ramonia199719242.2
Huntingtons, TheHigh School Rock199819244.4
Huntingtons, TheFile Under Ramones199925688.9
Huntingtons, TheGet Lost199919249.6
Huntingtons, TheAll The Stuff (And More) Vol 1199916073.9
Huntingtons, TheThe Good, The Bad And The Ugly199912833.5
Huntingtons, TheRock'n'Roll Habits For The New Wave200019269.5
Huntingtons, TheHuntingtons, The200319264.3
Husker DuEverything Falls Apart And More1983High VBR61.2
Husker DuZen Arcade1984256122
I Against IHeadcleaner199819247
I Against II'm A Fucked Up Dancer But My Moods Are Swing'n199919249.9
Iggy PopKill City197712830.2
Iggy PopLust For Life197712837.6
Iggy PopThe Idiot197712835.4
Iggy PopTV Eye Live197812832.7
Iggy PopNew Values197912836.2
Iggy PopSoldier198012833.8
Iggy PopParty198112832.5
Iggy PopZombie Birdhouse198212835.9
Iggy PopBlah-Blah-Blah198612842.2
Iggy PopInstinct198812840
Iggy PopBrick by Brick199012849.8
Iggy PopAmerican Caesar199312869.4
Iggy PopNaughty Little Doggie199612836.9
Iggy PopAvenue B199912845.5
In The ClearOut Of Our Past2000CBR 19225.18
In. StoraMiasma 19253.6
In.StoraHow Comes You Don't Get Bored Of All The Happy Ends On Screen?200319238.2
InsatiableCan't Get Enought 12834.6
InsatiableInflatable 12842.7
Inspecter 7The Infamous199712838.7
Inspecter 7Banished To Bogeyland 199825666.9
Inspector Blanco & Negro199932076.9
Inspector Alma En Fuego 19255.3
InsyderzSKAlleluiah 200119242.9
Isaack Green and the SkalarsSkooling with Skalars 25666.6
IsraelitesRoots 200019289.6
IsraelitesWashaway 256102.2
J.D And The BlendersDemo200532024.6
J.M.K.E.Kulmale Maale198925663.3
J.M.K.E.Gringode kultuur1993320112
J.M.K.E.Sputniks In PECTOPAH199512826.6
J.M.K.E.Totally Estoned1997192103.4
J.M.K.E.Othumaa Viimased Tunnid200032096.5
J.M.K.E.htumaa Viimased Tunnid200032096.5
J.M.K.E.Ainult Planeet200222459.2
J.M.K.E. vs The TuberkuloitedLive2006vbr32.7
Jaya The CatBasement style200119263
Jazz JamaicaSkaravan 199319257.9
Jello Biafra & D.O.A.Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors198919241.9
Jello Biafra & Mojo NixonPrairie Home Invasion1994264101.6
Jello Biafra & NomeansnoSky Is Falling & I Want My Mommy199119251.2
Jello Biafra and The MelvinsNever Breathe What You Can't See200432092.2
Jello Biafra with Mojo NixonPrairie Home Invasion199412845.7
Jimmy Eat WorldJimmy Eat World1994CBR 19251.81
Jimmy Eat WorldSelf-Realised [7'']1995CBR 19211.09
Jimmy Eat WorldStatic Prevails199619270.8
Jimmy Eat WorldJimmy Eat World [EP]1998CBR 19230.38
Jimmy Eat WorldClarity199919288.1
Jimmy Eat WorldLive At Bostons In Tempe, AZ1999CBR 19260.15
Jimmy Eat WorldLive At The Metro (3-23-1999)1999CBR 19273.02
Jimmy Eat WorldSingles200019245.4
Jimmy Eat WorldKrazyfest 2000 Louisville Ky2000CBR 19254.94
Jimmy Eat WorldBleed American200119264
Jimmy Eat WorldCollege Radio [EP]2001CBR 19214.53
Jimmy Eat WorldA Praise Chorus [EP]2001CBR 19210
Jimmy Eat WorldBleed American (UK Import EP)2001CBR 19219.12
Jimmy Eat WorldGood To Go Ep200219235.3
Jimmy Eat WorldHoliday [7'']2002CBR 19214.65
Jimmy Eat WorldLive On SNL (04-06-02)2002CBR 1929
Jimmy Eat WorldWorld Cafe (03-04-02)2002CBR 19293.64
Jimmy Eat WorldSalt Sweat Sugar (UK Single)2002CBR 19214.83
Jimmy Eat WorldStreet Team Reward2002CBR 19288.9
Jimmy Eat WorldA Praise Chorus (Tour EP)2003CBR 19226.86
Jimmy Eat WorldLive At Big Day Out2003CBR 19237.14
Jimmy Eat WorldFutures2004VBR 20071.41
Jimmy Eat WorldFirestarter [CDS]2004VBR 16725.29
Jimmy Eat WorldFutures (Demo Recordings)2004VBR 23173.48
Jimmy Eat WorldStay On My Side Tonight [EP]2005VBR 23246.45
JMKERumal Nali1988 57.4
Joe FerrySkallelujah 25675.7
Joe Strummer Earthquake Weather1989 36.5
Joe Strummer Streetcore2003 30.7
Joey Ramone1987 March 30 West Bank Cafe, New York (Acoustic)198719212.2
Joey RamoneBlitzkrieg Bash 07.04.1997199719255
Joey RamoneJack Vipers Room199712821.9
Joey RamoneWith 22 Jack Viper Room [Live]199712824.6
Joey RamoneJoey Ramone & Huntingtons - Live At CBGB's NY200019236.8
Joey RamoneThe Last Show200016067.1
Joey RamoneChrsitmas Spirit ... In my House (CDS)200212814.8
Joey RamoneDon`t Worry About Me200219247.8
Joey Ramone & HuntingtonsLive NY CBGB's 2000200019234.1
Justin SaneThese Are The Days...We Will Never Forget EP200119217.6
Justin SaneLife, Love, and the Pursuit Of Justice200219249.1
KalashnikovRomantic Songs Of Dissidence200119238.9
KalashnikovSongs About Amore And Revolution200312832.9
KalashnikovFive Songs for the Faithful Friends 19222.6
Kargol'sMa!J'galre 19265.5
KemuriLittle Playmate199725676.6
Kemuri77 Days199925670.7
KemuriLive In 1999199919284.4
KemuriDakuze No Midzu (CDM)200319217.6
KemuriSINGLE COMPLETE 2003200319264.8
KemuriLive ThyPhoon200416082.8
KemuriWaiting For The Rain (CDS)200525632.8
KemuriPositive Mental Attitude 25624.3
KemuriHazugi No Umi 12811.7
Kemuri Waiting for the Rain 200525626.8
Kid DynamiteDemo1998969.5
Kid DynamiteKid Dynamite199912824.9
Kid DynamiteShorter Faster Louder200019233.4
Kid DynamiteShorter Faster Louder200019233.4
Kid DynamiteCheap Shots Youth Anthems200319266.6
Kid DynamiteSSE Benefit Show - Live200312832.2
Kid Dynamite Shorter,Faster,Louder 19234.3
Kids Like Us80's are dead200319220.4
Kill Your IdolsLive At WYNU demo199619230.4
Kill Your Idols4 3/4ths Inch199819218.5
Kill Your IdolsNo Gimmicks Needed200019244.2
Kill Your IdolsKill Your Idols200219232.5
Kill Your IdolsThe Skinnier Years200319231.7
Kill Your IdolsFor Our Friends200319224.2
Kill Your IdolsFrom Championship To Competition2005High VBR48.5
Kill Your IdolsFuneral for a Feeling 12832
Kill Your IdolsThis Is Just The Beginning 19241.2
Kitty and Manges, TheJoey's Song [CDS]200632016.1
KlamydiaCeedee1989CBR 12846.56
KlamydiaPaa Kiinni Painajainen1992CBR 19262.33
KlamydiaLahjattomat1992CBR 12862.37
KlamydiaLos Celibatos1992CBR 12849.77
KlamydiaP Kiinni Painajainen1992CBR 16050.53
KlamydiaMasturbaatio Ilman Kasia1993CBR 12839.4
KlamydiaTippurikvatretti1994CBR 12838.88
KlamydiaSiittiot Sotapolulla1995CBR 12841.15
Know How, theNow In Technicolor200527366.7
KortatuAzken Guda Dantza (live) 12868.7
Krum BumsCut Into Me [EP]200432019.1
Krum BumsThe Sound200516036.2
Krum BumsWe're Punk Not Perfect (demo)12826.6
La Cizana El Senor Kastor199832065.5
La FractionLa Fraction199814632
La Ruda SalskaPassager du reel 199819277
La Ruda SalskaLart De La Joie199919269.6
La Ruda SalskaSplendid De Lille (live)200119298
La Ruda SalskaLe Prix Du Silence 16053.3
La Tremenda KorteVenga La Sentencia 199919270.4
LagwagonDouble Plaidinum199712828.6
LagwagonLet's Talk About Feelings199816028.7
LagwagonA Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry [EP]200019213.1
LagwagonLive In A Dive2005205102.7
Lame DucksPick it Up200116041.1
Lame Ducks...Are You Lame Or Something200319285.1
Lars Frederiksen and The BastardsLars Frederiksen And The Bastards200119247.1
Lars Frederiksen and The BastardsViking200419253.2
Laurel Aitken & The SkatalitesThe Godf. The Founding Fathers 25681.3
Laurel Aitken acompanado por Los SkarlatinesTic Tacna Maria 25613.4
Laurel Aitken with Potato FiveRocksteady Party1996320101
Lawrence ArmsAre Young And Good Looking2003 45.7
Lawrence Arms, theGuided Tour of Chicago199919235.8
Lawrence Arms, theGhost Stories200019236.4
Lawrence Arms, theApathy and Exhaustion200219249.5
Lawrence Arms, TheLive Acoustic At The Smartbar2002VBR 13133.19
Lawrence Arms, TheThe Greatest Story Ever Told2003CBR 19245.77
Lawrence Arms, theCocktails And Dreams2005vbr25097.2
Lawrence Arms, theOh! Calcutta!2006vbr22054.4
Leftover CrackRock The 40 oz. 7''200012813.2
Leftover CrackMedicore Generica200119246.4
Leftover CrackLive At The C Squat 3-31-01 (Bootleg LP)200112834.1
Leftover CrackLive In Philedelphia 7-29-01200119242.9
Leftover CrackSouth Amboy NJ 5.29.01200119253.7
Leftover CrackLive in Reading - Bootleg 200119269
Leftover CrackShoot The Kids At School200119252.9
Leftover CrackFuck World Trade200425696.9
Leftover CrackRock The 40oz (reloaded)200419246.4
Leftover CrackShoot The Kids At School (7 inch) 12816.5
Les Partisans Les Partisans199719260.1
Les Partisans Sono Mondiale199919148.1
Less Than JakePezcore19953278.3
Less Than JakeLosers, Kings, And Things We Don't Understand1995vbr22080.8
Less Than JakeLosing Streak1996wma 19249.3
Less Than JakeGreased199722724.6
Less Than Jake19-02-98 Villanova199819260
Less Than JakeHello Rockview199812852.2
Less Than JakeLive 09-25-98 St.Louis At The Galaxy199816064.5
Less Than JakePesto199922617.5
Less Than JakeBorders & Boundaries200012856.5
Less Than JakeMain Event 07-25-00200019293.9
Less Than Jake07.17.01 Live At The Warped Tour200119242.5
Less Than JakeLive @ Bogarts200119293.8
Less Than JakeGoodbye Blue & White200223571.5
Less Than JakeAnthem200312860.4
Less Than JakeLive @ Elyse Monmartre200319272
Less Than JakeB for B-sides200412863.8
Less Than JakeLive In Minneapolis200412867.3
Less Than JakeEP + new tracks200632016.9
Less Than JakeAbsolution For Idiots And Addicts EP200619215.7
Less than JakeIn with the Out Crowd200632061.9
Less Than JakeBootleg You Cut Out The Middleman (Live In Las Vegas) 23160.1
Less Than JakeLive @ Main 19293.9
Less Than JakePromo  5.9
Lillingtons, theI Lost My Marbles [EP]19961287.9
Lillingtons, theDeath by Television199912828.4
Lillingtons, theBack Channel Broadcast200119233.4
Lillingtons, theShit Out Of Luck200219245.7
Lillingtons, TheThe Too Late Show200619232.7
Lillingtons, theElectric Pink wma 12824.8
Link 8017 Reasons199712838.3
Link 80Killing Katie199712819
Link 80Struggle Continues199925670.4
Living End, TheHellbound [EP]199512825.3
Living End, TheHellbound (EP)199519238
Living End, TheIt's For Your Own Good [EP]199612819.9
Living End, TheSecond Solution [EP]199712816
Living End, TheThe Living End199919264.9
Living End, TheRoll On2000190 VBR73.4
Living End, TheLive At The Roundhouse (bootleg)200119296.1
Living End, TheModern Artillery2003320113.85
Living End, TheOne Said To The Other [EP]200319213
Living End, TheFrom Here On In The Singles 1997-20042004VBR108
Living End, theState Of Emergency2006vbr22084.8
Living End, TheReverb In Asbury Park 19220.8
Locos, theJaula De Grillos20066416.5
LoikaemieOi! That's Yer Lot (EP)199712810.1
LoikaemieLoikaemie & Smegma199816014.3
LoikaemieWir Sind Die Skins1999vbr30.4
LoikaemieIII (2xCD)2002192110
LoikaemieIhr Fuer Uns Und Wir Fuer Euch200312837.7
Loikaemie10 Jahre Power From The Eastside200512870.6
Los FastidiosGuardo Avanti200112831.9
Los FastidiosPrawdziwa Sila Ulicy200319270.3
Los FastidiosOra basta EP200332035.4
Los FastidiosSiempre Contra200419257.8
Los FastidiosSopra E Sotto Il Palco Live200412862.9
Los FastidiosRebels 'N' Revels200612842.6
Los FastidiosContiamo Su Di Voi 12828.8
Los Fastidios 1991-2001 Ten Years Yatooed On My Heart200119254.6
LousyBest Wishes200119240.4
LousyThe Babylon District200319248.3
LousyOne Good Round Deserves Another2006vbr56.1
Lower Class BratsRather Be Hated Than Ignored199719250.3
Lower Class BratsThe Plot Sickens200019250.5
Lower Class BratsA Class of Our Own200312852.9
Lower Class BratsThe Clockwork Singles Collection200312860.3
Lower Class BratsThe New Seditionaries2006vbr49.6
Lucky 7Lucky 7200219269.4
Mad CaddiesQuality Soft Core199711231.9
Mad CaddiesDuck And Cover199812833
Mad CaddiesDeconstruction Tour Paris200019244.2
Mad CaddiesThe Holiday Has Been Cancelled EP200012811.9
Mad CaddiesRock The Plank200119251.2
Mad CaddiesJust One More2003320101.2
Mad CaddiesLive From Toronto Song In The Key Of Eh-Advance200420081.6
Mad SinSweet & Innocent - Loud & Dirty199816048.1
MadballBall Of Destruction198919243.2
MadballSet It Off199419236.5
MadballDroppin' Many Suckers199519219.6
MadballDemonstrating My Style199619237.2
MadballBeen There, Done That 7 Inch19981608
MadballLook My Way199812824.7
MadballHold It Down200012825
MadballN.Y.H.C. Ep200424315.8
MadnessIt's Madness199116054.9
MadnessThe Business (CD 1 of 3)199316071.1
MadnessThe Business (CD 2 of 3)199316087.6
MadnessThe Business (CD 3 of 3)199316054.8
MadnessWonderful [UK]199916048.1
MadnessDivine Madness200016088.7
Manges, TheRocket To You!199919259
Manges, TheR' Good Enough200119236.6
Manges, TheRocket To You!2003VBR90.4
Manges,TheGo Down2006vbr46.2
Marky RamoneStart of the Century [Double CD]2006vbr182.6
Marky Ramone And The IntrudersMarky Ramone And The Intruders199612828.2
Marky Ramone And The IntrudersThe Answer To Your Problems200012827.2
Marky Ramone and The IntrudersThe Answer To Your Problems200032070.3
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingRide Tonight 7''20012496.7
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingSpeedkings Ride Tonight 7''20012496.7
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingAlive200212823.4
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingLegends Bleed200225676.5
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingNo If's, And's Or But's200219244.7
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingGood Cop, Bad Cop 7''200326410.5
Marky Ramone And The SpeedkingI've Got Dee Dee On My Mind 7''20031926.7
Marky Ramone with Tequila BabyLive At Planeta Atlntida200212871.7
Matchbook RomanceStories and Alibis200319264.2
Matchbook RomanceWest For Wishing200312814
Matchbook RomanceVoices2006112
MC5Power Trip199412862.7
Me First & the Gimme GimmesBilly EP19961927
Me First & the Gimme GimmesDenver19961284.4
Me First & the Gimme GimmesHave A Ball199712839.6
Me First & the Gimme GimmesAre A Drag199912829.7
Me First & the Gimme GimmesElton EP19991608
Me First & the Gimme GimmesGarf (7 inch)19991284.4
Me First & the Gimme GimmesInne199912829.6
Me First & the Gimme GimmesBlow In The Wind200112850.7
Me First & the Gimme GimmesShannon (7 inch)20011925.7
Me First & the Gimme GimmesStevens (7 inch)20011926.8
Me First & the Gimme GimmesTurn Japanese200112818.3
Me First & the Gimme GimmesI Believe I Can Fly [Promo CDS]20031923.9
Me First & the Gimme GimmesJackson (7 inch)20031925.6
Me First & the Gimme GimmesTake A Break200312844.6
Me First & the Gimme GimmesRuin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah200419263.8
Me First and the Gimme GimmesLove Their Country2006vbr43.8
Mean IdolsMean Idols [EP]200320618.4
Messengers, theThe Messengers200549.8
MestMo' Money, Mo' 40'z199819282
MestWasting time200012841.1
MestDestination Unknown200119257.6
MestPhotographs2005VBR 22770.48
Metal MikeMy Girlfriend Is A Rock1992VBR10.3
Metal MikeNext Stop To Nowhere (Ep Collection) 19270
MeteorsThe Mutant Monkey And The Surfers From Zorch199216051.2
MeteorsBastard Sons Of A Rock'N'Roll Devil19974852.6
Meteors, The Psychobilly200319281.5
Meteors, The These Evil Things200421779.9
Methadones, theIll At Ease200119245.3
Methadones, theCareer Objective200319247.9
Methadones, theNot Economically Viable200419256
Methadones, The21st Century Power Pop Riot200616043.3
Michael GravesPunk Rock Is Dead200519232.9
Mighty Mighty BosstonesDevils Night Out199012826.3
Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhere'd You Go199119218.8
Mighty Mighty BosstonesMore Noise And Other Disturbances199219241.6
Mighty Mighty BosstonesDon`t Know How To Party199319256.6
Mighty Mighty BosstonesSka-Core The Devil And More199312846.4
Mighty Mighty BosstonesQuestion The Answers199412837.1
Mighty Mighty BosstonesLet's Face It199719245.9
Mighty Mighty BosstonesLive From The Middle East199822498.4
Mighty Mighty BosstonesPay Attention2000320117.3
Mighty Mighty BosstonesAwfully Quiet200122471.8
Mighty Mighty BosstonesA Jackknife To A Swan200219255.8
Mighty Mighty BosstonesB-Sides (CD1) 320104.6
Mighty Mighty BosstonesB-Sides (CD2) 32089.8
Mike NessCheating At Solitaire1999257108.7
Mike NessUnder The Influences199925975.6
MillencolinMelack [EP]199316015.5
MillencolinTiny Tunes199412828.7
MillencolinStory of My Life [EP]19951286.9
MillencolinLife on a Plate199625658.6
MillencolinFor Monkeys199712827.9
MillencolinSame Old Tunes199816035.9
MillencolinThe Melancholy Collection199919269.7
MillencolinFox [EP]200019215.2
MillencolinPennybridge Pioneers200012834.3
MillencolinHome From Home200232085.2
MillencolinRay [EP]200532017.9
Minor ThreatLive At Buff Hall (11-20-82)1982 10.2
Minor Threat12XU Live (Vinyl) 1989 43.4
Minor ThreatFiller 19212.8
Minor ThreatIn My Eyes 19213.1
Minor ThreatOut Of Step 19224.6
Minor ThreatSalad Days 19214.6
Minor ThreatFirst Demo Tape  13
Minor ThreatLive In Chicago (Bootleg) (198x)   23.6
Minor Threat Complete Discography  43.5
MisconductA Change199612813
MisconductA new direction199919233.1
MisconductAnother time200012824.5
MisconductOne Last Try200119249.4
MisconductUnited as one200319240.2
MisfitsMax's Kansas City19785610.1
MisfitsLive! 79 The Perfect Crime!19791929.9
Misfits12 Hits From Hell198020935.8
MisfitsAt The Ritz198112836.6
MisfitsIf You Don't Know This Song198119231.3
MisfitsRevenge Will Be Ours198119212
MisfitsWho Killed Marylin19811283.6
Misfits1982 February 28 Washington (930 Club)198219248.6
MisfitsAl's Bar '82198219242.2
MisfitsLive April 13th 1982 At Los Angeles, Ca198219233.3
MisfitsLive Night Of The Living Dead!198219240.7
MisfitsWalk Among Us198216025.1
MisfitsWalk Among You198212837.4
Misfitsviliv (live!)198219232.4
MisfitsEarth A.D. - Wolfs Blood198325638.8
MisfitsHeroes of Danzig198316047.1
MisfitsLive from Santa Monica198319230.8
MisfitsMichigan Wcbn198319242.7
MisfitsThe Last Show Ever198312861
MisfitsWalk among us198319266.6
MisfitsWhy Be Something You Are Not198319226.6
MisfitsLegacy of Brutality198525650.4
MisfitsPlan 9198625674.2
MisfitsSeven Boots From Hell1993320151
Misfits1996 May 31 (Buzz Radio)199612848
MisfitsBox Set - Collection (Disc 1)199619272.7
MisfitsBox Set - Sessions Disc (Disc 3)199619284.9
MisfitsHappy Halloween199612848
MisfitsHell On Earth... Hail To Misfits199612857.9
MisfitsShocking Returns19969634
MisfitsAmerican Psycho199719254.2
MisfitsFirst Avenue Club199712859.8
MisfitsJekyll And Hyde19971284.4
MisfitsStatic Age199725664.3
MisfitsPsycho in Chile199812858.1
MisfitsCuts From The Crypt199919265.8
MisfitsFamous Monsters1999320102.7
MisfitsMusic From The Upcoming Famous Monsters Release199919224
MisfitsBlood Drive200012831.8
MisfitsFamous Monsters in Buenos Aires200012867.3
MisfitsHouse of Blues200016052.5
MisfitsMonster Mash [EP]20002566.9
MisfitsLive at DirecTV Music Hall200119285
MisfitsLive at Paradise Garage Lisbon200319290.7
MisfitsProject 1950200325644.6
MisfitsBlackristmas 12868.4
MisfitsCovers 12813
Misfits Meet The Nutley BrassFiend Club Lounge200525650
Misfits with Joey & Marky RamoneLive with Joey & Marky Ramone Oct '9819981286.56
Monster SquadStrength Through Pain200412824.7
Moral Crux...And Nothing But The Truth199219246
Moral CruxPop Culture Assassins200319239.8
MoskovSKAyaMother's Son199516041
MoskovSKAyaThe Edge Of A New Era199719272.1
MoskovSKAyaNo One Will Get Here Out Alive 19273.9
Mr. T ExperienceEverybody's Entitled To Their Own Opinion198619242.1
Mr. T ExperienceBig Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood1989 69
Mr. T ExperienceMaking Things With Light1990 50.8
Mr. T ExperienceMilk Milk Lemonade199212839.9
Mr. T ExperienceOur Bodies Our Selves199419271
Mr. T ExperienceAnd The Women Who Love Them199519253
Mr. T ExperienceAlternative Is Here To Stay (EP)1995 7.7
Mr. T ExperienceLove Is Dead199619250
Mr. T ExperienceRevenge Is Sweet, And So Are You199719253
Mr. T ExperienceRoad To Ruin199825646
Mr. T ExperienceAlcatraz199932090
Mr. T ExperienceThe Miracle Of Shame200016019.7
Mr. T ExperienceYesterday Rules200419255.8
MU330Chumps on parade199719269.1
MU330Crab Rangoon1997CBR 12843.63
MU330Winter Wonderland199919232.2
MU330Oh Yeah!2001CBR 19280
MU330Ultra Panic200219246.4
Mukeka Di RatoPasqualin Na Terra do Xupa-Kabra200019244.6
Municipal WasteMunicipal Waste 7 inch20021929.83
Municipal WasteWaste Em All200312816.1
Municipal WasteHazardous Mutation200512823.9
Mustard PlugBig Daddy Multitude199419273.1
Mustard PlugEvildoers Beware!199712834.9
Mustard PlugSKApocalypse Now!199819257
Mustard PlugPray For Mojo199932076.4
Mustard PlugYellow #5200225653
MxPx17 [EP]199419211.8
MxPxOn The Cover [EP]199512818.8
MxPxTeenage Politics199512839.5
MxPxLife In General199625680.1
MxPxChristmas Only Comes Once A Year [EP]19991923.3
MxPxThe Broken Bones [EP]20001608.8
MxPxThe Ever Passing Moment200025673.2
MxPxFat Club [7 Inch]20011927.9
MxPxRenaissance [EP]200119225
MxPxTen Years And Running200226087.1
MxPxBefore Everything & After200319264.6
MxPxLet's Rock2006vbr52.7
My Chemical RomanceI Brought You My Bullets, You2002CBR 19256.26
My Chemical RomanceThere Cheers For Sweet Revenge200419254.5
My Chemical RomanceDiscover & Download Live2004VBR 1747
My Chemical RomanceHeadfirst For Halos2004VBR 1639.2
My Chemical RomanceLive At KROQ Almost Acoustic C2004VBR 13623.1
My Chemical RomanceLife On The Murder Scene200632081.9
Negatives, theNo Truth - No Justice200525649
NekromantixCurse Of The Coffin199119269.3
NekromantixReturn Of The Loving Dead200112850
NekromantixDead Girls Don't Cry2004170-190 VBR91.9
Nerve Agents, TheThe Nerve Agents199819221
NeurosisThe Word As Law199019296.9
New Bomb TurksDrunk On Cock Ep199325620.5
New Found GloryIts All About The Girls199716033.2
New Found GloryNothing Gold Can Stay199925687.4
New Found GloryFrom The Screen To Your Stereo200016021.1
New Found GloryMain Event (Live)200019252.6
New Found GloryNew Found Glory200019253.9
New Found GlorySticks And Stones200212857.2
New Found GloryCatalyst200419264.1
New Found GloryComing Home2006vbr95.4
NicotineiHola Amigo!1997CBR 19262.32
NicotineCarnival1999CBR 12838.52
NicotineSamurai Shot200219297
NicotinePleeez! Who Are You?200319261.9
NicotineSchool Of Liberty200319254.9
NicotinePunk Rock Xmas [MCD]2003CBR 19233.44
NicotineSession2004CBR 19266.7
NicotineHey Dude We Love The Beatles2005VBR 22754.09
NicotinePandora2006VBR 19952.63
NicotineDesperado 12832.9
No DoubtNo Doubt199222068.3
No DoubtBeacon Street Collection199522063.8
No DoubtTragic Kingdom199522092.1
No DoubtJust A Girl 9x (Live Bootleg)199821491.1
No DoubtReturn Of Saturn200021698.6
No DoubtSimple Kind Of Life (Single)200021619.9
No DoubtHey Baby (Single)200122419.6
No DoubtRock Steady200120177.5
No Fun At AllVision199312815.7
No Fun At AllNo Straight Angles199512833.5
No Fun At AllOut Of Bounds199619249.9
No Fun At AllEP's Going Steady199824993.3
No Fun At AllState of flow200019265.2
No Fun At AllMaster Celebrations2003256110
No Innocent VictimStrength 12837
No RespectExcuse My Smile 199719266.1
No RespectTunes of decline 200019263.5
No RespectConfidence 320100
No Respect Unadjusted200520870.7
No Respect Unadjusted (Bonus Live)200520270.9
No Sports King Ska199312852.9
No TriggerExtinction In Stereo200537.3
No Use For A NameYou Bug Me1989CBR 1287.063
No Use for a NameIncognito199016038.6
No Use For A NameLet Em Out!1990CBR 1285.963
No Use for a NameDon't Miss The Train199219239.7
No Use for a NameThe Daily Grind199312817.7
No use for a nameLeche con carne199416040.4
No Use for a NameMaking Friends199716036.9
No Use for a NameLeche Con Carne199811221.1
No Use for a NameMore Betterness1999128101.2
No use for a nameNew red archives years200012834.4
No Use for a NameLive In A Drive200119269.2
No Use for a NameHard Rock Bottom200212831.9
No Use for a NameKeep Them Confused200523356.1
Nobodys, TheShort Songs For Short Attention Spans199619238.7
Nobodys, TheVML Live 8-29-19961996CBR 19215.02
Nobodys, TheThe Smell Of Victory1997CBR 12824.47
Nobodys, TheGeneration XXX199919261.1
Nobodys, TheI've Been Everywhere200019237
Nobodys, TheLess Hits, More Tits200119260.5
Nobodys, TheQueers For A Day, Nobodys For Life 7'' 19212.7
NoFXLiberal Animation198812841.6
NoFXS&M Airlines198912846.4
NoFXMaximum Rock 'N' Roll199212851.6
NoFXThe Longest Line199212819
NoFXWhite Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean199212844.5
NoFXLiza and Louise [EP]19921927.16
NoFXLive In The USA199316069.8
NoFXAlive And Burning (Live CBGB's In NYC 94)199412860.7
NoFXPunk In Drublic199412855
NoFXI Heard They Suck Live!199512856
NoFXSmashing Punk Kings Live199519266.5
NoFXLeave It Alone [EP]19951288.27
NoFXFuck The Kids199619213.3
NoFXHeavy Petting Zoo199612848
NoFXHofx [7 Inch]19961285
NoFXSo Long And Thank's For All The Shoes199712845.5
NoFXAll Of Me 7''19971926.46
NoFXLive @ The Bizarre Festival199916073.4
NoFXThe Decline199912825.1
NoFXBottles To The Ground200012812.1
NoFXPods And Gods [EP]20001926.4
NoFXPump Up The Valuum200012843.5
NoFXWarped Tour 07-14-2000200019248.3
NoFX45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough... CD1200212867.7
NoFX45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough... CD2200212830.3
NoFXCatching Zzz's200225640.4
NoFXRegaining Unconsiousness EP200219217.8
NoFXToronto Live200219296.1
NoFX13 Stitches [EP]20031925.3
NoFXLive Deconstruction Tour 07.06.2003 Bologna, Italy200316681.8
NoFXThe War On Errorism200312849.7
NoFXLive At Palladium in Cologne Germany '20042004217124.3
NoFXThe Greatest Songs Ever Written2004257107.6
NoFXNever Trust a Hippy2006vbr21.6
NoFXWolves in Wolves' Clothing200619259.8
NoFX7 Inch Of The Month Club (2005, February - January, 2006)2005-200625191.9
NoFXBack In The Garage (Bootleg) 12861
NoFXFat Club 1925.1
NoFXLondons Burning (Bootleg) 16052.4
NoFXOther Tracks 12821.8
NoFXTimmy The Turtle 1283.5
NoMeansNoThe Day Everything Became Nothing [EP]198825643.3
NoMeansNo0 + 2 = 1199119264.7
Nulla OstaPosljie Zevota2003vbr35
Offspring, theThe Offspring198919243.1
Offspring, theIgnition199319251.1
Offspring, theSmash199419263.9
Offspring, theIxnay On The Hombre199719257.8
Offspring, theAmericana199819259.6
Offspring, theAmericana REMIXED199912843.7
Offspring, theConspiracy Of One200019255
Offspring, theSplinter2003320142.4
Oi PolloiIn Defence Of Our Earth1990CBR 12834.98
Oi PolloiFuaim Catha1999CBR 12833.99
Oi PolloiSix Of The Best2000CBR 19290.6
Oi PolloiUnite And Win2001CBR 12837.51
Oi!sters, TheToo Oi!199819247.8
On FileThe Real Mc Oi200112842.7
One Dollar ShortFrom The Start EP199912815.5
One Dollar ShortPress And Hold EP200119222.4
One Dollar Short10 Years (CDS)200219218.5
One Dollar ShortEight Days Away200219251.4
One Dollar ShortKeepsake EP200321419.8
One Dollar ShortReceiving Transmission [Limited Edition] 2CD \ CD1200420755.9
One Dollar ShortReceiving Transmission [Limited Edition] 2CD \ CD2200420748.6
One Man ArmyDead End Stories199816042
One Man ArmyLast Word Spoken200012829
One Man ArmyRumors and Headlines200216035
One Way SystemAll System Go200019581.1
Only CrimeTo The Nines2004High VBR49.7
Only CrimeDemo200419219
Onward To MayhemOnward To Mayhem200112823.8
OPCIO K-95Cap Oportunitat199712823.7
OPCIO K-95Mai Morirem200012837.4
OPCIO K-95Terra Cremada200412841.8
Operation IvyRamones EP198719214.1
Operation IvyUnreleased Energy198712859.3
Operation IvyEnergy199116058.8
Operation IvyOperation Ivy199119219.1
Operation IvySeedy199312816.2
Operation IvyEast Bay [EP]19951285.6
Operation IvySeedy199619243
Operation IvyUnity The Complete Collection199620369.5
Operation IvySound System200012834
Operation IvyUnreleased Energy200412860.2
Operation Ivy69 Newport 7'' 1925.8
Operation IvyLint - The King Of Ska 7'' 19215.5
Operation IvyLint Rides Again (LAST SHOW) 12844
Operation IvyLive @ Gilman 16045.7
Operation IvyLive At Gilman 7'' 19218
Operation IvyNew Found Demos 12815.7
Operation IvyPlea For Peace 7'' 19210.6
Operation IvyRadio Daze 12851.8
Operation IvySmell Rancid 16046.3
Operation IvyUncut Gilman Demos 19282.8
OxymoronThe Pack Is Back1998128-19249.9
OxymoronWestworld Mini LP199919229.5
OxymoronBest Before 2000200019275.6
OxymoronFuck The 90s, Heres Our Noize200112838.8
OxymoronThe Pack Is Back2002vbr54
OxymoronFeed The Breed200319268.2
OxymoronCrisis Identity 7 inch19213.4
OxymoronBeware Poisonous 7 Inch19216.7
Parasites, ThePair Of Sides199019253
Parasites, TheLast Caress 7''19901925.78
Parasites, TheLet Down 7''19931929.84
Parasites, TheSomething To Hold Onto 7''19931929.12
Parasites, TheIt's Alive199712831.5
Peaweas, TheThis Is Rock'n'Roll200332075.3
PeaweesDead End City200119241.6
Pekinska PatkaBiti Ruzan Pametan i Mlad [7''] VBR 1705
Pekinska PatkaPlitka Poezija VBR 18147.58
PennywiseA Word From The Wise - Wildcard198912817.1
PennywiseTime To Burn - Recorded in Trenton, NJ199312856.6
PennywiseUnknown Road199312838.3
PennywiseAbout Time199512829.5
PennywiseLast Night In Town - Recorded at the Garage in London, 22.09.95199512848.4
PennywiseUnderdogs - Recorded in Santa Monica199512851.9
PennywiseFull Circle199712883.4
PennywiseWarped Tour '97 - Recorded in St. Paul, MN (17.07.97)199712835.8
PennywiseDenver - Recorded in Denver, CO199912849.2
PennywiseLive In Philly - Recorded in Philadelphia, PA 1999 (Straight Ahead Tour)199912843.7
PennywiseStraight Ahead199912844.4
PennywiseWarped Tour '99 - Recorded in 1999 @ Van's Warped Tour199912816.9
PennywiseLive At The Key Club200012871.9
PennywiseHBO Reverb - Los Angeles, CA, 12.06.2001200112824.8
PennywiseLand Of The Free200112854.3
PennywiseFrom The Ashes200312894.2
PennywiseThe Fuse200512877.5
PerkeleFrn Flykt Till Kamp199812818.3
PerkeleVoice Of Anger200119254.2
PerkeleNo Shame200212836.6
PerkeleStories From The Past200419260.8
Persiana jonesBrivido caldo199719157.2
Persiana JonesPuerto Hurraco199912843.4
Persiana JonesAgarra La Onda 19256.7
Persiana JonesShow 12844.5
Persiana JonesSiamo Circondati 12843.5
Persiana Jones Brace For Impact200321747.4
Persiana Jones Another Show CD 1200425678.7
Persiana Jones Another Show CD 2200425675.3
Pinhead GunpowderFahizah [EP]19921929.9
Pinhead GunpowderJump Salty199419234.1
Pinhead GunpowderCarry The Banner199512813.2
Pinhead GunpowderGoodbye Ellston Avenue199719233
Pinhead GunpowderShoot The Moon199912811
Pinhead GunpowderCompulsive Disclosure 200319219.6
Pistol GripThe Shots From the Kalico Rose200119247.1
Pistol GripAnother Round 200319252.5
Pistol GripTear It All Down200422757.5
Plus 44When Your Heart Stops Beating (Promo CDS)2006vbr6.3
Podworkowi ChuliganiJest ciezko 25653
Podworkowi Chuligani Powrot Na Ulice199922477.8
Pogues, theRed Roses For Me198412836.9
Pogues, theRum Sodomy & The Lash198512841.6
Pogues, theIf I Should Fall From Grace With God198712847.5
Pogues, theYeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah198812812.4
Pogues, thePeace And Love198912841.3
Pogues, theHell's Ditch199012838.2
Pogues, theThe Best Of The Pogues199112848.2
Pogues, theWaiting For Herb199312842.7
Pogues, thePogue Mahaone199512840.2
Poison IdeaLatest Will and Testament200632066.3
Poison The WellTear From The Red 200219241.8
Poison The WellYou Come Before You200319259.2
Poison The WellDistance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder- 33.1
Poison The WellOpposite of December 12825.6
Popper KlopperKalashnikov Blues199619261.6
Popper KlopperWer Sich Nich Wehrt...Der Lebt Verkehrt199719268.1
Popper KlopperNadel Verpflichtet199812827.1
Popper Klopper10 Jahre Popper Klopper Live [2CD}199916096
Popper KlopperAlles Wird Gut200016055.9
Popper KlopperAlles Wird Gut200016055.9
Popper KlopperKeine Geheimnisse [EP] + Bonus Tracks200116026
Popper KlopperLearning To Die200112831
Popper KlopperNo Compromise200412829.8
Popper KlopperHorrorskop [Ep]200419212.4
Popper Klopper Nadel Verpflichtet199816027.1
Popsters, TheEverything I Want200119235.5
Popsters, theThe Scene [CDS]200632024
Popsters, theAll Of You200619248.5
Porkers, theGrunt!199512829.8
Porkers, theTime Will Tell199719269.7
Porkers, theHot Dog Daiquiri 19270.2
Porkers, theProtex Blue & The Chinkees 12826.2
PotshotPots And Shots199719255.5
PotshotRock' n 'Roll199819228.1
Potshot'till I Die199912842.2
PotshotThe Beat Goes On200519247.4
PotshotSix Potshot Rockers 32080.1
Presidents Of The USA, theThe Presidents Of The USA199519252.2
Presidents Of The USA, theThe Presidents Of The USA II199619256.9
Presidents Of The USA, thePure Frosting199819260.8
Presidents Of The USA, thePure Frosting200019249.8
Proi!ektJeden Pro Druhho2004vbr34.8
PropagandhiHow To Clean A Couple Of Things 7''19931926.9
PropagandhiHow To Clean Everything199319246.7
PropagandhiWhere Quality Is Job #1199419230.1
PropagandhiLive - 'Yep' The Whole, Minneapolis, Mn 04-07-95199519253.8
PropagandhiLive In Berkeley199519229.7
PropagandhiLess Talk More Rock199619235.7
PropagandhiLive (12-16-96)199612823.2
PropagandhiLive At The Daily Grind 5-20-96199619258.8
PropagandhiLive - 12.16.97 - Houston, Tx199716028.6
PropagandhiReclaim The Streets 7inch (Vinyl Bootleg)199819212.9
PropagandhiWhere Quantity Is Job #1199819297.1
PropagandhiToday's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes200019246
Propagandhi01.13.01 Rock For Choice, Vancouver, BC200119255.1
PropagandhiLive At The Embassy (London 2001)200119280.1
PropagandhiLive At The Trashateria In Guelph Ont200119285.8
PropagandhiMarch 3 2001 - Congress Theater, Chicago200119274.7
PropagandhiLive (08-21-2002)200219294
PropagandhiPotemkin City Limits200512867.5
PropagandhiCurse Of The MTV Punks 12829.9
PropagandhiDemo 1609.8
PropagandhiLetter Of Resignation 7 inch 1603.8
PropagandhiLive In Portugal 12824.8
Pushers, theThis is Now!200332047.5
Queers, theLove Me Ep 7''198219211.3
Queers, theKicked Out Of The Webelos EP 7''198419211.2
Queers, theMy Old Mans A Fatso Single Ep19851927.2
Queers, theGrow Up199019247.5
Queers, theLive In Chicago Ep199319213.1
Queers, theLove Songs For The Retarded199316038.5
Queers, theToo Dumb To Quit! Ep19931607
Queers, theBeat Off199423840.5
Queers, theLook Ma No Flannel 7''19941287.3
Queers, theRocket To Russia199419239.2
Queers, theA Day Late And A Dollar Short199512855.3
Queers, theMove Back Home199512822.4
Queers, theSurf Goddess Ep199519215
Queers, theVM Live (24-2-95)199522318.7
Queers, theBubblegum Dreams Ep199622616.1
Queers, theDon't Back Down199619256.3
Queers, theSuck This (Live)199632057.2
Queers, theEverything's Ok Ep19981287.9
Queers, thePunk Rock Confidential199816043.9
Queers, theLater Days And Better Lays199920683.1
Queers, theBeyond The Valley Of The Assfuckers200019243.8
Queers, theLive In West Hollywood200119271.9
Queers, theToday Ep200116011.6
Queers, thePleasant Screams200219261.3
Queers, theSummer Hits, vol. 1200422047.3
Queers, theShout At The Queers 22460.1
Raised FistYou're Not Like Me199419221.3
Raised FistStronger Than Ever199619227.6
Raised FistFuel199819241
Raised FistIgnoring The Guidelines200019237.3
Raised FistWatch Your Step Kid200119257.8
Raised FistDedication200219248.7
Raised FistSound of the Republic200632060.8
RamonesLeave Home197716036.4
RamonesRocket To Russia197716036.6
RamonesRoad To Ruin197816035.7
RamonesIt's Alive197916062.4
RamonesEnd Of The Century198016039.1
RamonesPleasant Dreams198116040
RamonesSubterranean Jungle198316038.3
RamonesToo tough to die198416041.8
RamonesAnimal Boy198616036.7
RamonesHalfway To Sanity198716034.4
RamonesBrain drain198916040.1
RamonesAll The Stuff (And More) CD1199016079.8
RamonesAll The Stuff (And More) CD2199116084.8
RamonesLoco Live [Original Version]199116079.6
RamonesLoco Live [US Version]199116077.6
RamonesMondo Bizarro199216042.6
RamonesAcid Eaters199416035.6
Ramones!Adios Amigos!199516041.6
RamonesGreatest Hits Live199616043.1
RamonesWe're Outta Here!199716073.9
Ramonez 77 Rest in Pace200432080
RancidI'm Not The Only One199219215.5
RancidRancid 7 inch199212810.5
RancidLet's Go1994320101.6
RancidRadio Radio Radio EP199419212.5
RancidRuudmes1994 74.6
RancidAnd Out Come The Wolves199519268.7
RancidLive In San Francisco199512858
RancidRuby Soho199532016.2
RancidSee Ya In The Pit BBC Sessions (Bootleg)199516011.4
RancidTime Bomb19951929.3
RancidLife Won't Wait199819288
RancidBrad Logan19981923.5
RancidHoligans Single199819213.3
RancidLive Show199812830.4
RancidWarped Tour In Seattle199816035.4
RancidBoard Stiff [Live]199812830.4
RancidSee Ya In The Pit199912856.4
RancidB-Sides Collection200019240.9
RancidDemos from the Pit200012848
RancidLet Me Go200019210.2
RancidLive In New York200012840.4
RancidLive In Sweden200012849.9
RancidLive In Tokyo200012857
RancidRancid City Rockers20001285.5
RancidRudeboys In Germany200012830.1
RancidNew Confirmation \ disc 1200219269.7
RancidNew Confirmation \ disc 2200219298
RancidFall Back Down [EP]20031285.9
RancidLive In Rock City, Nottingham [Bootleg]200312852.2
RancidLive Reconstruction Tour - Berlin, Germany [09-04-03]200319267.6
RancidAcoustic Live200319225.4
RancidDemolition Sessions 12853.7
RancidGive 'Em The Boot 19272
RancidGrease And Garbage 12866.7
RancidRoots Radicals EP 1285.6
Rancid Live At Bizarre (08.22.1998)1998 50.6
RandyNo Carrots For The Rehabilitated [MCD]1992CBR 1285.258
RandyEducation for Unemployment [MCD]1993CBR 1929.083
RandyThere's No Way We're Gonna Fit In1994VBR 16142.54
RandyThe Rest Is Silence1996CBR 16035.97
RandyOut Of Nothing Comes Nothing [7'']1998CBR 1928.496
RandyYou Can't Keep a Good Band1999CBR 12832.22
RandyCheater [EP]2001CBR 22421.12
RandyFat Club [7'']2001CBR 19211.85
RandyThe Human Atom Bombs2001CBR 19252.39
RandyRandy The Band2005VBR 22759.04
Rasta KnastDie Katze Beit In Draht199912828
Rasta KnastLegal Kriminal199919241.8
Rasta KnastBandera Pirata200112827.5
RawsidePolice Terror199512826.8
RawsideVorkriegsjugend EP1996563.94
RawsideOut of Control199812848.6
RawsideDemo (Tape)12813.5
Reach The SkySo Far From Home 199912826.9
Reach The SkyThe Transient Hearts [EP]200219216.9
Reach The SkyFriends, Lies and The End Of The World (Promo) 19244.3
Red LondonDays Like These200419250.1
Reel Big FishTurn The Radio Off199612841.1
Reel Big FishWhy Do They Rock So Hard199816084.7
Reel Big FishEverything Sucks200012858.4
Reel Big FishViva La Internet200119288.2
Reel Big FishCheer Up!2002256115.6
Reel Big FishFavorite Noise200212844.4
Reel Big FishThe Show Must Go Off. Live, DVDrip2003192139
Reel Big FishWe're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy200532086.8
Reel Big FishSell Out 1128.6
RefusedThis Is The New Deal [EP]199312815
RefusedThis Just Might Be... The Truth199412828.7
RefusedEverlasting (EP)199512820.8
RefusedSongs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent199512828.1
RefusedThe New Noise Theology E.P199812819.7
RefusedThe Shape of Punk to Come200421385.1
RefusedThe Demo Compilation 12851.4
RefusedThe E.P. Compilation 12855
Rejected YouthAngry Kids200516036.8
Remebering NeverGod Save Us2006vbr57
ResetNo Limits200412832.8
Rise AgainstTransistor Revolt [demo]200012811.7
Rise AgainstThe Unraveling200125667.3
Rise AgainstLive Birmingham200319247.7
Rise AgainstLive at Voz do Operario Lisbon [Portugal]200319255.8
Rise AgainstRevolutions Per Minute200319247.9
Rise AgainstSiren Song Of The Counter Culture200421464.8
Rise AgainstBig Day Out [Live Sydney]2005vbr34.3
Rise AgainstRadio Revolution Acoustic_Session20063207.43
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer and The Witness2006vbr72.6
River City RebelsRacism, Religion, and War2000CBR 19233.86
River City RebelsPlaying To Live, Living To Play2001CBR 19243.38
River City RebelsNo Good No Time No Pride2002CBR 19241.12
RiverdalesStorm The Streets199719244
RiverdalesPhase Three200319232.2
RiverdalesBlood On The Ice 7"1604.37
Roger Miret And The DisastersRoger Miret And The Disasters200219243.2
Roger Miret And The Disasters1984200525654.4
Roger Miret and the DisastersMy Riot200632056.5
Rollins BandDo It198819295.7
Rollins BandLife Time198819273.8
Rollins BandHard Volume1989192104.9
Rollins BandThe End Of Silence199219299.5
Rollins BandWeight199419273.3
Rollins BandCome In And Burn199719274
Rollins BandGet Some - Go Again200019281.1
Rollins BandNice200119271.1
Royal FingersWild Eleki Deluxe200125673.9
RufioPerhaps, I suppose199822472.2
RufioThe Comfort of Home200532065
Rx Bandits...And The Battle Begun2006vbr81.9
S.O.B.U.T.Judgement Crew199712834.6
S.O.B.U.T.SOBUT x We Go!20011289.6
S.O.B.U.T.Bite The World200225610.6
S.O.B.U.T.Sound Stupid200325651.1
S.O.B.U.T.Samurai Bitches200412848.9
Satanic SurfersSkate to Hell (EP)199319215.7
Satanic SurfersKeep Out! (EP)199412817
Satanic SurfersHero Of Our Time199612829.5
Satanic Surfers666 Motor Inn199712833.8
Satanic SurfersGoing Nowhere Fast199912823.5
Satanic SurfersFragments And Fractions200012823.8
Satanic SurfersSongs From The Crypt200119235.4
Satanic SurfersUnconsciously Confined200212824
Satanic SurfersTaste the Poison200532053.7
Satanic SurfersLive 12.10.05 Arena Wien (Austria)200512845.9
Satanic SurfersHero Of Our Time 12828.6
Save ferrisIt Means Everything199712811.6
Say AnythingIs A Real Boy200424294.8
Scream Of The Presidents2 Sick Bastards200416716.9
Scream Of The PresidentsWho Killed The Monkey200518312.8
Screeching WeaselDemo198719261.8
Screeching WeaselScreeching Weasel198719286.5
Screeching WeaselBoogadaboogadaboogada198819257
Screeching WeaselMy Brain Hurts199119242.8
Screeching WeaselPervo Devo 7 Inch199119210.1
Screeching WeaselPunk House199119213.3
Screeching WeaselHappy, Horny, Gay, Sassy199219225.8
Screeching WeaselRamones199232058.3
Screeching WeaselSnappy Answers For Stupid Questions199219214.1
Screeching WeaselWiggle199219262.8
Screeching WeaselAnthem For A New Tomorrow199319246.5
Screeching WeaselRadio Blast (Ep)19931929.8
Screeching WeaselScreaming Otter Live199325678
Screeching WeaselYou Broke My Fucking Heart199319211.2
Screeching WeaselHow To Make Enemies & Irritate People199419238.5
Screeching WeaselSuzanne Is Getting Married (Ep)19942568.9
Screeching WeaselKill The Musicians1995235116.8
Screeching WeaselBark Like A Dog199619248.3
Screeching WeaselFormula 27199719211.8
Screeching WeaselBeat Is On The Brat199819247.9
Screeching WeaselMajor Label Debut199825619.2
Screeching WeaselTelevision City Dream199819237.8
Screeching WeaselEmo199919253.3
Screeching WeaselFour On The Floor Ep19991286.4
Screeching WeaselJesus Hates You [EP]199919211.8
Screeching WeaselFirst Show In 7 Years200016034.9
Screeching WeaselTeen Punks In Heat200019250.1
Screeching WeaselThank You Very Little \ CD1200019291.7
Screeching WeaselThank You Very Little \ CD2200019270.5
Screeching WeaselWeasel Mania2005VBR 242130.1
Screeching WeaselLive WFMU Radio 22458.6
Screeching WeaselPunk Rock Superheroes 19298
Self DestructViolent Affair (EP)20011289.7
Senses FailLet It Enfold You200419262.5
Sham 69Tell Us The Truth197812829.6
Sham 69Thats life 197825670.8
Sham 69The Adventures Of Hersham Boys197919262.7
Sham 69The Game198011235.2
Sham 69The Complete SHAM 69 (Live)198919262
Sham 69Kings & Queens 199519236.1
Sham 69The A Files199712840.8
Sham 69Punk Rock Fiction Presents19971608.08
Sham 69The Punk Singles Collection 77-80199812855.6
Sham 69 BBC Radio 1 Live197916036.7
Shark SoupFatlip Showbox200512833.6
ShelterQuest For Certainty199525651
ShelterBeyond Planet Earth199725679.5
ShelterWhen 20 Summers Pass200025660.3
ShelterThe Purpose The Passion200125679.6
ShootkiThe Skatastrophe200532085.5
Sick Of It AllSick Of It All198719213.9
Sick Of It AllBlood, Sweat, And No Tears198932062.9
Sick Of It AllWe Stand Alone199132062.9
Sick Of It AllJust Look Around199219240.7
Sick Of It AllScratch The Surface199419248.5
Sick Of It AllBuilt To Last199719254
Sick Of It AllCall To Arms199919245.4
Sick Of It AllYour Truly200019252.8
Sick Of It AllLife On The Ropes200319252.8
Sick Of It AllOuttakes For The Outcast200412843.7
Sick Of It AllDeath To Tyrants200632062.8
Simple PlanNo Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls200219255.1
Simple PlanStill Not Getting Any200419261
SinkholeSpace Freak199419237.9
SinkholeCore Sample199619238
Ska Ska ClubFrom The Warehouse200019215.5
Ska Ska ClubTwelve Ways To Go200112835.8
SkafaceSunday In The Dark With Norm EP199319214
SkafaceAsk Caf199519267.8
SkaferlatineBasta basta199516058.8
SkaferlatineEn chantier199716051.9
SkalinersStinkfoot In Motion200312830.7
Skami SkaFusivisibilmente 19266.3
SkampararasHave fun!!!(Bawcie sie!!!) 19240.6
SkampararasJednosc i zwyciestwo 16045.4
SkanatraSkanatra 199812835.3
Skandalous All-starsAge of insects 199919258.7
Skankin PickleThe Green Album 199619291.3
Skankin PickleSkafunkrastapunk 22476.5
SkaosBack to life1996192107
SkaosHam & Eggs200019271.3
SkaosBreaking The Curfew (Live)200219286.5
SkaosPorno 75 19280
SkaosCatch This Beat 12833
Skaos Pocomania200521583
Ska-PEn Concierto199819228.5
Ska-PEl Vals Del Obrero199919261.2
Ska-PPlaneta Eskoria200019278.9
Ska-P!! Que Corra La Voz !!200219264.7
SkarfaceCheap Puonk Skaaaaa!199212845
SkarfaceHold Up In Ska City199319670.6
SkarfaceLive, Panic & Chaos199419283.7
SkarfaceSex, Scooters & Rock'N'Roll 199519265.6
SkarfaceSkankuat Nec Mergitur!!!!!199619272.9
SkarfaceSkuck Off!!199719266.4
SkarfaceFull Fool Rules199819279.6
SkarfaceBest & Next199919288.3
SkarfaceLast Music Warriors200019282.5
SkarfaceMerci 200119275.1
SkarfaceMythic Enemy200312851.1
SkarlatinesInstrumental 90% 200112821.6
SkatalaFent d'aqui 200119261.8
Skatalites & Don DrummondSka Boo-Da-Ba Top Sounds From Top Deck, Vol. 3 25672
Skatalites & FriendsHog In A Cocoa199922459.7
Skatalites & Laurel AitkenThe Clash of the Ska Titans 12842.4
Skatalites & Lloyd BrevettAfrican Roots200119267.8
Skatalites & Lord TanamoIn the Mood for Ska 16049.3
Skatalites & Tommy McCookLatin Goes Ska 256120.4
Skatalites, theThe Skatalites!196922453.6
Skatalites, theKumbwa Jazz Club Santa Cruz 2790199016087
Skatalites, theSka Voovee199319278.3
Skatalites, theHi-Bop Ska199425693.1
Skatalites, theGartoon's Vail 72895 part 2199512872.9
Skatalites, theAfrican roots199516056.5
Skatalites, theFoundation SKA1996192171
Skatalites, theGreetings From Skamania199719274.8
Skatalites, theBall Of Fire1998256118
Skatalites, theLive At The BBC199816078.2
Skatalites, theMusical Communion199922468.1
Skatalites, theSka splash (Disc 1)1999192101
Skatalites, theSka splash (Disc 2)199919295.1
Skatalites, theHeroes Of Reggae In Dub199912829.6
Skatalites, theBashaka200019287
Skatalites, theMusical Communion200138.9
Skatalites, theFrom Paris With Love200219251.9
Skatalites, theSHANACHIE2002VBR96
Skatalites, theGuns Of Narone (The Best Of Skatalites)2003192100
Skatalites, theRoots Party Live in Brussels2003320180
Skatalites, theLive at Lokerse Feesten [DVD Rip]2006320197
Skatalites, theReturn Of The Big Guns 19253.9
Skatalites, theStretching Out 192123.5
Skin Of TearsShit Happens199528182.1
Skin Of TearsBlinded199519227.8
Skin Of TearsUp the Cups199919252
Skin Of TearsOut of Line200112851.1
Skin Of TearsAfter Eighties200219237
Skin Of TearsAss it is200412862.7
SkullsThe White Side Of The Moon200325692.2
Slackers, theRedlight199712843.89
Slackers, theThe Question199812862.4
Slackers, the2000 - Live At Ernesto's200019277.7
Slackers, theThe Slackers and Friends200216066.79
Slackers, theClose My Eyes200316054.91
Slackers, theInternational War Criminal [EP]200412816.59
SleepingBelieve What We Tell You200411289.6
Slick ShoesRusty1997CBR 19252.02
Slick ShoesBurn Out199912833.1
Slick ShoesWake up screaming2000CBR 19251.33
Slick ShoesSlick Shoes2002CBR 19243.85
Slick ShoesFar From Nowhere200319246.2
Slick ShoesThe Biggest And The Best ( 19260.8
Sloppy SecondsKnock Your Block Off199319251.1
Sloppy SecondsDestroyed199419257.4
Sloppy SecondsLive No Time For Tuning199619268
Sloppy SecondsMore Trouble Than They're Worth1998VBR47.2
Sloppy SecondsThe First Seven Inch ...And Then Some!19245.8
Smoke or FireAbove the City200525634.7
SnuffDemmamussabebonk1996CBR 12831.12
SnuffLong Ball To No One [EP]1996CBR 1289.323
SnuffIn the Fishtank [EP]1998CBR 19213.92
SnuffScminkie Minkie Pinkie [EP]1998CBR 1286.74
SnuffTweet Tweet My Lovely1998CBR 12829.09
SnuffNumb Nuts200019243.4
SnuffSweet Days [EP]2000CBR 1288.189
SnuffBlue Gravy Phase 92001CBR 19229.95
SobutKickin' Your Head199632040
Social DistortionDemos198019224.1
Social DistortionLive at Galaxy198219258.3
Social DistortionPrison Bound1988 38
Social DistortionSocial Distortion199019257.1
Social DistortionGirls, Cars & Loud Guitars199219245.2
Social DistortionSomewhere Between Heaven And Hell199219260.8
Social DistortionCanada [Promo EP]199312815.8
Social DistortionMainliner, Wreckage From The Past199516028.3
Social DistortionWhen The Angels Sing [EP]199616015.8
Social DistortionWhite Light, White Heat, White Trash1996 57.9
Social DistortionLive At The Roxy1998192105.3
Social DistortionLive At KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 12.12.2004200414640
Social DistortionSex, Love And Rock'n'Roll200419257.4
Social DistortionLive In Orange County2004170-190 VBR96.3
SorrowCrazy Buzz Buggy 19225.4
SoviettesLP III200525652.3
SpazzysSunshine Drive 7''200219214
SpazzysAloha! Go Bananas2004VBR56
SpazzysPaco Doesn't Love Me 7''200419210.3
Specials, TheThe Specials Singles199122493.3
Specials, TheSkinhead Girl200219268.9
SpitballThe World Around Me200019248.2
SplitsJello Biafra & D.O.A (Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors)198919241.9
SplitsJello Biafra & Nomeansno (Sky Is Falling & I Want My Mommy)199119251.2
SplitsSatanic Surfers & Concrete Cell (EP)- 14.4
SplitsJesus Skins & Jewdriver 24150.3
SplitsLess Than Jake & Against All Authority 19210.5
SplitsTerror & Ringworm  12
SplitsTerror & The promise & Plan of attack  14.5
SplitsZSK & Blowing Fuse 19230.6
SS-kaliertA.C.A.B. (Demo) 32034.3
Stage BottlesWe Need a New Flag200419258.1
Starting LineSay It Like You Mean It200219264.8
Starting LineMake Yourself At Home200319228.2
Stomper 98Jetzt Erst Recht200312837.5
Stooges, theThe Stooges196912831.4
Stooges, theFunhouse197012833.3
Stooges, theRaw Power197312830.5
Street DogsFading American Dream2006vbr73.5
Street MachineRealita wma 12834.6
Streetlight ManifestoEverything Goes Numb2003320126.2
Streetlight ManifestoKeasbey Nights200632072.1
Stretch Arm StrongCompassion Fills The Void199912825.3
Stretch Arm StrongA Revolution Transmission200119253.7
Stretch Arm StrongEngage200319245.9
Stretch Arm StrongFree at Last200523439.5
Strike AnywhereExit English200316037
Strike AnywhereTo Live in Discontent (Compilation Album)200516042.9
Strike AnywhereDead FM2006vbr57.2
Strung OutAnother Day In Paradise1996CBR 19240.49
Strung OutSuburban Teenage Wasteland Blues1996CBR 19245.04
Strung OutTwisted By Design1998CBR 19250.3
Strung OutThe Element Of Sonic Defiance2000CBR 19244.18
Strung OutAn American Paradox200219256.6
Strung OutLive In A Dive200319293.7
Strung OutExile In Oblivion200422674.9
Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies198316032.3
Suicidal TendenciesJoin The Army198712835.6
Suicidal TendenciesLights Camera Revolution199012839.3
Suicidal TendenciesStill Cyco After All These Years199312833.9
Suicidal TendenciesFree Your Soul... And Save My Mind2000320129.2
Suicide Machines, theDestruction By Definition199632086.4
Suicide Machines, theBattle Hymns199812829.1
Suicide Machines, theLive Suicide200019233.8
Suicide Machines, theSuicide Machines200019246.4
Suicide Machines, theSteal This Record200125673.2
Suicide Machines, theA Match And Some Gasoline200319243.6
Suicide Machines, theWar Profiteering Is Killing Us All!200525148.7
Sum 41Half Hour Of Power200031257.2
Sum 41All Killer No Filler200119244.4
Sum 41Does This Look Infected200219242.8
Sum 41Chuck200412852.1
T.S.O.L.Beneath the Shadows198216039.5
T.S.O.L.Revenge1986CBR 19244.07
T.S.O.L.Thoughts Of Yesterday199812818.1
T.S.O.L.Disappear2001CBR 19240.59
T.S.O.L.Divided We Stand200312832.7
T.S.O.L.Who's Screwin Who2005320101.4
T.S.O.L.Dance With Me12823.8
Tagada JonesLe Feu Aux Poudres2006vbr98.6
Teen IdolsTeen Idols199717328.1
Teen IdolsPucker Up!199919242
Teen IdolsFull Leather Jacket200019245
Teen IdolsNothing To Prove200319246.2
Teen Idols100 (EP)199611.2
Teenage BottlerocketTotal200519241.1
Teenage BottlerocketAnother Way 12''19230.1
Ten Foot PoleUnleashed1997CBR 12829.96
Ten Foot PoleInsider1998CBR 12830.7
Ten Foot PoleSubliminable Messages200423153.5
Ten Foot PoleLive at Miami199937
TerrorLowest of the Low200319222.8
TerrorOne with the Underdogs2004256/32054.9
TerrorAlways the Hard Way200622450.7
Thug MurderThe 13th Round200116038.3
Tiger ArmyTiger Army199919244.8
Tiger ArmyTiger Army II (Power Of Moonlite)200119249.8
Tiger ArmyLive At The Galaxy Theatre200116045
Tiger ArmyEarly Years EP200219216.6
Tiger ArmyIII Ghost Tigers Rise2004VBR18671.87
Time AgainTime Again (EP)2005vbr24.3
Time AgainStories are True200632064
TOETake Off Eh!1999CBR 16031.47
TOEThe Moment I Cauterize2001CBR 16043.33
Toe To ToeOld scores, new glories 32046
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraSkapara Tojo199019255.2
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraLive199119231.2
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraPioneers199312844.7
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraFantasia199419281.2
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraFull-Tension Beaters200012845.6
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraStompin' on Down Beat Alle200219273.1
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraUtsukushiku moeru mori (SP200219226.4
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraOn Tour2004192105
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraHigh Numbers 19272.9
Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraSka Evangelists (Dvdrip Live) 192131.5
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Gunslingers 12856.4
Toro BravoGreatest Hits1998vbr25.9
Toro BravoKelias200019243.4
Toro BravoDemo200319213.6
Toro BravoSvente Nesibaigia200419234.5
Toro BravoKeisti Iprociai20051926.5
Total ChaosPledge of Defiance199419239
Total ChaosPatriotic Shock199519243.4
Total chaosAnthems from the alleyway199632095
Total ChaosFreedom Kills200419257.4
Toxic NarcoticNew Ways To Create Waste19931285.75
Toxic Narcotic89-99200012834.6
Toxic NarcoticWe're All Doomed200219242
Toxic NarcoticShoot People Not Dope [EP]200319218.1
Toxic NarcoticCentury Celebration 21200532059.6
Toxic Narcotic2 oz Slab of Hate1289.96
Toxic NarcoticDamn Near Killed 'em12812.2
Toxic NarcoticPopullution 7inch19214.6
Toxic NarcoticToxic Narcotic12835.9
Toy DollsDig That Groove Baby198316039
Toy DollsWonderfull World198312816.1
Toy DollsA Far Out Disc198516044.4
Toy DollsJames Bond (Ep)198516014.2
Toy DollsIdle Gossip198616041.5
Toy DollsSingles 83-84198616027.4
Toy DollsBare Faced Cheek198716037.6
Toy DollsTen Years Of Toys198916053.8
Toy DollsWakey Wakey!198916035.9
Toy Dolls22 Tunes Live From Tokyo (part 1)199016031.7
Toy Dolls22 Tunes Live From Tokyo (part 2)199016037.8
Toy DollsFat Bob's Feet199116039.9
Toy DollsAbsurd Ditties199319250.4
Toy DollsOrcastrated199516040.5
Toy DollsOne More Megabyte199716043.8
Toy DollsThe History 1979-19961997192167.5
Toy DollsOn Stage In Stuttgart (part 1)199916036.6
Toy DollsOn Stage In Stuttgart (part 2)199916046.3
Toy DollsAnniversary Anthems200016042.3
Toy DollsCovered In Toy Dolls200219264.3
Toy DollsOur Last Album200419255.4
Trabalhar Para MorrerTrabalhar Para Morrer199925637.8
TransplantsDiamonds And Guns (Single)200319210.7
TransplantsDJ DJ (Single)200319211.7
TransplantsLive At KROQ Weenie Roast200515029.6
Transplants, theTransplants200212862.2
Transplants, theDj dj (Single)200319211.6
Transplants, theLive on Jimmy kimmel20031927.41
Transplants, theGangsters And Thugs200521416.3
Transplants, theHaunted Cities200522662.1
TravoltasBaja California199619244.2
TravoltasFrom The Secret Vaults Of Weismaller200019297.4
TravoltasClub Nouveau200119268.7
TravoltasEndless Summer2002CBR 32074.23
TravoltasThe Singles Collection2002CBR 19258.16
TravoltasTravolta's Party200319261.9
TravoltasThe Highschool Reunion200421056.5
TributeRamones - Gabba Gabba Hey1991 109
TributeMisfits - Hell On Earth1996 57.9
TributePixies - Where Is My Mind1999 40.3
TributeRamones Maniacs2000 122
TributeRamones - Rock&Roll Radio (Spanish Tribute)2002 110
TributeWhat were we fighting for - tribute to Dead kennedys200319250.6
TributeBlack Flag - Black On Black2003 40.4
Tributes Burning London (The Clash Tribute) 19257.5
Tributes Misfits Of Ska 19275.6
Tributes Tribute To Operation Ivy (Japan) 19245.3
Tributes Tribute To The Business 19254
Tributes Voice Of A New Generation (Tribute To Blitz) 19253.5
Tributes Walk Towards The Future (Jun Sky Walker(s) Tribute) 12852.6
Tributes We Are The People (Tribute To Angelic Upstarts) 19258.9
Tsunami BombB-Movie Queens19991287.3
Tsunami BombMayhem On The High Seas199912810.5
Tsunami BombThe Invasion from Within EP200019221.2
Tsunami BombThe Ultimate Escape200232078.5
Tsunami BombDefinitive Act200412864.2
Twenty2Still Busy2005VBR 24664.34
U.K. SubsAnother Kind Of Blues197919245.8
U.K. SubsShe's Not There1979vbr8
U.K. SubsBrand New Age198019242.1
U.K. SubsParty In Paris1980vbr6.9
U.K. SubsWarhead198012837.7
U.K. SubsDiminished Responsibility198119246.1
U.K. SubsEndangered Species198419252.1
U.K. SubsIn Action198612868.8
U.K. SubsSingles 1978 - 1982199319282.4
U.K. SubsPunk Can Take It (rare and unreleased 79-82)1996320107.1
U.K. SubsSelf Destruct (Punk Can Take It II)199632091.1
U.K. SubsRiot199732069.5
U.K. SubsQuintessentials199712830.4
U.K. SubsLive In The Warzone199819274.1
U.K. SubsThe Revolutions Here200019225
U.K. SubsTime Warp Greatest Hits200119265.4
U.K. SubsUniversal200219252.9
U.S. BombsGaribaldi Guard!199625667.4
U.S. BombsNever Mind the Opened Minds199725655.5
U.S. BombsWar Birth199719255.6
U.S. BombsPut Strength In The Final Blow199925654.3
U.S. BombsThe World199922468.3
U.S. BombsBack At The Laundromat200119244
U.S. BombsLost In America200219258.8
U.S. BombsCover Action200319242
U.S. BombsWe are the Problem200632055.5
Uniform choiceStraight and alert 19254.7
Union 13East Los Presents199719243.5
Union 13Symptoms Of Humanity200319250.5
Unseen, theProtect And Serve19961288.4
Unseen, theRaise Your Finger, Raise Your Fist19961288.3
Unseen, theLower Class Crucifixion (UK)1998wma 6414.2
Unseen, theSo This Freedom1999 29.2
Unseen, theTotally Unseen200012823.6
Unseen, theThe Anger & The Truth200112824.2
Unseen, theComplete Singles Collection 1994-2000200231195.4
Unseen, theExplode200319229.9
Unseen, theState Of Discontent200523457
Unwritten LawBlue Room1994CBR 12829.65
Useless IDGet Into The Pita Bread Pit199912821
Useless IDBad Story Happy Ending200119245.5
Useless IDNo Vacation from the World200322456.5
Useless IDRedemption200412833.7
Useless IDDead's Not Punk 12827.4
Useless IDFirst Demo (Rare!) 12816.8
VAGive 'Em the Boot V200622478.9
VATributo ao Rancid [EP]200612820.9
VAThis is Horrorpunk320140
VAThis is Horrorpunk 2 ... the Terror Continues320173
Vandals, thePeace Thru Vandalism199112814.2
Vandals, theWhen In Rome Do As The Vandals199212828.1
Vandals, theLive Fast Diarrhea199512829
Vandals, theOi To The World!199612832
Vandals, theThe Quickening199612826.2
Vandals, theHitler Bad Vandals Good199812834.4
Vandals, theLook What I Almost Stepped In200016044
Vanilla MuffinsThe Devil Is Swiss2000CBR 16028.83
Vanilla MuffinsHail! Hail! Sugar Oi! (CD1)2001CBR 19287.27
Vanilla MuffinsHail! Hail! Sugar Oi! (CD2)2001CBR 19284.72
Vanilla MuffinsThe Drug Is Football2003CBR 19262.18
Various ArtistsThrash 'Til Death198619247.4
Various ArtistsBloodstains Across Finland199616055.4
Various ArtistsVision - All Areas Vol.6200019268.7
Various ArtistsThe International Language Of Love200312838.8
Various Artists (Compilation)Rock 'n' Roll High School [OST]198125680
Various Artists (Compilation)Ben Weasel Presents Punk USA - The Compilation Soundtrack To Your Breakdown199419251.9
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Music Vol. I Fat Music For Fat People199412832.5
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 1)1994 42.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Music Vol. 2 - Survival Of The Fattest199612838.9
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 2)1996 37.4
Various Artists (Compilation)Give 'Em A Boot I1997320140.8
Various Artists (Compilation)Japan Punk Kills You!199716062.8
Various Artists (Compilation)Lookout! Records - (You're Only As Good) As The Last Great Thing You Did199719268
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Music Vol. 3 - Physical Fatness199719259.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Ska Sucks199816083.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 3)1998 63.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Short Music For Short People199916057.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Wreck 4 - Life In The Fat Lane199916049
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 4)199919281
Various Artists (Compilation)British Oi! (Working Class Anthems)200016059.6
Various Artists (Compilation)Skamikaze vol.12000256130.9
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters, Vol.3 (CD1)200019292.8
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters, Vol.3 (CD2)200019288.9
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 5)200012899.7
Various Artists (Compilation)International Punk Rock Box Set CD12001192100.6
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Wreck 5 - Live Fat, Die Young200119268.4
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters, Vol.4 (CD1)2001192107.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters, Vol.4 (CD2)2001192107.5
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 6)2001 52.9
Various Artists (Compilation)The European Pop-Punk Virus, vol. 12001256125.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Give'em The Boot III2002wma 19298.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Lookout Freakout Vol.2200212862.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Mosh Circle, Jerk Punks200219228.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 7)2002 57.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Warped Tour 2002 Compilation \ CD 1200212860.4
Various Artists (Compilation)Warped Tour 2002 Compilation \ CD 2200212861.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Drive Thru Invasion Tour Compilation200319255.1
Various Artists (Compilation)HC.LV - Compilation of Latvian HC-Punk-Ska music2003320125.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Lookout Freakout ! Episode #3200322493.8
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Goes Acoustic2003192102.9
Various Artists (Compilation)rock'n'roll high school [1]200319248.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk vs. Emo Vol. 1 (Punk)200319297.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk vs. Emo Vol. 2 (Emo)2003192105.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 8) \ CD1200319267.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 8) \ CD2200319269.2
Various Artists (Compilation)The European Poppunk Virus Vol 2200319293.6
Various Artists (Compilation)Warped Tour 2003 Compilation \ Cd12003192107.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Warped Tour 2003 Compilation \ Cd22003192105.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Give'em The Boot IV2004280117
Various Artists (Compilation)Pop Punk Fever 22004205105.2
Various Artists (Compilation)Rocksound - Italian Punk Rock Volume 2200425498
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 9)2004235132.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Warped Tour 2004 Compilation2004253256.9
Various Artists (Compilation) [international]2004218114.1
Various Artists (Compilation)Brewed In Sweden Vol. 3200522498.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Rock Against Floyd200524243.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk-O-Rama (vol. 10)2005233119.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Johnny Hanson Presents... Puck Rock Vol. 2 19268.9
Various Artists (Compilation)OiPunk 12874.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Ska Chartbusters (Limited Edition) 192112.6
Various Artists (Compilation)Ska Chartbusters (Limited Edition) 192112.6
Various Artists (Compilation)SkaGeneration_CD1 19289
Various Artists (Compilation)SkaGeneration_CD2 19284.6
Various Artists (Compilation)Skandal Music 12878.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Spanish Punk Compilation Vol. 2 12844.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Fat Wreck Compilation 256107
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters Vol.3 \ CD1 263127.3
Various Artists (Compilation)Punk Chartbusters Vol.3 \ CD2 263121.4
Various Artists (Compilation)Rock against Bush vol.1 320162.7
Various Artists (Compilation)Rock against Bush vol.2 320167.9
Various Artists (Split)7 Seconds - Kill Your Idols200427315.5
Various Artists (Split)88 Fingers Louie & Kid Dynamite199919217
Various Artists (Split)88 Fingers Louie & Queers, The199816017.6
Various Artists (Split)9 Shocks Terror - Killers19214
Various Artists (Split)9 Way Split2002192101.8
Various Artists (Split)A.F.I. - $wingin' Utter$19951283.7
Various Artists (Split)A.F.I. - Heckle1609.5
Various Artists (Split)Against All Authority - Common Rider 200524832
Various Artists (Split)Against All Authority - The Criminals199919221.5
Various Artists (Split)Against All Authourity - Anti-Flag199619217.1
Various Artists (Split)Agnostic Front - Discipline2002192101.4
Various Artists (Split)Agnostic Front & Sick Of It All & Gorilla Biscuits - Live NYC '2000200019279.3
Various Artists (Split)Alkaline Trio + One Man Army200426158.1
Various Artists (Split)Anti-Flag & Bounsing Souls200219246.1
Various Artists (Split)Anti-Flag & D.B.S199612840.4
Various Artists (Split)Anti-Heros - Blanks 77199716010.6
Various Artists (Split)Antikorper & Aurora199919230.7
Various Artists (Split)Ataris, The - Useless ID200012826
Various Artists (Split)Balzac & SOBUT199912814.2
Various Artists (Split)Chixdiggit! - Groovie Ghoulies199816017.3
Various Artists (Split)Chixdiggit! - Venerea200525617
Various Artists (Split)Dee Dee Ramone - Terrorgruppe200319216.2
Various Artists (Split)Der Steinkopf - Antikoerper200319262.7
Various Artists (Split)Devil Shoots Devil and Set My Path200522464.5
Various Artists (Split)Diagens & Hausvabot (Punk-Rock Without Borders)200419237
Various Artists (Split)Discipline - Argy Bargy200419251
Various Artists (Split)Donnas, The - Groovie Ghoulies1284.2
Various Artists (Split)Donnas, The - Toilet Boys19991285.1
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Agnostic Front199919213.9
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Anti-Heros199825621.5
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Bruisers199716010.8
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Ducky Boys199616012.8
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Face To Face200221026.9
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - H2O200119222
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - Oxymoron19981289.7
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - The Bussines200012825.1
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys - The Vandals20042348.3
Various Artists (Split)Dropkick Murphys-Oxymoron19981289.73
Various Artists (Split)Face To Face - Horace Pinker199319217.1
Various Artists (Split)F-Minus & The Crack Rock Steady Seven200419222.3
Various Artists (Split)Good Riddance - Ensign19971608.8
Various Artists (Split)Good Riddance - Ignite19961609
Various Artists (Split)Good Riddance - Ill Repute 1289.5
Various Artists (Split)Good Riddance - Kill Your Idols200116015.1
Various Artists (Split)Good Riddance - Reliance19971287.1
Various Artists (Split)Huntingtons - Darlington200019265.5
Various Artists (Split)Huntingtons - Retarded200319241.4
Various Artists (Split)Kemuri - Less Than Jake 19216.6
Various Artists (Split)Kill Your Idols - Crime In Stereo200319215
Various Artists (Split)Kill Your Idols - Full Spead Ahead200019213.2
Various Artists (Split)Kill Your Idols - Nerve Agents, The200019215.6
Various Artists (Split)Kill Your Idols - Nerve Agents, The200019215.6
Various Artists (Split)Kill Your Idols - Voorhees 19216.7
Various Artists (Split)Manges, The - McRackins2000320104
Various Artists (Split)Manges, The - Raggity Anne199819211.9
Various Artists (Split)Millencolin & Midtown200119223.3
Various Artists (Split)Minor Threat - Youth Brigade 19226.5
Various Artists (Split)Misfits - Balzac200219211.8
Various Artists (Split)MxPx - McRackins199719213.7
Various Artists (Split)NOFX Rancid byo Split Series Vol III200212834.1
Various Artists (Split)Operation Ivy & Downfall & Rancid 12819.6
Various Artists (Split)Popper Klopper - Anfall199619227
Various Artists (Split)Popsters - Carbona200219229.9
Various Artists (Split)Propagandhi - I Spy199419239.1
Various Artists (Split)Queers, The - Manges200319239.8
Various Artists (Split)Queers, The - Pink Lincolns199419216.2
Various Artists (Split)Queers, The - Sinkhole199519210.2
Various Artists (Split)Retarded - Apers 19235.7
Various Artists (Split)Satanic Surfers & Ten Foot Pole1286.2
Various Artists (Split)Screeching Weasel - Born Against199319214.2
Various Artists (Split)Suicide Machines, the - Potshot200319212.1
Various Artists (Split)Teen Idols - Spread 19220.5
Various Artists (Split)Teen Idols - Squirtgun200323415.1
Various Artists (Split)Teenage Bottlerocket - Prototipes, The19213.2
Various Artists (Split)The Almighty Trigger Happy, Good Riddance, Satanic Surfers, Ill Repute26.4
Various Artists (Split)Toxic Narcotic & A Global Threat20011286.57
Various Artists (Split)When My Authorities Fall & Argument 5.45200432034.8
Various Artists (Split)Wizo & Hi-Standard199712810.3
Various Artists (Tribute)Virus 100 - a Tribute To Dead Kennedys199219275.1
Various Artists (Tribute)Fuck Hell - This Is A Tribute To Bad Religion199619239.7
Various Artists (Tribute)Hell On Earth... Hail To Misfits199612857.9
Various Artists (Tribute)A Tribute to the Misfits (Violent world)199725655.8
Various Artists (Tribute)Blitzkrieg Over You1998320123
Various Artists (Tribute)City Rockers: A Tribute To The Clash1999CBR 12850.36
Various Artists (Tribute)Metalliska200019268.4
Various Artists (Tribute)Never Mind The Sex Pistols : Here's The Tribute2000CBR 12845.6
Various Artists (Tribute)Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi! - Vol I200019291.5
Various Artists (Tribute)1, 2, 3, 4... A Lo-Fi Ramones Tribute [CD1]2001256136.2
Various Artists (Tribute)1, 2, 3, 4... A Lo-Fi Ramones Tribute [CD2]2001256141.2
Various Artists (Tribute)A Punk Tribute To Metallica200119261
Various Artists (Tribute)A Tribute To NOFX200219242.8
Various Artists (Tribute)Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memp200212850.9
Various Artists (Tribute)The Song Ramones The Same200225698.2
Various Artists (Tribute)Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi! - Vol II2002192101.7
Various Artists (Tribute)Hoy Los Ramones, Maana El Mundo - Tributo A Ramones2003154109.6
Various Artists (Tribute)Tributo Locando Ramones200312863.1
Various Artists (Tribute)We're A Happy Family200312839.3
Various Artists (Tribute)Policia - A Tribute To The Police2005VBR 17367.76
Various Artists (Tribute)Todos Somos Ramones (2 CDs)2005CBR 192217.3
Various Artists (Tribute)Black on Black2006vbr75.8
Various Artists (Tribute)A Tribute To 7 Seconds - Fight The World Not Each Other 19247.7
Various Artists (Tribute)Along the Way - a tribute to Bad Religion 9619.2
Various Artists (Tribute)Blue Grass (A Tribute to Blink 182) 19252.1
Various Artists (Tribute)Punk Tribute To Green Day 23254.8
VenereaBoth Ends Burning1997CBR 16037.9
Vindictives, TheLeave Home199862.8256
Vindictives, TheHypno-Punko199966.7128
Vindictives, TheCurious Oddities And The Bare Essentials200350.8192
Vindictives, TheOriginal Masters200452.7192
Vindictives, TheUnplugged200478.4192
Virus, theNowhere To Hide200219237.5
Virus, theBenefits of War20031289.3
Virus, The Nowhere To Hide 12824.8
Virus, The Singles And Rarities 19252.8
Virus, The Still Fighting For A Future 12824.8
VisionWatching the World Burn2000CBR 12825.11
Voice Of A GenerationHollywodd Rebels2001CBR 19241.3
Voodoo Glow Skulls Who Is This Is199325665.8
Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme199525675.6
Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme [Spanish Version]199612837.2
Voodoo Glow Skulls Baile De Los Locos199725664.3
Voodoo Glow Skulls Bullet Proof [Single]19971927
Voodoo Glow Skulls Band Geek Mafia199825681.3
Voodoo Glow Skulls Left For Dead [Promo]199819210
Voodoo Glow Skulls Exitos Al Cabron199925650.4
Voodoo Glow Skulls Symbolic200025686.5
Voodoo Glow Skulls Steady As She Gows200225669.9
Voodoo Glow Skulls Adiccion Tradicion Revolucion200416149.2
Walls Of JerichoWith Devils Amongst Us2006vbr57.6
WarzoneLower East Side199622.4
WarzoneThe Sound of Revolution199612819.6
WarzoneThe Victory Years199812832.4
WastedOn the Brink 7''199912810.3
WastedDown and Out200119243.9
Wasted, theOn The Brink [7"]1999CBR 12810.32
Wasted, theDown & Out2001CBR 12831.88
White Wash Weapon Of Choice2002320113.9
With HonorHeart Means Everything200416032
With My Foot5200612835.3
Working ClassWhere is Your Pride12820.8
xLooking ForwardxAhoy Crew Members!200219242.2
X-PossiblesBlood Everywhere2003CBR 32062.97
X-PossiblesThe X-Possibles2004CBR 32054.25
xTrustx20 Exitos20041608.4
YellowcardMidget Tossing199919247
YellowcardStill Standing EP200019222
YellowcardOne For The Kids200119258
YellowcardThe Underdog EP200219226
YellowcardRough Draft (Single)200219210
YellowcardOcean Avenue 200319265.3
YellowcardWhere We Stand200416040
YellowcardLights and Sounds200624288
Yesterdays RisingShip Of Relations [EP]200319224.6
Yesterdays RisingWhen We Speak, We Breathe [EP]200432031.4
Yesterdays RisingLightworker200532078.8
Youth BrigadeSink With Kalifornija198412846
Youth BrigadeCome Again199212812.5
Youth BrigadeHappy Hour199412834
Youth BrigadeTo Sell The Truth199612835
Youth Of TodayBreak Down the Walls198619228.3
Yum! Yum! OrangeOrange Street 33200219255
Yum! Yum! OrangeKatsushika Rhapsody (CD maxi) 200319217.5
Yum! Yum! OrangeOrange Juice200416041.6
Yum! Yum! OrangeOrange Funky Radio200519250.3
Yum! Yum! OrangeClover200619217.6
Yum! Yum! Orange Letter (CDS)200219218.2
Yum! Yum! Orange Katsushika Rhapsody (CDM)200319219.4
ZekeSuper Sound Racing199416027.9
ZekeFlat Tracker199619226.2
ZekeKicked In The Teeth199819228.7
ZekeDirty Sanchez199919229.1
ZekePinstriping Dutchman's Coffina Von Dutch Tribute200019222.2
ZekeDeath Alley200119239.3
ZekePig 7 Massaker16013.1
ZekeTrue Crime12822.1
ZSKRiot Radio200219242.9
ZSKIf Liberty Means Anything At All (EP)2004vbr 22425
ZSKFrom Protest to Resistance200432062.7
ZSKWe Are The Kids200532064.2
ZSKDiscontent Hearts and Gasoline200619259.9
ZunameO vivo em cruzador clube (live)199825661
Zuname 200019255.3
ZunameEste Tiempo200419245.1
ZunameRamones vs. Zuname200532017.1

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